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What to Know User Interface Translation Services?

Posted by Ethan N. on February 20, 2024.

If a product is not localized, 10% of buyers will not purchase it. Offering it in new language versions to your overseas customers is beneficial for your business, regardless of whether your local audience knows English or not. Software UI (User Interface) localization refers to making your product understandable to customers in your home country. It’s the way your product’s buttons, menus, and on-screen text interact with the user.

This article will give you an overview of user interface translation services in case you are developing software or have begun to consider software translation. It will quickly and economically assist you in ensuring that your product is prepared to become a global bestseller.

1. Understanding The Important Of User Interface Translation

It’s critical to comprehend that the user interface (UI) is a collection of components that links the user and the software in order to interpret it. User interface translation services are crucial because your online marketing content is intended for a worldwide audience. Customizing an application, website, or web page for a certain language or culture is known as localization of the user interface.

Translation of text strings that show up on windows, menus, check boxes, error and status messages, and icons that are presented on a user’s screen is included in this service. Should you wish to add support for additional languages, you will need to have all of the contents translated into the target languages even if your application or website has already been created in one language.


2. Language Barriers in User Interface Translation 

The challenges posed by language differences

Text Length

Of course, linguists have synonyms to pick from in any language. The visible UI terms are also shortened with its help. However, you must be aware of the effects of these fixes. Selecting brief but uncommon synonyms might give the facts about your product an artificial sound.

Extreme text-shortening is something we frequently witness, and it can seriously harm user experience by rendering messages incomprehensible.

GUI Localization

Businesses frequently employ symbols for buttons and alternatives rather than writing text. This frequently applies to mobile apps as well as places where there isn’t much room for text display. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) requires quality user interface translation services as well.


Format of Time and Date

The proper format for dates and times might also be a barrier to user interface translation services. 

You should think about this ahead of time so that you are compatible with all of your clients’ preferred methods of presenting the date and time.

Start by comparing the 12-hour and 24-hour clocks when discussing time. There are those who start work at nine and finish at seventeen, and there are those who work nine to five. The hours of a.m. and p.m. are completely meaningless in some parts of the world. In most of Europe, the typical nine to five workday would entail spending twenty hours in the workplace!

Special Characters

You are well aware that words in different languages have varied lengths. As early as the development stage, there is one more item that must be taken into account: special characters (like those for German, Spanish, or Polish), double-byte characters (like those for Japanese, Chinese, or Korean), or languages written from right to left (like Urdu, Hebrew, or Arabic).

Examples of common issues faced by businesses operating international

The languages used in the nations you want to grow into while conducting business internationally are crucial to take into account. Is there a good translation of your product messaging into another language? Think about speaking with native speakers and residents of each nation, as well as using user interface translation services.


A product that was “lost in translation” is an example from the high-end automaker Mercedes-Benz. The corporation decided on BēnsŞ, a Mandarin Chinese name that sounded like “Benz,” when it entered the Chinese market. In Mandarin Chinese, the moniker means “rush to death,” which is not the impression Mercedes-Benz wished to leave on its newfound audience. The business swiftly adjusted and became Bēnchí, which means “run quickly, speed, or gallop” in Chinese.

It is imperative to take into account the languages spoken by team members of your organization who work in overseas offices. Once more, hiring professional user interface translation services can help guarantee that your company keeps running efficiently.

Each nation has a unique culture, or a fusion of cultures, much as each has a unique linguistic composition. The length of a regular workday is one instance of how culture differs between Spain and the United States. The standard workday in the United States is from 9am to 5pm, though it sometimes ends earlier or later. On the other hand, working hours in Spain are normally from 9am to 1.30 pm. and from 4.30 to 8pm. The midday break during the workweek permits a siesta, which is a post-lunch repose that is common in many European and Mediterranean nations.

4. Choosing the Right  User Interface Translation Services

Since firms are expanding their product lines into other nations, they must ensure that their websites and applications are multilingual. Setting translation goals is a better idea before translating your material into a different language. The process of translating web pages into several languages can lead to a number of issues. Text size is one of the most frequent issues, as different languages may require varying amounts of space.

Then, there will be issues with formatting where languages do not align left to right. Professional user interface translation service providers are the greatest choice for handling these areas since they can deliver translations that are flawless and free of errors.

Excellent user interface translation services in over 100 languages are offered by GTE Localize. Our group of user interface translators includes both professionals with prior software industry expertise and native language speakers. Accurate translation of your user interface will result in a positive user experience and higher sales.

5. Conclusion

We are aware that a thorough understanding of the UI localization process can guarantee effective and economical project execution. We have personally witnessed the benefits that result from our clients incorporating localization best practices as early as the product design stage, right up until the start of their manufacturing process. With user interface translation services, GTE Localize has extensive experience helping clients from the very beginning to the very end of the product launch process.