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Vietnamese Translation Services For E-Learning: 4 Must-Know Things

Posted by Chloe G. on October 21, 2021.

Vietnamese translation services for e-learning are in great demand given the importance of continuing education, especially during the circumstances of COVID-19. The convenience of learning anywhere and anytime that e-learning provides is undoubtedly precious in the modern world. E-learning has been becoming increasingly more popular as a means of improving and expanding one’s knowledge in Vietnam. 

As your business is searching for new opportunities in the E-learning market, you may get lost when entering a new market like Vietnam. Let us introduce you to Vietnamese translation services for E-learning in this article.

What is E-learning?

E-learning is learning conducted digitally via electronic media. Several terms such as online learning, virtual learning, or digital learning are somewhat similar and often used interchangeably with e-learning, but they do have some subtle differences in meaning. Common types of e-learning methods include digital materials (e.g., videos, documents, presentation slides), online courses (e.g., Udemy, Coursera), online tutoring (e.g., MyTutor, TutorMe), and apps and software (e.g., Duolingo, KhanAcademy).



The Profit Potential of E-learning in Vietnam

During the past decade, E-learning has risen as a prominent mode of delivering education and training across the world, and Vietnam is not an exception. Although e-learning may only be considered an emerging industry in Vietnam, statistics recently show that e-learning has great potential in this market.

As reported by some international organizations, the e-learning industry in Vietnam has an annual growth rate of more than 40% and the industry is estimated to be worth more than USD 2 billion. This e-learning market has become attractive not only to domestic organizations but also to foreign investors from Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, or Singapore. According to statistics at the end of 2016, there had been more than 300 investment projects related to education and training with a total amount of invested capital of close to USD 800 million in Vietnam.

The profit potential of E-learning in Vietnam

Although Vietnam has yet to become a developed country, around two-thirds of the Vietnamese population has access to the internet, and most of them are young internet users who generally have a strong demand for continuing education. Data from the Ministry of Education and Training show that spending on education makes up almost 5% of GDP and 20% of total budget expenditure. It can clearly be seen that Vietnam is a fertile ground for e-learning development. 

One of the most well-known and mature e-learning platforms in Vietnam is the website, which is owned and operated by Education Services and Investment Joint Stock Company. Since the establishment of the website in 2007, it has gained 3.5 million members with the number of concurrent visitors peaking at 10,000. The website offers over 1,000 courses that include over 30,000 lectures by more than 200 teachers across different types of media devices. Over the last 3 years, the number of new registered users has been reported to increase by almost 20% per year. 

According to Viettel, their e-learning platform Viettel Study ( has been implemented in almost 26,000 schools across the country. On the system, more than 120,000 courses have been established, with 10,000 students enrolled. The number of people using the platform has surpassed 3.4 million, with more than 41 million page views every day.

Many e-learning companies in Vietnam also launched several online learning platforms including, Mathplay,,, etc.  E-Learning attracts a large number of users, especially in Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi.

Besides popularity and profitability, one of the main benefits of e-learning is that it is easily accessible for everyone on a global scale. To take advantage of this strength, e-learning courses should be available in multiple languages. In other words, e-learning should be localized using Vietnamese translation services.


The Importance of E-learning Localization in Vietnam

If you offer an e-learning course to learners of different countries, you need to localize the course, not just translate it. Localization is the process of translating an e-learning course and related content into a different language while adapting it to the target audience in a specific country or region. Obviously, any written content used in the course must be translated. However, typographical design elements such as font, color, and the typeface must also be adapted. It is crucial to avoid any unintentionally offensive content.

So why is e-learning localization that important? Different countries or regions may prefer different colors, fonts, gestures, tones, and symbols. Localization helps align e-learning with local culture by making sure that any cultural differences are properly accounted for any possible misinterpretations are avoided. In addition, localization makes e-learning content relatable to learners, helping them acquire knowledge more productively and retain such knowledge for longer. All in all, as localization makes e-learning fit the intended learners better, it will become more engaging and effective. To enter the Vietnamese market, you should use Vietnamese translation services.

The most commonly localized features in e-learning in Vietnam are as follows:

    • Text
    • Graphics
    • Audio
    • Video
    • UX elements
    • Format (e.g., date, time, currency, unit of measure)


10 Steps to Localize Vietnamese E-learning Content

E-learning localization is a formidable challenge that requires the expertise of professionals. Here are 10 steps vital to making your localization of e-learning materials great.


E-learning Localization Steps


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Vietnamese Translation Services For E-Learning 4 Must-Know Things

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