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Everything About Website WordPress Translation Services

Posted by Ethan N. on February 28, 2024.

WordPress powers more than 20% of the internet. One of the best platforms for presenting your information in multiple languages is this one. WordPress requires a plug-in called WordPress Multilingual (WPML) in order to offer an easy translation for your website. Your website can be translated quickly and easily from within the platform with the help of this plug-in. Worldwide, it is utilized by more than 600,000 websites.

Our goal at GTE Localize is to offer you Website WordPress translation services. We are aware of how critical prompt and effective translation services are. For this reason, the GTE Localize is now formally available to WPML users worldwide following much effort.

1. What Goes Into Professional Website WordPress Translation?

Three factors should usually be taken into consideration if you wish to looking website wordpress translation services professionally:

Machine Translation

Even while you shouldn’t depend solely on automated translation, machine translation services can help a professional project go more quickly and more affordably. You should still have any automatic translations examined by a specialist, though.

You can also translate your website using third-party online tools that are not integrated into your WordPress website. You can enter words, phrases, documents, and websites to be translated on services such as Babelfish and Google Translate. Although this is a rapid and cost-free method of translating your website, users who wish to interact with your website will find it difficult to use.


WordPress translation plugins

  • Automatic Translation Plugins: WordPress comes with a number of translation plugins that can translate your website automatically. There are a few potential problems even though this is the simplest method for creating a bilingual website. It is not possible to modify the translation or have it indexed by search engines while using some plugins, such as the free version of GTranslate, which rely on third-party software to translate the content for users on their browser. Ideally, the plugin you use should have auto-translation capabilities for the actual content on your page.
  • AI Tools and Plugins: Many people now utilize AI chatbots like ChatGPT to translate their text because AI authoring software and other AI technologies have become more popular. Numerous languages can be used to generate content with some WordPress AI plugins. When building your website, for instance, our Divi AI page builder has the ability to instantly translate any text block with only one click.

Human translation services

Whether using a freelancer or specialized website wordpress translation services, you should include a qualified human translator to guarantee high-quality translations. The expert translator can either start from scratch when translating your website or they can proofread and edit machine translations.

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2. The Benefits Of Working With Website WordPress Translation Services

Fewer than 5% of people on the planet can truly read your English-language website. One simple method to reach a much larger audience for your business is to translate your WordPress website. People are using their native tongues to look for goods and services. Who wants to use a product they can’t understand, after all? Translation for WordPress is a critical component of your SEO plan. This implies that you will be losing out on a significant portion of the population if you don’t translate your website. It’s possible that you are losing business without even realizing it. Fortunately, translating WordPress is now simpler than ever.


Using website wordpress translation services is a smart option for a variety of reasons. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Improved Site Indexing with Google and Search Engines: If you use an automatic translation to translate your WordPress website, you risk losing search traffic because your pages won’t be indexed. Fortunately, WordPress enables you to manually translate your website using precise human translations. Better indexing makes the website easier to find for people who really need it.
  • Improve the User Experience on the Web: Users engage with your website more effectively when they can comprehend it in their native tongue. Including regional slang, dialects, and idioms on your website is a terrific way to welcome visitors from around the globe.
  • Boost Traffic and Grow Your Brand: Offering website wordpress translation services for your website might help you reach a wider audience. This can therefore result in a rise in website traffic from new nations and a higher level of worldwide brand awareness.
  • Improve Customer Service: With a multilingual website, you can provide your clients with the assistance they require in a language they can comprehend. When combined with contemporary solutions like a multilingual AI chatbot, you can provide your customers with outstanding service that will encourage them to visit your website again.

Translation and localization companies are experienced in producing information that is translated while maintaining consistency across all languages. Together, you will devise a translation plan that best suits your requirements. You can save time and effort by doing this instead of worrying about the specifics of doing all the translation work internally.

3. GTE Localize Provide The Best Website WordPress Translation Services


To provide you a competitive edge in the worldwide market, we offer high quality, effective, and professional website WordPress translation services. At GTE Localize, we work tirelessly to give our clients the best services possible. As a result, we have made sure that GTE Localize —a plug-in that completely changed the translation business—is integrated with WordPress.

WPML is an easy-to-use plug-in that runs on its own. Additionally, your website can now have the most extensive and professional translation option thanks to the integration of GTE Localize inside the plug-in.

4. Conclusion

Website wordpress translation services are an essential component of any website. It can help you save money, attract more customers to your business, and enhance your SEO. It makes sense to translate your website into different languages if you have one. It will improve user experience and open your website to a larger audience. You can quickly and affordably translate your WordPress website with the correct resources and services.

Do you want to translate your WordPress website so that people throughout the world can find it relevant? Get in touch with GTE Localize welcoming staff right now!