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Why Do You Need a Style Guide for Your Thai Translation Services?

Posted by Chloe G. on December 31, 2021.

A style guide is a glue that keeps all of your Thai translations together so that they can reflect the voice of your brand for your Thai translation services. 

Having localized material for diverse audiences across different countries and regions allows you to establish a unique worldwide image for your company.

The style guide is a collection of internal guidelines that all linguists working on your project must follow. Because the translation process is complex, translators can lose track of what is essential to your brand if you don’t provide style guidelines. As a result, your material will be inconsistent and lack personality for your brand.

Your customers may get confused, and you may send the wrong message about who you are as a company and what you believe in. A style guide can also help you express your expectations to linguists, making it easier for them to provide high-quality projects on time.

Let’s look at some advantages of having a style guide for your Thai translation services.


Maintain the Consistency for Thai translation services

Thai Translation Services

The most direct benefit of using a style guide is maintaining Thai translation consistency. It applies to every aspect of your brand, from register and tone in the Thai translation.

The Thai language has its ambiguities, and you want to make sure that everyone on your translation team sticks to the same grammar rules across your materials. Make sure you have a guideline in place to minimize ambiguity for your Thai translation services.

Make the same effort when spelling numbers, using official names, and punctuation. For example, some companies dislike exclamation points in their content. If you do not want the specific words in your text, make it clear from the beginning.

Because the Thai language has several levels of formality, you’ll need to specify the tone linguists should apply throughout your material. Otherwise, you risk having very formal marketing materials leading to a less formal website, or vice versa.

Your potential overseas clients will be confused about who you are as a company and how you present your brand in the market in this scenario. It may seem insignificant, yet it makes a significant difference in Asian cultures.

Finally, consistency entails utilizing the same terminology throughout different types of your Thai translation. Provide instructions for your Thai translation if you maintain patents or trademarks for the names of your products or methods. It’s sometimes advisable not to translate the words if they have a negative meaning in the target culture.

For enhanced consistency, try to be as straightforward as possible when conveying brand voice, writing formality, and vocabulary. It’s better to provide examples to show different situations and how you want terms to be used in various contexts.


Enhance the Efficiency of Thai translation Services

Thai Translation Services

You can communicate more efficiently with your Thai translation teams if you have a style guide. It improves the Thai translation procedure, as translators are aware of your expectations. Clear instructions can relieve stress for your translation team since members are more confident in their abilities.

Your translators work more independently and meet your turnaround time, resulting in increased production for your Thai translation services.

Translators can easily access information, allowing them to focus on the jobs at hand rather than wasting many work hours on research. A style guide provides the ideal framework for creativity during transcreation to make your material more accessible to Thai customers.

Moreover, once you’ve created a style guide, you won’t have to repeat the same conversation every time you begin new Thai translation projects. You email the guidelines for your Thai translation services, and translators will only contact you if they have any further concerns.

When you’re starting Thai translation services, your style guide can become an advantage that speeds up the administrative operations. Furthermore, if you decide to expand your portfolio with new languages, you can always utilize the guidelines as ideas to develop new guides.

The key is to keep your style guide up to date and relevant to your company. Your guidelines may adapt as you expand globally to suit new customers and cultures. To stay relevant to the market and your target clients, you should review and change your brand voice and tone once a year or every other year.


Make Clear Messages for Thai translation services.

Thai Translation Services

Another benefit of having a Thai translation style guide is producing consistent messages across numerous platforms. Your social media posts, email content, app, website, market news, and even technical documentation will all express the same thing this way.

The Thai language has multiple versions and dialects. A style guide describes which version(s) you prefer, ensuring that everyone participating in the content development process follows the same guidelines and translates in Thai.

Finally, the guidelines allow your large translation teams to adapt materials to target customers. Make sure you write the guidelines with your audience in mind.

Factors such as age, education, cultural background, and hobbies may impact how your company communicates, so make sure it is all mentioned in the guidelines. Otherwise, your materials will not meet your customers’ expectations, and they will not engage with it.


In Summary

A style guide supports translators in producing high-quality content while maintaining your brand’s voice across your Thai translation services. To do so, you must mention all of the factors affecting Thai translation and localization.

This contains brand tone, messaging, and terminology, terms and punctuation to avoid, directions for handling gendered language, official titles, target language versions by location, and brand-specific details.

Furthermore, it would help to give your translators examples to make the directions easier to follow and ensure that your translators understand what you want.


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