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When Should You Change Your Thai Translation Agency?

Posted by Anne Q. on June 09, 2022.

The process of choosing a reliable Thai translation agency for your translation project can be so time-consuming and challenging that once you found a good one, you decide to stick with them for a long period of time.

Looking on the bright side, this decision helps you save a great deal of recruitment time and you get to work with one partner that understands your business requirements and styles. However, you also face great risks when never changing your translation partner.

So is it better to work with a Thai translation agency for life or to change your providers regularly?

To answer this question, first, you need to know about the pros and cons of each option.

Option 1 – Work with One Thai Translation Provider for Life

We all know that placing all of your eggs in one basket is a dangerous move. But working with one Thai translation agency for a long time isn’t a bad idea like you would think. It provides a safe and cost-effective option for your business:

Work with One Thai Translation Provider for Life

Guarantee the Consistency

Each Thai translator has a unique writing tone and style. And this tone and style form part of your company’s identity. Changing translation agencies frequently results in an inconsistent brand voice. For this reason, working with a translation agency for a long period is a wiser decision for your marketing plan.

Furthermore, when you commit to a long-term translation partner, both parties are familiar with each other’s working methods and styles. As a result, you won’t have to explain everything over and over again or answer the same questions about what you want or expect every time you have a translation project. This mutual understanding will most likely save you time and result in better Thai translations.

Reduce Translation Costs

A Thai translation project’s costs include the money you pay your translation provider as well as the time you invest in the project. The majority of translation agencies calculate their prices based on the number of words in the source content.

You don’t have to pay full price for duplicate content if you use CAT Tools’ Translation Memory function. A Translation Memory means that previous translations for a phrase, a sentence, or a paragraph are preserved in the system and might potentially be utilized for future ones.

If your new content includes the same phrases, CAT Tools will automatically use the previously saved translations, sparing translators from having to translate the same phrases again and over.

The more words translators translate, the larger the translation memory. Gradually, the expenses of translation projects decrease with time. Working with a translation agency allows your company to create a database of translated content that will be useful for future translation projects.

But… Aware of the Quality

Of course, you can only work with a Thai translation agency if their services meet your expectations. Why would you be aware of their services’ quality?

In many cases, for the first few projects, the translations you receive are of excellent quality. However, the quality might be gradually decreasing over time. Now that you have become a long-term partner, your translation provider might not put as much effort into your projects as they used to.

To make sure this does not happen (or if it does, you can find the solution as soon as possible), you should control the quality of each Thai translation task strictly by conducting proper quality control and quality assurance steps.


Option 2 – Change Your Provider on a Regular Basis

One benefit of switching your Thai translation partner regularly is that you may take advantage of several introductory discounts and offers that a long-term partner rarely provides. Many translation services use unique discount schemes for potential clients. For example, at GTE Localize, we usually give our new clients a 10% discount for their first order. This policy, of course, helps you save money for your Thai translation project.

Change Your Thai Translation Provider on a Regular Basis

Furthermore, if you are a potential or new customer, the translation agency will present you with their best sides in order to persuade you to become a long-term partner. Your translation jobs will be handled with the greatest attention and the finest translation quality. When dealing with a new translation provider, this will be a huge benefit to your company.

However, changing your translators too many times cost you a great deal of time and risks the consistency of your content.


Which Option is Better?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The decision is entirely yours. Because, in the end, you want the greatest quality translations at the lowest possible cost. If you believe that your present translation service is providing translations with a continuous reduction in quality while maintaining or increasing the price, you should look for a better one. Otherwise, continuing to work with your translation provider is a smart option for now.


Team Up with A Reliable Thai Translation Agency

If you need a Thai translation and localization partner, look no further than GTE Localize, a GoodFirms-recommended firm for best translation agencies.

Our primary goal is to assure the accuracy of all Thai translation projects and that our customers are completely satisfied with our work.  To make this goal come true, we apply a wide range of methods to guarantee our services’ quality:

    • Based in two Southeast Asian countries, we are familiar with the Thai language, culture, and market.
    • Our translators are Thai native speakers with Masters or PhD degrees in their specialized fields.
    • GTE Localize is one of the top translation providers in the industry, having received ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.
    • We offer budget-saving Thai translation services with no hidden fees. Before we begin the translation process, we will thoroughly specify the prices in our quotation/contract. During the whole project, you don’t need to pay any extra fee.
    • To guarantee that you obtain the best quality translation and localization services, we actively conduct a QA round or an internal LQA round for 100% of our projects. We will pay for these additional steps, so you will not be charged any extra expenses.
    • We offer a lifetime warranty. We correct any mistakes you find on our translation for free even after the project is completed.

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