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What You Need to Know about the Vietnamese Forex Market

Posted by Ariel D. on November 20, 2022.

Many people have entered the Vietnamese Forex market despite the fact that Vietnam’s financial sector is notorious for its lack of accountability. There has never been a better moment to invest in foreign exchange due to the positive public sentiment and government policies.

This article would provide the necessary information for you when entering the Vietnamese Forex trading network and gaining numerous successes in this profession.  

1. How to Trade Forex in Vietnam?

You might think that getting started with Forex trading will require a lot of currency experience and legal knowledge. But in fact, it’s really not that complicated. Here are a few measures you can take to reliably trade Forex in Vietnam, whether you use an offshore broker or invest domestically.

  • Have the best Internet connection: You must have a connection with 100% uptime and no lagging situation. Since timing is everything in Forex trading, traders absolutely don’t want a technical glitch.
  • Choose a licensed broker: Forex trading may be more challenging in Vietnam because Forex brokers still have to abide by restrictive rules. As many experienced brokers from Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations routinely conduct business in Vietnam, you can partner with them for mutual revenue.
  • Sync up your financial accounts: You should go through an ID verification process with the broker you choose. After that, you can link your accounts.
  • Fund your trading account: Your investments will be funded by the bank account that you connect. Depending on the broker, you may have the option of obtaining a credit card specifically for that purpose or using a debit card.
  • Pick your trading platform with excellent translation: Your trading style will alter depending on the user interface you pick. Select a trading platform that fits your personality and investment approach, then find Vietnamese native linguists to localize your content.

01_Vietnamese Forex platform

You are now prepared to start investing in the Vietnamese Forex market with all the stable setup above.


2. How Can Investors Profit From the Vietnamese Forex Market? 

Using a variety of financial instruments, investors of all types can make money. There are 3 methods introduced below:

  • Short selling: When you short sell a currency, you sell it first and then buy it afterward. Instead of a gain in the price of the currency, you prefer to profit from a decline.
  • Contract For Differences (CFD): CFDs let you speculate on the value of currencies without actually holding any of them. Sometimes, CFD firms give investors more leverage than conventional Forex brokers.
  • Binary options: The price of currencies is not directly followed by the binary option. You’ll receive an easier-to-follow “yes or no” situation.


3. Vietnam Forex Trading Strategies 

To trade in the Vietnamese Forex market, it’s a good idea to become familiar with a few key tactics that aid in developing an investment style.

3.1. Trading With Trend

The ranges and directional movement in charts can be understood by trend investors. You could hang onto an investment for a few days to a few weeks if you chose this sort of trading. While managing the overall trade to a point of profitability throughout that time, you may move a few partial positions in and out to benefit from volatility.

When trading trends, you take into account both the long-term fundamentals and the short-term news cycle. Even though you don’t give daily news much thought, you are aware of how it influences traders’ perceptions of a currency.

3.2. Trading By Day

Day traders are knowledgeable, high-frequency investors who understand how to use indicators and manage spreads. You might only hold an investment for a short period of time, so having a quick hand and a sure stomach is necessary for success.

Day traders are very concentrated and exact. The best day traders are also familiar with trading technology. An investment technique that can execute numerous trades per second is frequently implemented using automated bots.

3.3. Positional Trading

Positional traders are familiar with the underlying principles guiding currencies’ long-term movements. For this kind of investor, the policies that govern how countries interact are far more significant. Holding onto an investment for months or even years can allow you to benefit from a significant price change.

You are not at all concerned about a currency’s short-term swings if you invest for the long run. You are more concerned with currencies whose value is out of line. You are placing a long-term wager on the market’s self-correction.

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4. Current Situation of Vietnamese Forex 

Although the majority of Vietnamese Forex trading floors lack licenses, the promises of enormous profits with rapid repayment can still attract individuals into unlicensed bitcoin exchanges.

02_Vietnamese Forex scam

A case in point was the recent failure of the investing platform Coolcat, which had been guaranteed to be completely safe. Participants in this platform had to predict whether the price of gold, foreign exchange, or cryptocurrency would increase or decrease over the course of a day. A Coolcat specialist would assist them in making the seventh guess if they lost six times in a row, increasing their chance of winning to 90%. 

Though approximately 2,000 people claimed they were defrauded of millions of US dollars, not a single investment received their money back in full up to the day the Coolcat platform disappeared. All that these investors are left with when everything is said and done are enormous debts.

Numerous investors in Vietnam have been drawn to foreign exchanges by the exorbitant rewards, making Forex fraud more common than ever.


5. Tips for Brokers and Traders when Entering the Vietnamese Forex Market

5.1. Notice the Cautionary Signals

The following are some red flags of Vietnamese Forex trading fraud:

  • There are claims of enormous gains. Investors need to exercise utmost caution despite the enticing gains.
  • Social media marketing with substantial trading profits and an opulent way of living
  • The primary channel for trading signals is the text message. This is how con artists trick you into thinking trading is convenient so they can steal your money more quickly.
  • No permission to withdraw money in a variety of situations, particularly when the market has undergone a significant adjustment.

5.2. Keep in Mind the Safe Trading Practices

Here are some notes from professionals to help traders achieve long-term success.

  • Be careful when taking any risk: Make sure you put aside a sum of money that can be used just for trading. Never allow yourself to borrow money from your mortgage or your child’s tuition account to use for trading. Instead, keep them separate.
  • Continually learn about the world markets: Trading requires expertise, not talent or good luck. The only way to improve as a trader is to be disciplined, learn from mistakes, and constantly monitor the markets. Knowing about RSI, MACD indicators, and other tools can greatly aid traders in better understanding the markets and making more informed choices.
  • Trade like a business: You must treat trading seriously, not just as a pastime if you want to succeed at it. With this strategy, you’ll observe that trading might result in many situations relating to costs, stress, losses, etc.

5.3. Working With a Professional Forex Translation Agency 

Because the Vietnamese Forex market can be complicated, your content needs to be delivered precisely and consistently whether you work for a stock broker or a Forex company. So be sure to partner with the top-notch Vietnamese Forex translation company to have excellent results. 

Being aware of how difficult, competitive, and fast-paced this industry can be, GTE Localize strives to provide trustworthy, timely, and accurate translations of Vietnamese Forex websites. We have supported numerous Forex enterprises in their successful pathways with our skilled Forex linguists and provided useful insights into Forex localization through our 20-page White Paper.

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