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Your Ultimate Guide for Indonesian Email Translation Services in 2024

Posted by Chloe G. on November 26, 2021.

Email marketing is among the most budget-saving ways of reaching out to both new and existing Indonesian customers and promoting your company. You can recreate your successful email marketing efforts for Indonesian customers and obtain excellent results with Indonesian email translation services.

In 2020, at least 81.8 million of Indonesia’s 132.7 million internet users utilized Gmail, while roughly 43.6 million used Yahoo Mail, according to the Indonesian Service Providers Association (APJII). The rest relied on a variety of other services. When compared to other channels, such as social media or online ads, email marketing is known to give one of the highest returns on investment.

When translating emails in Indonesia with Indonesian email translation services, you keep in touch with Indonesians and increase the return on your marketing efforts. It is a low-cost strategy to raise brand awareness, and increase memberships and sales.

What is Email Localization? 

Indonesian Email Translation Services

Email localization is the process of adjusting your email marketing content to the Indonesian language and culture to give customers a helpful and relevant experience. It goes beyond a word-for-word translation of subject lines and messages to make emails that are more likely to attract the attention of an Indonesian audience and persuade them to act.

When your emails are written in the Indonesian language that people are familiar with, they are more likely to open them. However, keep in mind that no one will open an email with a subject line that has been lost in translation. With Indonesian email translation done right, every segment of your Indonesian customers receives an appealing email in the Indonesian language.

Because translating marketing content presents several difficulties, you should always partner with a translation service provider who produces good performance. You can only communicate the perfect messages to the right people if you cooperate with experienced linguists.


How to Adapt Emails to Indonesian Recipients?

Email translation services improve clarity and build personalized relationships with your Indonesian customers in ways that make customers feel happy when receiving info from your business. So, how can you make your emails more Indonesian-friendly?

1. Focus on Getting the Right Tone

The translation should prioritize maintaining your brand voice across many languages. At the same time, you must ensure that the tone of your message is appropriate for Indonesian audiences.

In the U.S market, customers want to get friendly emails that are casual and short. In the Indonesian market, you should pay attention to nuances and cultures.

2. Write Indonesian Subject Lines and CTAs

Indonesian Email Translation Services

The subject line is an important part of any email since it is these few words that affect whether a receiver will click on the message or delete it without opening it.

Because the subject line should be interesting and intriguing, you’ll want to work with a professional translator to come up with a copy that will be opened by most people.

Calls to action (CTAs) are the same. To make Indonesian clients take action, you must use the correct trigger phrases. 

3. Localize Visuals

You can localize your emails for Indonesian customers if they feature graphics, photographs, or other visual elements.

People from varied cultural backgrounds react differently to different types of photos, so be sure your content matches their expectations before clicking the send button.


Why Should You Translate Your Emails?

Translation and localization can help you to achieve your expansion goals by allowing you to communicate successfully with Indonesian customers.

When you localize emails, you raise the quality of email marketing for the Indonesian market. As a result, all of your recipients will receive appealing messages, and your chances of growing sales in the Indonesian market will increase.

You can overcome language and cultural barriers in email marketing using Indonesian email translation services. As you experience a similar ROI in the Indonesian market, you can rapidly raise your revenues.


When Should You Localize Your Emails?

You may use Indonesian email translation services for some types of marketing emails below:

  • Transactional emails: Welcome emails, confirmation emails, and other communication will be sent in Indonesian if you have a localized version of your website. This way, every time a website visitor interacts with your brand, they get a smooth user experience.
  • Newsletters: If you’re sending a digital magazine or newsletter to Indonesian customers, make sure it’s customized to fit their needs. This clearly shows that you are concerned about their cultural heritage and their preferences.
  • Lead nurturing emails: These messages are meant to build a bond between your business and your Indonesian customers. Therefore, they must be delivered in the Indonesian language that your customers prefer to use. Otherwise, you risk customers not even opening your emails. 
  • Informational emails: When you need to inform your Indonesian clients about product updates, new blogs written in Indonesian, invitations to events that native speakers would be interested in, etc, you should localize these emails.

As a general rule, if you need to communicate with Indonesians, you should translate and localize your emails. You’ll get higher open rates, more engagement, and a better chance of building a long-term commercial connection with Indonesian customers this way.


How To Maintain Compliance with Indonesian Laws?

Indonesian Email Translation Services

Make sure you don’t break any privacy rules when sending marketing emails to users in the Indonesian region. You may already be aware, but it’s always good to remember that email laws and regulations differ from country to country.

Keep in mind that you should always have permission to email the people on your mailing list and that you should provide them with an easy method to opt out of receiving future messages from your organization. You may get good results and a high ROI on your localized email marketing campaigns if you follow the rules, generate interesting localized content, and pay equal attention to all of your Indonesian customers.


Work With A Budget-saving Partner For Indonesian Email Translation Services

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Indonesian Email Translation Services

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