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Best Websites For Game Translators To Find Jobs

Posted by Chloe G. on August 24, 2023.

Are you in pursuit of top-notch freelance game translation platforms to contract skilled game translators for your upcoming game translation projects?

Within this article, we have compiled a selection of the finest freelance game translation websites and online marketplaces for businesses to seek game translators. This comprehensive list can also benefit freelance game translators seeking opportunities. Let’s delve right in!


game translators 4 is a well-established platform catering to language professionals, including game translators. It offers a dedicated job board where translators can find a range of localization projects from game studios, publishers, and independent developers. The site’s vast user base and reputation within the translation industry make it an excellent starting point for anyone looking to connect with potential clients. also features forums and community groups where translators can network, share experiences, and gain insights into the latest trends in game localization. By building a profile on and showcasing their expertise, game translators can enhance their visibility and credibility within the industry. facilitates interaction with these freelancers through a job board where project postings are made possible, and a directory offering the ability to peruse freelance translator profiles.

For those seeking top-tier freelancers, provides a “screened professionals” filter that enables the perusal exclusively of vetted freelance translators.

A notable feature of is the inclusion of diverse filters, encompassing criteria such as:

  • Native proficiency in the target language.
  • Native proficiency in the source language.
  • No mandatory native language prerequisite.

Additionally, possesses the capability to furnish you with a count of qualified game translators conforming to your specified filters. You can check out GTE Localize’s Proz profile. 



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Fiverr presents itself as a parallel generic freelance marketplace. Nevertheless, it sets itself apart by featuring a substantial number of game translators, rendering it an excellent alternative to explore if you’re in pursuit of freelance game translator platforms.

Distinguishing itself from Upwork and Freelancer, Fiverr lacks the functionality to publish your own job and subsequently receive bids from freelancers. Instead, freelance service providers list their offerings within the marketplace, allowing you to engage them directly through these service listings.

For instance, if you were to search for “translate a game from English to Spanish,” you would encounter a selection of service providers who specialize in that specific type of game translation.



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TranslatorsCafe provides another avenue for game translators to explore job opportunities. The website offers a job board that is regularly updated with game localization projects from various sources. Translators can search for positions based on language pairs, expertise, and other criteria, ensuring they find projects that align with their skills and interests.

Additionally, TranslatorsCafe hosts a community forum where game translators can engage with one another, ask questions, and share advice. This sense of community fosters a supportive environment for game translators to learn and grow in their profession.

When searching for game translators, you can navigate based on language pair and the geographical location of the translator. Furthermore, an advanced search feature enables you to seek out individuals with specific specializations.

For instance, if you’re dealing with the translation of technical documentation, you can narrow your search to individuals possessing pertinent technical expertise.



For freelance game translators seeking a diverse array of language services encompassing game translation, interpreting, localization, and language instruction, the ideal platform to consider is Translatorbase. Among the top-tier game translation websites, Translatorbase stands out by offering an extensive selection of language pairs and services. This diversity facilitates seamless matching between translators’ skills and interests and the available projects.

Translatorbase is particularly well-suited for those desiring a flexible work arrangement, allowing them to engage in projects according to their own schedule and convenience.

Furthermore, the platform boasts a user-friendly interface catering to both clients and translators, streamlining the process of bidding on and completing projects. Translatorbase also upholds a rigorous quality control mechanism, ensuring that the rendered translations meet the exacting standards of the respective target industries. With its comprehensive and professional approach, Translatorbase earns recognition as one of the premier translation websites for freelance game translators, offering abundant opportunities to secure work and expand their professional network.



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Translation Directory functions as a platform that facilitates the connection between businesses, individuals, and a global community of freelance game translators. Within its framework, a wide spectrum of language services, ranging from game translation, interpreting, localization, to language instruction, is readily available. The platform’s primary goal is to furnish clients in need of game translation services with an uncomplicated and efficient solution, while simultaneously offering freelance translators a channel to secure work opportunities. Membership in Translation Directory carries a monthly fee of $8.00.

Freelance game translators seeking a comprehensive array of language services alongside a flexible work arrangement would find Translation Directory a fitting avenue to offer their expertise. This platform encompasses a diverse array of language pairs and services, simplifying the process for translators to identify projects that align with their skills and preferences. Moreover, Translation Directory features an intuitive interface catering to both clients and game translators, streamlining the tasks of bidding on and completing projects. It proves equally beneficial for newcomers to the industry as well as seasoned professionals.



PeoplePerHour emerges as another well-received freelance game translation platform, allowing users to competitively bid on game translation projects.

The platform employs three distinct methods to connect freelancers with clients:

  • Search Offers: Users can peruse available service packages and make informed selections.
  • Search Freelancers: Filters enable the sorting of sellers based on skill level, expertise, or hourly rates.
  • Past Projects: Clients have the option to detail their projects and receive proposals from game translators.

The platform’s interface fosters interactivity between employers and game translators. Moreover, online reviews on PeoplePerHour corroborate the platform’s ease of use, offering accessible access to freelancers’ ratings, portfolios, and descriptions.

Comparable to Upwork, freelancers may encounter robust competition within the extensive freelance community on PeoplePerHour. This environment can lead many to adjust their pricing strategies to remain competitive.


Game Development Conferences and Events

Attending game development conferences and events can be an exceptional way for game translators to connect with professionals in the gaming industry. Events like the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and PAX often feature panels and discussions on localization and translation.

Networking at these events can lead to valuable contacts and job opportunities. Many game studios and companies attend these conferences, seeking translators and localization experts to help make their games accessible to a global audience.


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As the gaming industry continues to expand, the demand for skilled game translators will only increase, making now the perfect time to dive into this dynamic and evolving profession.

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