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Working closely with GTE Localize, you will sense the dedication and utmost responsibility we put in any single task. This is because we are driven by the philosophy of putting quality and customers’ satisfaction first. We will never stop trying our best to help you transcend barriers among different countries and religions.




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A perfect translation should meet 3 key elements: great resources, optimal processes, and strict quality control. Bearing those factors in mind, we try our best to handle each of your projects with utmost care.

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Great Resources


To best satisfy all clients’ demands, our Vendor Managers’ top priority is to maintain and expand a deep network of top-rated and experienced linguists. They constantly test and train the current in-house translators and freelancers as well as recruit new ones to meet the increasingly high number of clients’ requests.

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Optimal Process


Our Project Managers strictly follow the Translation and Localization process to guarantee the best outcomes and turn-around time.





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Quality Assurance


We will not deliver the final translation to you until we are sure that your documents are perfect and ready-to-publish. To make it happens, we use the QA tools as well as manual checks by our dedicated PMs to eliminate all possible errors.




Each member of our team, from linguistics to PMs is fully aware of the sense of urgency for delivering every project on time. We make punctuality a habit by continuous training and working our best every day. At GTE Localize, we utilize TMS with a dashboard to strictly monitor our deadlines. Every minute is counted. Every late delivery is recorded and monitored as KPI (show dashboard). That’s why 98% of our projects are delivered on time or ahead the time. And we never wait until the last minutes to deliver.

With years of experience in translation industry, we have a wide network of top-rated native in-house as well as freelancers translators and editors from all over the world. Once we receive your orders, we know exactly where to find the best linguists with long experience in translation and subject-matter expertise yet having the most competitive rates. Working with us, you are provided with high-quality services while remaining budget-saving.

As a client sometimes, we understand what clients expect from a service company. Therefore, we set a range of measurable service criterias for our client-facing team. Our team will respond to all your orders within 10 minutes in our office hour and 30 minutes otherwise. Your additional requests proceed quickly and thoroughly. Additionally, a set of communication rules is applied to all our staff. They are trained to ensure professional, responsive yet friendly communication with clients. See how our customers and partners talk about our services


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