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Why Should Your LinkedIn Company Page Be Multilingual?

Posted by Anne Q. on March 03, 2022.

Granted, the evolution of the Internet enables us to lead a digital network – where people can connect to each other thanks to the help of technological gadgets and services. In such a high-tech world, LinkedIn is considered a marketing solution of great importance to businesses all around the world. As a career-oriented platform for hundreds of millions of users worldwide, LinkedIn offers a professional network service and establishes a reliable link amongst job seekers, workers, employers as well as any other members participating in not only the social site but also on the global scale.

Thereby, having a multilingual LinkedIn Company Page can benefit your company and business within the realms of possibility. Understanding that any information on how to customize a LinkedIn Company Page for multilingual audiences could be helpful to those in need of it, the article that GTE Localize provides you today is about key factors when translating your LinkedIn Company Page into different languages.

4 Reasons To Convert Your LinkedIn Company Profile Page Into Different Languages

When it comes to a multilingual LinkedIn Company Page, there are some reasons that explain its role in business. Let’s check them out.

#1. Increase Your Online Visibility

With nearly 740 million members and 55 million registered companies, LinkedIn brings you the golden chance to be more visible through its large network in the website and mobile app. Although English is by far the most popular language on this platform, 20 per cent of Internet users still prefer using their native languages as a friendlier way of enjoying user experience. This has long been confirmed by Google and been published by Business Standard. By taking advantage of this fact and creating a multilingual LinkedIn Company Page, your company can easily reach out to a lot of clients and partners, or even more, they come to you in an active way.

LinkedIn Company Page Statistics

LinkedIn helps to boost up company’s prominence through its large network


#2. Enhance Your Target Audience Trust

As aforementioned, to have your LinkedIn Company Page translated into multiple languages means that you extend the access to international customers. By this means, not only the visibility but also the credibility of the company is boosted as the result of efforts in making better user experience and the localization to the native culture of the target market. According to Alexika‘s research, 40 per cent of global consumers tend to refuse a product if the website is written in other languages.

That is to say, a polyglot profile on LinkedIn Page can build up the trustworthiness of native users, make them stay on your page longer and then have a higher possibility of using your services.


#3. Align Your Marketing To An Internationalization Strategy

LinkedIn can optimize the marketing strategy and help your company to achieve the ambition of becoming international with a huge source of marketplaces, data, connection and association networks, which contributes considerably to the expansion of business on the global scale.

In addition, the popularity of LinkedIn in North America, Europe and Asia – where lie the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies – also affirm the important role of this professional network in dealing with cross-border partners and, furthermore, in the process of internationalization.

LinkedIn users by continent

LinkedIn users by continent


#4. Demonstrate Your Company’s Language Efficiency

Language is a factor that enables the company to gain a definite advantage over other competitors since it is the initial impression to approach the clients. To put it another way, the first click on a LinkedIn page can be decided by the default language. The more fluent in the formal language of the target market the page can be, the better language competence you can prove to your potential clients.

Therefore, if you want to persuade your clients that your company is a professional one with a specialized-language team, it is vital to hire an interpreting agency that can be in charge of creating a LinkedIn Page with accurate use of grammar as well as a profound understanding of native culture. By that means, you have a chance to maintain customers’ attention and make sure of customer service of your company.


3 Considerations When Creating A Multilingual LinkedIn Company Page

Once being aware of the importance of a multilingual LinkedIn Company Page, we continue to look into some points that need to be considered when carrying out the LinkedIn profile.

#1. Are You Providing The Same Services In All Markets?

Every country exhibits distinct characteristics including gender, age, income level, race, religion, lifestyle as well as other factors that lead to dissimilar insight and internet habits. Therefore, the way that audiences use LinkedIn or access a LinkedIn Company Page is totally different from one market to another. 

LinkedIn Company Page_1

Given this fact, the company needs to pay attention to the adaptability of not only the display experience but also the services which are recommended in LinkedIn. It’s essential to make sure that the products provided can fit in the customer’s insight together with their requirements. 


#2. Can You Communicate To Your Audience In That Language?

The first impression of a translated LinkedIn Company Page is good, but it’s not enough to convince customers of your services. It is language efficiency that can rule out the barrier in communication and any further language problems arising from working.

As important as it seems, a professional interpreting company can help you out of all unexpected and difficult situations caused by language differences. Remember that if you desire to expand your business internationally, multilingualism is the starting point that you need to invest in.


#3. Is Your New Audience Using The Same Keywords To Search For The Services You’re Offering?

The use of a LinkedIn Company Page in several languages will raise some questions such as “ How to research keywords used by your target audience? Or what method can be applied to increase the page’s ranking on LinkedIn and Google search engine?”

The key to answering these questions have long been opened up to you. It is taking advantage of keyword lists from translation or interpretation work. Since doing a case study and research of popular keywords in different languages is a part of this performance, you can make the best use of translating or interpreting services to optimize the position of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Those are the reasons why you need a professional language service that can facilitate the localization of your LinkedIn Company Page and therefore benefit your company in the process of expanding globally. GTE Localize is absolutely a reliable interpreting service provider with a wide range of solutions in various languages that have been assessed by hundreds of our previous loyal clients around the world.

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