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For Vietnamese translation, look no further than a Vietnamese agency. Headquartered in the heart of the capital of Vietnam, we are best known for our excellent capabilities of providing Vietnamese translation services.

Our 100% native Vietnamese team

Our vast network of highly qualified in-country linguists

Our deep understanding of the language, culture and social nuances of Vietnam


Vietnamese Translation Service Levels

We offer three service levels:

  1. Translation: Render a text in particular language into another.
  1. Translation: Render a text in particular language into another
  2. Editing: Review what was done in previous step
  1. Translation: Render a text in particular language into another
  2. Editing: Review what was done in previous step
  3. Proof-reading: Ensure error-free and smooth reading text

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Why GTE Localize

Due to significant differences in both linguistic and cultural senses, Asian language translation & localization trigger serious challenges for Westerners in general. Accordingly, a local agency like GTE Localize is recognized as the best choice when it comes to Asian language translation & localization services.

Great understanding of Asian cultures: GTE Localize has a deep understanding of Asian cultures and lifestyle as well as the local needs and demands, which is considered as our biggest strength to assure the best-in-class products regardless of any Asian language requirements.

Best rate guaranteed: Cost is another essential factor that needs to be carefully considered when it comes to any services. At GTE Localize, we know how to find the best resources at a reasonable cost.

Quality: Our team of certified and experienced translators are all academics with advanced degrees who can provide accurate and high quality translation, whether it is Vietnamese translation or Asian language localization.

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about vietnamese language

 In terms of classification, Vietnamese entirely differs from other Southeastern Asian language counterparts.

  Vietnamese belongs to the Austro asiatic family of language. With Mon and Khmer, it attributes to the three largest and most important languages in this family.

  Vietnamese is also considered as one of the most flexible languages in the world because of its capability of quickly acquiring from other languages and cultures it comes into contact with.

  Almost 80% of Vietnamese was affected by Chinese since the beginning of the first century and then has gradually been adapted some French and English words.

  Vietnam is known for its variety of ethnics distributed throughout the country.

  However, nearly 86% of the Vietnamese population speak Vietnamese, accounting for almost 80 million people, not including millions living and working oversea.

  Much like in other countries, Vietnamese accents vary in different regions, namely Northern, Central and Southern areas; however, it has no influence on the writing system, or your document translation in other words.