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Where to Find Quality Indonesian Translation Jobs?

Posted by Anne Q. on December 20, 2021.

In the context of integration with the world, the translation profession is more necessary than ever. In fact, translation is considered a difficult industry but also an industry with open job opportunities. However, to find a translation job, you need not only language skills, but also countless other requirements. The article will also outline a number of ways for translators to find the desired Indonesian translation jobs.

What Do You Need to Prepare before Searching for Indonesian Translation Jobs?

We all know that to translate any language, not only Indonesian, you need to be fluent in at least 2 languages, your mother tongue and another foreign language. Although the market for interpretation is open, it is very fierce. So what do you need to prepare before taking on your first job?

#1. Translator Skills

The first skill you need is a good language background. You need to be fluent and know everything about the translation, specifically Indonesian translation skills. In a word, you are a native of the 2 countries you want to convey. You need to understand everything from lifestyle, habits, communication, culture, history, etc. You also need to master the language from colloquial to formal, the local language, slang, context, etc. Travelling to Indonesia or learning more and more is the best advice before you want to start your translation job.

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#2. Related Certificates

It can be said that besides experience, academic qualifications are also a criterion for employers to evaluate whether you are a good translator or not. You must have a degree related to the Indonesian language. A bachelor’s degree is not a requirement but most employers prefer and tend to choose candidates with a degree.

In addition, you need to be able to work in Indonesian translation according to the field of your career goals. You can apply to study at external centres and receive a certificate in a particular discipline. If you do not know what qualifications a translator needs to be able to practice, the consultant can also advise you to choose the most suitable option for you.


#3. Related Experience

For translation work, the more experience you have, the further you will develop. One thing is for sure, your superiors will trust and prioritize those who have experience in translating Indonesian documents. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you can start with jobs such as translating movies, books, documents in Indonesian or translating as a trainee at international organizations and companies, travel agencies, companies or notarized translation offices. The purpose is to learn and gain more experience. It will make your CV more valuable to employers.


 #4. Build Your Connection

When working in a translation organization, you will likely travel to many places, work in an attractive environment, and work directly with Indonesians or their partners. For example, if you are a diplomatic translator, you will meet and work with top figures in the government. Therefore, you need to build your connection. Don’t think that translators will work alone. In reality, translators often have to work in groups. Mastering teamwork skills will help you adjust the work properly. Besides, it is possible to overcome the shortcomings and learn more from experience.

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Platforms to Find Indonesian Translation Jobs

Check out the 5 platforms below to find more Indonesian translation jobs:

#1. Translator Communities is a great place for member translators, it provides access to modern, educational and inspirational tools. At the same time, it fosters collaboration among translation professionals with the same passion.

Focused on enhancing job opportunities, becomes an effective place for recruiters to meet qualified freelancers and translation agencies. This is a huge treasure for you to start looking for the right Indonesian translation job. 

Besides,  Translator Café is a forum for discussion, translation assistance and a place where employers find talent for the company. You can search for all the latest translation jobs and submit your CV right on this forum. Besides, TranslatorDirectory is a place for you to “PR” yourself by registering to become a translator on the forum. Companies will select based on a list of translators that match their needs.


#2. Freelancing Job Seeking Platforms

Freelancing Job Seeking Platforms on Google or any other reliable internet link can also provide job opportunities for you, such as Upwork, Glassdoor, etc. The best way is that you can regularly update news from websites and fan pages of companies and organizations that are likely to hire Indonesian language translators. You can seize the opportunity to apply immediately if they have a need to recruit translators.

Freelancing Job Seeking Platforms

#3. Social Media Groups 

With the ubiquity of social networking platforms, finding an Indonesian translation job has become easier. Groups on Facebook or LinkedIn are great places for you to find the right job for you. GTE Localize will recommend a list of  Facebook or LinkedIn groups specializing in translation and best jobs to all translators. Some groups focus on job recruitment, while others are groups where you can learn, consult and absorb interesting things around your major. It includes Translation Tools, Translation Jobs and Translators, Things Translators Never Say, Translators with CATs, etc. A community of translators, recruiters and people interested in translation, etc. are all part of these groups. You can find countless Indonesian translation job opportunities here. 


#4. Your Own Website

Don’t wait for employers to find you, show them your worth and ability. Today, building a personal brand on social networks is no longer a strange thing. You can “PR yourself” to attract and reach more employers. To increase your opportunity of finding a job, you can build your own personal brand by setting up your own website, fan pages, and publishing your CV to promote your image.


#5. Indonesian Translation Agencies 

Working for professional Indonesian translation companies is also a popular way to find jobs for freelancers. Currently, it is common for a famous and reputable translation company to bring you countless job opportunities. In which, GTE Localize is the leading company providing high quality, professional and reputable Indonesian translation services. You can refer and learn about our Indonesian translation services and seize the nearest cooperation opportunity with us!

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