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The Importance of Vietnamese Localization Testing In a Successful Localization

Posted by Chloe G. on May 27, 2022.

It is the function of Vietnamese localization testing and quality assurance (QA) to ensure the suitability and high quality of products for the Vietnamese market.  

In this article, we will dive deeply into the importance of Vietnamese localization testing, what you should focus on to have an effective localization testing process, and how to find a good partner for localization testing.

What is Vietnamese localization testing?

Vietnamese localization testing

Vietnamese localization testing intends to test running software to ensure that it is linguistically and culturally relevant in the Vietnamese region. It is meant to customize a website or app according to the Vietnamese language, culture, audience preferences, as well as regulations, and aims to make the Vietnamese customer feel like the product was developed especially for them. 


Why is Vietnamese localization testing important?

Vietnamese localization testing 1

With its potential for foreign investors, Vietnam is a crowded market where users have access to a wide range of products. Many companies see localization as the key to becoming outstanding over other competitors. Low-quality translations or information that is not well-adapted to Vietnamese culture may get customers confused or offended.

They will quickly switch to a product that meets their needs, and even in a worse case, they may express their dissatisfaction online in the form of negative reviews or comments. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to rebuild your company’s reputation after this blow. Starting off on the wrong foot when it comes to promoting your brand may be devastating.

Here are some major advantages that you can expect when implementing Vietnamese localization testing: 

  • Detecting defects in the early stage and launching a high-quality product
  • Hitting the market with the best user experience
  • Win the hearts of locals by providing Vietnamese language support
  • Keeping it simple with user-specific time, date, and other parameters
  • Increasing adoption ratio
  • Enhancing brand popularity as a Global Brand


Types of Vietnamese localization QA Testing

Vietnamese localization testing 6

In general, there are 3 types of Vietnamese QA testing as below:

  • International Readiness Testing: This is an excellent test to do before you start localizing your material. It’s a proactive move that will save you a lot of resources in the long run. Your product will be tested by the QA team to assess how well it will work in multiple languages, both in terms of content and functionality. Identifying possible challenges before you start might help you plan how to approach the Vietnamese localization process in the most effective way.
  • Functional Testing: While your content may have already been evaluated for functioning in its original language, it is critical to test it again in the Vietnamese language. You must ensure that the proper translations appear in the Vietnamese location, that the Vietnamese language’s font and/or text direction are accurate, that the date, time, and currency changes are valid and functional, and that the user interface functions as well as it did in the original language.
  • Linguistic Testing: Having someone other than the original translator evaluate the text is always a good idea. For starters, translators are not necessarily editors, and even a well-translated document may require editing. Furthermore, the translator may not have been provided the necessary context for the material, resulting in mistakes. This is especially true for websites, where buttons and menus are frequently incomplete phrases.


What to focus on in Vietnamese localization testing?

The Vietnamese localization testing is not a single sort of test. Instead, it’s a set of tests designed to ensure that your product is ready for the Vietnamese market.

To perform localization testing effectively, remember to focus on testing the content, UI, functionality, and setup/upgrade performance of the product.

#1. Content

Confirm that your translation from your source language to Vietnamese is accurate during your localization testing process. QA testers examine the translation of every screen in a runtime context to ensure that there are no issues within the content.

During Vietnamese localization testing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is all terminology consistent across documentation and the UI?
  • Is there any typographical or grammatical problem in the content?
  • Is all of the text correctly translated?

#2. User-Interface Design (UI)

During translation testing, make sure to detect and address any issues with the layout and design of your product’s UI. Test cases should be created by QA engineers to ensure that local users get the best possible experience with your product.

The following questions should be answered by a solid localization testing strategy:

  • Are localized images rendering correctly with great quality
  • Is the text positioned correctly in the user interface?
  • Is the use of hyphens and line breaks correctly?

#3. Functionality

Through functional testing, ensure that the destination system adapts properly within the source interface. QA teams rely on localization testing tools to ensure that the product works as expected, regardless of the language.

When performing Vietnamese localization testing, ensure sure your test cases answer the following questions:

  • Are all of the hyperlinks working properly?
  • Are all of the hotkeys functional?
  • Are special characters supported throughout the application?
  • Are required fonts supported in the Vietnamese region?
  • Do the format separators work appropriately?
  • Is the system stable when it’s localized?
  • Is the product still compatible with supported operating systems, peripheral systems, and international support systems when localized?
  • When the product is localized, is it still compatible with the supported operating systems, peripheral systems, and international support systems?

#4. Setup and Upgrade

Your localization testing must ensure that your product can be easily accessible and updated across the target market. Your QA testers should make sure that your program can be installed, uninstalled, and upgraded in a localized context.

Make sure your QA team answers these questions while completing software localization testing:

  • Is it possible to set up the product across several devices once localized?
  • Can the product be successfully uninstalled across devices when localized?
  • Can the product be successfully upgraded across devices once localized?
  • When localized, do older versions of the product still work as expected?


What to look for in a Vietnamese localization testing team?

Localization QA and testing teams must ensure that Vietnamese users have the same accurate and enjoyable experience while retaining what is central and core to the product and brand. 

Here is what a Vietnamese localization testing team should have:

  • Native Vietnamese Speakers: Linguistic quality cannot be assured without having a native speaker of the target language in the team. Even someone with advanced language abilities may miss nuances or references that only a native speaker would know.
  • Engineering Expertise: A language specialist may be able to simulate the user experience, but without the essential technological skills, they cannot fully evaluate the product. The QA team should consist of engineers with technical competence, product knowledge, and a complete understanding of the localization process.
  • Efficiency: A strong quality assurance team should have the process simplified to save you time and money. Different companies use different approaches to do this. Do your research and select the team that best suits your needs. 


You can count on GTE Localize

Performing Vietnamese localization testing is crucial for a localization campaign which greatly affects your success in the Vietnamese market. To have this process done appropriately, you need to partner with a reliable company offering Vietnamese localization testing services.

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