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8 Reasons Why Businesses Still Need Translation Employees

Posted by Chloe G. on September 07, 2023.

Today, global companies analyze and apply all opportunities to develop and increase their customer base. Since the Internet allows working remotely in all corners of the world, there is a need to establish a dialogue with people in different countries. For this, companies need the services of translators who help communicate with audiences on an international level. And precisely to build successful international relations, companies hire translators. Let’s talk about what other reasons encourage the retention of translators and what advantages for companies from their work in the staff.

1. Quality Standards of Communication

No matter in which country of the world your clients or partners are located, you will communicate with them at a level corresponding to all standards. By offering content in different languages, you show users that you care about how they interact with your company. And that you are willing to simplify and improve their user experience. With stable language support for its customers, the company will quickly gain a solid international reputation. And this, in turn, will help to increase the trust of customers and open new markets.

2. Work of Multinational Teams

If the company’s team is formed by employees of different nationalities, then language support is a mandatory element of professional growth, especially while MVP process. Even if the company has adopted one corporate language for important meetings and gatherings, in work that precedes great successes, a flexible language policy for employees is important. And if important information is available to employees in both the corporate language and their native language, they will be able to make appropriate decisions faster and more efficiently. And most importantly, international communication equalizes the capabilities and workforce of the team. People can communicate easily and freely in their native language and know that others understand and perceive them. Companies can unlock global opportunities with the help of a multilingual virtual assistant to connect with diverse audiences and expand their reach seamlessly.

3. Increased Trust of Clients

Many users note that the language issue is important to them. And if the company allows them to get acquainted with the content in a familiar language and does not force them to look for translators, it immediately inspires trust and respect. Accordingly, there are more chances for cooperation. If the marketing message is templated and created in the same language for everyone, it is not a fact that all recipients will read it. 

4. Eliminating the Language Barrier

Even those people who understand English, which is essentially considered an international language, sometimes find it difficult to read the content. Therefore, they can focus more on images and symbols. And this complicates the perception of content and, accordingly, reduces the possibility of attracting a new audience. Therefore, it is better to have a translator on staff who will make content and services accessible to any person.

5. Adaptation of Content and Services

Professional business translation into different languages allows people of different nationalities to use your company’s services on an equal basis. Therefore, it is important to prepare a translation taking into account all linguistic features, ethnic culture, and idioms characteristic of the target language. Adaptation of content to a specific audience helps to reach a wider circle of potential customers. Likewise, service offerings like Foreign Portfolio Investment, coupled with tools like stock screener, benefit from tailored content adaptation.

6. No – Machine Translation

An online translator is a profitable solution when you urgently need to translate certain content to understand its content. But when conducting business, in no case should you use technical translation. Limiting the software will lead to inaccuracies and quirks. Each language has its characteristics, one word can have several local meanings. Therefore, only by cooperating with a professional translator, it is possible to prepare high-quality content with service offers.

7. A Clear Area of Responsibility

Why is it important to have translators on staff who will adapt your offers to different language audiences? Because these people will professionally deliver content to customers. And even the popular method of hiring universal employees who will speak several languages at once will not solve the situation. Yes, at the level of discussion of work issues, employees in the team will feel comfortable, but at the professional level, they will not be able to cover the entire range of proposals through translation. And everyday language knowledge differs from professional one.

8. Compliance With Legislation

According to the legal aspects of conducting international activities, companies must provide unimpeded access to information about their products to all consumers. Therefore, they must translate into all the necessary languages not only content about services and offers but also all legal documents aimed at cooperation and signing contracts. Therefore, instead of ordering one-time translation services from special bureaus, it is better to hire a specialist who will deeply study the specifics of your case and convey the essence of the case to clients and partners.

Advantages of Having Professional Translators on Staff

Each company decides how best to use translation services. However, there are indisputable facts that testify to the advantages of having professional translators on staff who work exclusively for one company. Therefore, they are interested in performing their duties qualitatively and professionally, thereby raising the success of the company. Among the main advantages:

  • A step towards a global economy. With language accessibility to all the necessary points of the world, the company destroys barriers related to geographical location and communication. Its services are being scaled, its client base is increasing around the world, regardless of the country in which it operates.
  • Dominance in foreign markets. Having the opportunity to communicate with different audiences, the company will easily be ahead of competitors and will be able to build a successful development strategy in the foreign market.
  • Marketing research. Having a professional translator, the company can easily study the situation in the global market by studying it from the inside. The best way is to conduct research in the local language.
  • Enhanced Local SEO. By optimizing content with accurate translations and local keywords, businesses boost their search engine rankings in specific regions. This ensures greater visibility, web traffic, and conversions from local audiences, giving companies a competitive edge in foreign markets.
  • Rapid dissemination of information. With the help of a fast professional translation, the company can convey useful current information to its audience in different countries much faster. And it works ahead of competitors.
  • Professional documentation management. If the company will keep all legal documents in different languages, adapting them immediately for different partners, then you will no longer have to waste time inviting a translator with you to meetings every time. It is only necessary to send the documents by mail in a language that is understandable and close to the partner.
  • The popularity of streaming services is growing. And this means that quality translations and flexible cooperation are needed every day in the streaming market. People want to find content in their native language, not a technical translation, but to feel that the company has taken care of a comfortable familiarization with its service.

Therefore, among the many development strategies that big companies are building today, a prominent place belongs to communication – timely, professional, accessible, and comfortable for everyone. To win the trust of customers, you need to communicate with them in their language. And today it is a requirement of time and circumstances to build business and establish international relations.