Website translation is much more than just language translation. It is the process of rendering an existing website in order to make it appropriate in different geographical markets. It is not merely about the translation of content but also the reflection of culture differences. A successful localized website should be easy to navigate, friendly to the user and respect local culture and customs.


Process of website localization

  • Normally, text translation is the first step of website localization process. Translation needs to be of high quality to ensure the best final user experience. Localization should also be considered in this step in order to avoid any possibility of cultural insensitive content.
  • Next step is the localization of of graphics, audio and site architecture. The size of files and images posted on the website should also be taken into account as the website connection speeds vary locally.


GTE’s website localization resources

At GTE, website text translation will be taken care by human translators, which ensures the premium quality of the target text.

Our translators all have Bachelor degree in translation as well as other language certifications.

Additional localization, on the other hand, will be handled by bilingual subject matter experts who know how to deal with other aspects of the website localization such as culture, marketing or legal.

Both translators and bilingual subject matter experts at GTE Localize have intensive experience working as a freelancer for big international brand names such as Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, etc.



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