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Posted by Chloe G. on January 17, 2022.

The demand for a reliable Vietnamese fintech translation services supplier is highly increased due to the growing fintech ecosystem in the S-shaped country.

Fintech is a term that combines the words “financial” and “technology.” Any company that uses technology to enhance or automate financial services and operations is referred to as a fintech company. 

Asia has emerged as one of the leading fintech markets in recent years, with the highest fintech revenue globally. Vietnam is mainly one of the region’s emerging fintech markets. Its fintech sector has been evolving fast, with the emergence of digital payments, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and more.

Hundreds of fintech firms have cooperated with GTE Localize as a partner for their Vietnamese fintech translation services because of the following advantages that we bring to the table.

#1 – You Can Count on Accurate Fintech Translations

Whether you are a banking organization, financial institution, or fintech startup providing financial services and technology solutions, or based on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, mobile banking, or artificial intelligence; you are likely to need to translate a range of technical papers and software programs from your source language to Vietnamese and vice versa.

GTE Localize is a fast-growing translation and localization agency in the language industry. As a member of the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA), we provide Vietnamese fintech translation services for all major languages globally.

We have 40 full-time staff and a network of 1200+ native linguists and financial services subject matter experts around the globe. Our industry-leading language technology solutions are working in parallel with us.

We have set up our management system called G-One, with an integrated translation management system (TMS), vendor portal (VP), and customer relationship management (CRM) tool. 

Vietnamese Fintech Translation Services

All help us create linguistically fluent and technically competent fintech translations for the Vietnamese market. 


#2 – Precision and consistency of Vietnamese fintech translation services

To ensure the quality and consistency of our Vietnamese fintech translation services, GTE Localize combines both technology and human factors.

  • Experienced Linguists Only

GTE Localize exclusively hires experienced linguists for all projects to ensure the highest translation quality. Linguists must have spent at least five years working as full-time translators. Our in-house translators have an average of 8.2 years of expertise.

  • Quality Assurance

To ensure error-free translations, we run all of our projects through a QA round with XBench.

Even if it’s a 5-word project, we go through at least two processes (Translating + Editing). If a customer orders a Translation Only project, it will be translated by an Editor, and an additional step – a spot QA check – will be added automatically. We also incorporate an internal LQA round by a third linguist for large projects or projects from key clients. (GTE Localize covers the cost of the spot QA inspection or internal LQA round, not clients).

  • Continuous training for linguists and staff

The Editor evaluates translators (both in-house and freelance) for each assignment they finish on our TMS. Our internal LQA rounds or clients, in turn, assess editors.

These efforts are being taken to guarantee that we can screen out the average resources while the good ones continue to improve. We also have frequent Quality Meetings with our internal team to review translation quality issues and develop solutions.

This procedure can prevent human mistakes and cut costs to the maximum for our Vietnamese Fintech translation services.


#3 – Scalability


Fintech is exploding in popularity in Vietnam. There is a growing need for translation services in this business, and clients expect Vietnamese translation service providers to keep up with the industry’s rapid expansion. Additionally, as demand for their services develops, translation suppliers must be able to produce high-quality translations consistently. They are expected to deal with large volumes of data.

For every translation and localization project, we employ CAT Tools – programs mainly developed to assist translators in increasing their productivity and the quality of translations. They enable translators and linguists to edit, manage, and save previous translations, resulting in more translated papers, quicker turn-around time, lower translation costs, and consistent translations.

The latest DTP tools are also used to create logical and suitable layouts for your Fintech-translated documents. 


#4 – Procedural Flexibility

The Fintech industry makes extensive use of technology; in fact, most new enterprises and solutions are technology-based. Thus, the sector demands customized solutions that are not just skilled but also nimble to ensure that consumers continue to be provided without interruption.  

As a result, GTE Localize supports various translation and localization management platforms (Phrase, Lokalise, LingoHub, and Crowdin) where clients are free to assign tasks, keep track of the progress and enjoy seamless localization workflow.


#5 – Cost-saving Vietnamese Fintech Translation Services

A cost-saving solution is when every dollar is used correctly, and all bring back positive results as you have planned.

We couldn’t guarantee to offer the cheapest Vietnamese fintech translation services in the market, but our commitment is to give you the best value for every penny you spend on us. The following solution actualizes our commitment:

  • Resources

We exclusively work with in-house and freelance translators to keep your translation expenses as low as possible. We don’t outsource any of our work to other agencies. This allows our company to maintain consistency in translation quality across all projects while saving clients money.

  • Technology

The cost of translation is also reduced due to the use of technology in every step.

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

We reduce sales and marketing costs while increasing the return rate of existing clients and growing through high production quality.



We know that fintech translation is not only about the expertise and dedication of human resources but also requires the appliance of technology. That’s why we have step by step built up ourselves as a translation agency with technology-based.

So, if you are looking for a professional Vietnamese fintech translation services carrier, search no further than GTE Localize. 


We have helped hundreds of fintech companies get a competitive advantage in Vietnam by providing high-quality translation financial technology solutions. 

To kick off your project, let’s book a free Vietnamese fintech translation test with one of our localization experts today!

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