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How to Use Vietnamese Translation Services For B2B Marketing in 2024

Posted by Chloe G. on December 31, 2021.

When it comes to B2B global marketing strategies, more than one language should be included. Vietnam in particular is said to have a poor level of English proficiency.

This suggests that Vietnamese people prefer to read materials in their own language. So, if you plan on selling in the Vietnam market, translating and localizing your content is critical. 

Here’s how you include Vietnamese translation services in B2B marketing to achieve a successful expansion to Vietnam.

Localize Your Website First with Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

A customized website, where Vietnamese customers can find accurate information about your products and services in Vietnamese, is the foundation of a successful worldwide B2B marketing campaign.

Make sure your website is suitable with the buying behavior of the Vietnamese, the content is up-to-date, and your contact information is accessible. 

Website localization enables you to tell your brand’s narrative in a way that allows the Vietnamese to engage with you easily. At the same time, it demonstrates that you have an expansion plan in place and have created a business culture where employees are capable of dealing with the obstacles of working with Vietnamese customers.

It’s true that website localization is a difficult task. You have to adapt all your content to the Vietnam market, including videos, photos, and small details that facilitate comprehension.

Changing date and time formats, converting measurements adhering to the Vietnam system, and introducing new currencies and local payment methods are just a few of the things your Vietnamese translation services provider needs to do.

A localization effort isn’t only for marketing, it’s also important for building awareness and trust – up to 64% of B2B buyers investigate vendor websites before contacting a sales agent.

When you translate marketing materials beforehand, your Vietnamese customers who learn about your company may become confused if they are forced to do their investigation in a foreign language.

It may prevent them from contacting you since they are unsure of what to anticipate from you. On the other hand, if you support the buyer’s journey from start to finish with content in Vietnamese, you give a fantastic user experience and encourage people to engage.

It’s All About First Impressions

B2B buying procedure might involve up to 10 people in a company. They exchange information and discuss their preferences, which implies that before purchasing a product or service, each decision-maker reads many pieces of content. It’s a long sales cycle, and if you’re not distinctive, people will quickly forget about you.

If you make a good initial impression on your audience, they will be interested in what you say. If you promote the same one-size-fits-all content across numerous marketplaces, you’re more likely to close the deal in the long term.

In B2B marketing, Vietnamese translation services aid in the adaptation of your message to Vietnamese customers. You may better explain the value you bring to the table by localizing and customizing your content.

When you give your material in the language that people are familiar with, they will feel empowered and feel your care. They not only comprehend what you’re saying but also appreciate your efforts.


Not only your website, but also your marketing materials, social media content, and email marketing should all be translated and localized. Thus, your potential customers will be given all the information they need to make an educated buying decision.


Pay Attention to Vietnamese Cultural Insights with Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

To achieve the best results in B2B marketing, you must first overcome cultural barriers. Below is a list of Vietnamese localization details and locale specifics you should bear in mind: 

  • While Northerners are more “conservative, traditionally-minded and complicit with the communist regime”, Southerners are “heavily influenced by Western ideals of individualism and liberalism and support democracy” (Cultural Atlas 2020). 

You should be aware of the limits and cultural distinctions that exist between the North and South, and ensure that independent content strategies are distinguished. A campaign greatly influenced by western beliefs should be handled with caution, especially because Vietnam is administered by a one-party communist regime.

  • To maintain harmony, the Vietnamese respect the ideas of “khiêm” (modesty) or “khiêm tốn” (modesty and self-restraint) (Cultural Atlas 2020). Speaking “indirectly and politely” is also a virtue, and communicative courtesy is especially essential (Cultural Atlas 2020).

 You should replicate these characteristics and show respect via respectful, honest, polite, reflective, and passionate communication.

  • 1, 8, 9, red, and yellow are auspicious numbers and colors, whereas white (death), black (evil), purple (sadness, fragility), and green (jealousy) are inauspicious colors (Cultural Atlas 2020).

When creating a visual identity for a campaign, it’s important to consider the meanings of different uses of color and numbers. If you’re conducting a Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) campaign, the use of purple, which represents sadness and fragility, will not resonate with the Vietnamese population.

  • Living alone is considered “intimidating”. Family groupings often consist of nuclear and extended relatives, and it is not unusual for three generations to live together (Cultural Atlas 2020).

In Vietnam, the family and family units constitute a key support system. You should not overlook the importance of family; it would be especially good to position their products/services in terms of the value they can provide to a family as a whole, rather than an individual.

Big cultural events of the Vietnamese:

  • January-February (exact date varies): Tet Nguyen Dan, Vietnamese Lunar New Year
  • 10th day of 3rd lunar month: Hung Kings Commemoration
  • August (exact date varies): Trung Thu, Moon Festival
  • 25 December: Christmas


Translation in B2B Marketing Is Essential in 2022 and Beyond

Companies have been obliged to speed their digital transitions as a result of the epidemic. With the tendency of less business travel and more Zoom calls, having a steady online presence has become necessary in the B2B industry.

The good news is that even with low resources, you can reach a large audience online. In B2B marketing, Vietnamese translation services help you communicate your value to Vietnamese audiences and establish a good base to get them engaged with your brand. 


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Vietnamese Translation Services

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