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    Make Your Website Multilingual With Us

    Website translation is the method of adapting the appearance, language, and functionality of a website for worldwide customers. To make a big splash in a global market, your business needs website translation services by an experienced agency with a deep understanding of the target nation’s language and culture. At GTE Localize, we translate and adapt your website’s content, style, and functionality to meet your target audience’s tastes and social norms.

    As a professional website translation agency, we will bring top-quality website translation services for various types of websites such as e-commerce websites, forex websites, financial websites, manufacturing websites, medical websites, educational websites, online portfolio websites, online forum websites, nonprofit websites, and many more. More than that, we provide keyword translation to boost your organic website traffic.

    Content Types of Website Translation Services

    GTE Localize is a trusted website translation firm that delivers qualified website translation services for your business. Here are some common content types of our website translation solution.

    Our Website Translation Process

    Follow these steps to get cost-saving website localization services from GTE Localize

    11:1 Consultation
    11:1 Consultation
    • You tell GTE Localize your unique request.
    • Our consultant team will analyze and offer a customized website translation solution based on your needed language pairs, content, budget, etc.
    1:1 Consultation
    2Project Confirmation
    2Project Confirmation
    • Once you approve our website translation package, both sides confirm and complete the admin steps such as NDA, contract, & deposit.
    Project Confirmation
    3Project Kick-off
    3Project Kick-off

    Our PMs will:

    • Prepare linguistic materials (Glossary, Style guide, Termbase, etc.).
    • Choose the most suitable CAT or localization platform.
    • Allocate native translators.
    • Make a timeline for the project.
    Project Kick-off
    • A native translator will translate your website.
    • Other native linguists will edit and proofread the translated website.
    5Quality Assurance
    5Quality Assurance
    • Possible errors are detected by QA tools such as X-bench.
    • Our linguists will vet the QA report one more time. Errors will be fixed if they’re true positive. This step repeats until the QA report contains only false-positive errors.
    Quality Assurance
    • Our localization engineers use photo-imaging software to put text and graphics together in the right place.
    7In-context Testing
    7In-context Testing
    • Our testers will make functional testing as an actual user to bring you a flawless website translation without any untranslated strings, functional problems, etc.
    In-context Testing
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    • We deliver the website translation and make suitable changes if you have any feedback.
    • After that, we submit the final website translation version to you.
    Feedback implementation & Final delivery

    GTE Localize - Professional Website Translation Company

    With a team of talented native translators and subject-matter experts, GTE Localize brings you qualified website translation solutions.

    Lifetime Warranty Policy Lifetime Warranty Policy

    As one of the best website translation companies on GoodFirms, we offer a lifetime warranty for all of our website translation services. The warranty duration lasts for a lifetime. You can submit an email to our staff to report any flaws in your translations, and we will correct them.

    Cost-saving Translations Cost-saving Translations

    GTE Localize promises to provide you with the finest budget-saving website translation services on the market. We make certain that every dollar you spend with us is well spent. We provide you with the highest website translation and localization quality at the most affordable price without any hidden fees.

    Native Linguists Native Linguists

    GTE Localize only hires native translators who have worked as full-time translators for at least 5 years. In reality, our in-house translators have an average of 8+ years of experience. We ensure to bring you comprehensive website translations that are both attractively priced and accurate.

    All Platforms & Formats Supported All Platforms & Formats Supported

    GTE Localize can translate and localize all types of open-source or closed-source websites such as Magento, Shopify, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, Wix, BigCommerce, etc. We also support almost all formats, including HTML, PHP, XML, JavaScript, and more.

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    Website Translation Case Studies

    GTE Localize has supported our B2B clients increase website traffic and boost revenues in various countries.

    Languages We Translate

    With a team of exceptional and experienced native translators, GTE Localize offers website translation services in various languages with smart and economical solutions. Below are our several languages. Contact us if you need other languages.

    Our Website Translation Platforms & Tools

    At GTE Localize, translation platforms and tools are essential to our website translation and localization process to bring you high-quality results.

    Translation and Localization Management Platforms

    Professional Translation Tools

    Reasons to Use Professional Website Translation Services

    Using professional website translation services is highly recommended if companies want to make a splash in global markets. The reasons are:
    Reach Your Global Audience
    Reach Your Global Audience
    There are 75% of the population not speaking English. Why limiting your website to one language and missing out on millions or even billions of potential buyers in other non-speaking English countries when you can localize your website quickly and qualitatively with our services? If the description of a product is not in the language(s) your customers understand, they will not buy the product because they do not understand and trust your brand.
    Increase Your Brand Credibility
    Increase Your Brand Credibility
    When you speak the local language that your customers understand and display your website with the images, design, and style suitable for the target nation’s culture, you can avoid regretful miscommunication and misunderstanding. This is critical for building brand trust in your audience. Website translation helps improve your customer experience with a user-friendly interface. Your target clients can easily understand and navigate your products and services on the website.
    Boost Your Website Traffic
    Boost Your Website Traffic
    Website translation increases your visibility on search engines, which drives more organic traffic to your website. A multilingual website that attracts numerous potential new clients is vital to the long-term growth of any company. Website translation may lead to higher global revenues. A non-translated website neither helps you improve your search engine rankings nor attracts new global visitors. New customers cannot find your products or services online.

    Website Translation Services Q&A

    To have the exact price of a website translation project, we take many factors that affect the website translation service costs into consideration, such as:

    • Project volume: In general, we offer clear per-word or per-character translation quotations.
    • Language pairs: Due to the nature of the source and target languages, the metric for each language differs.
    • Industry expertise: The price of the project is also affected by the complexity of the required domain. Websites that require high levels of expertise are charged more than those that require only basic content.
    • Service required: We provide a different rate for each of our website translation services.
    • Technical Complexity: Some projects are more difficult to manage than others. To handle such projects, our staff will need to devote more time, affecting the overall costs.

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    The delivery time depends on your project size and scope, language pair, content types, required services, and other related factors. For example, with 5.000 words, it takes five days to complete from A to Z. Our specialists will discuss with you thoroughly based on your request and offer you fast and smart website translation solutions.

    Yes, we do. We can assist you in setting up an automatic file sync with our integrations, including Lokalise, Smartcat, and Transifex.

    You can assess the quality of our website translation services and experience in the industry in the following ways:

    • We provide you with a 300-word test with our linguists, so you will know if your project can be completed with high accuracy.
    • Ask to see our previous website localization projects.
    • You can view the list of clients we have provided services.
    • To ensure the highest quality in the process above, see the QA and QC processes we use for all localization projects.
    • You can request a copy of our linguists’ CV. We will gladly provide you with the CVs of our translators who have relevant experience.

    For further information, please contact our experts.

    Yes, all data is maintained securely and accessed only by our involved team members. GTE Localize is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ content. Before working on the website translation projects, all staff and linguists involved must sign an NDA with GTE Localize.

    You can send us your website link (URL) or file in any format that needs to translate by filling out this form. We will bring you an accurate website translation at a cost-saving rate.

    Here are two major methods we use to translate your website:

    • Solution 1: Plugin-based translation
    • Solution 2: File Extraction based translation

    Yes, we do. GTE Localize has delivered website translations and multilingual SEO translations for various B2B clients globally, allowing them to expand their business across the world. We have skilled native linguists who are ready to offer professional multilingual SEO translation for every international market such as Korean SEO translation, Japanese SEO translation, Vietnamese SEO translation, Spanish SEO translation, German SEO translation, French SEO translation, and many more.

    We accept bank transfers, cash, Paypal, Visa, and Payoneer as payment options. The US Dollar, Euro, and Singapore Dollar are all accepted currencies. Please contact our staff for a consultation if you want to make purchases in a different currency.

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