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    Professional video translation services help you avoid numerous unfortunate errors such as wrong messages, offensive expressions, or sloppy captions which negatively affect the viewing experience of your audiences. With a vast network of native linguists who have the related background knowledge and expertise in video captioning, our top-notch video translation services will bring you closer to your target audience in Southeast Asia and CCJK. Reach more Asian clients with trusted video localization services today.

    Types of Videos & Platforms We Support

    Having a team of experienced linguists and technical supports, GTE Localize brings you quality videos localization services for various purposes and video-based platforms, including:

    Youtube video translation services

    Youtube video translation services

    We provide high-quality Youtube video translation for any type of industry, including marketing, education, IT, software, technical, etc. at a cost-saving rate and fast turnaround time.

    Video translation services for firms & movies

    Video translation services for firms & movies

    Our native translators can up for any firm and move video translation tasks at a fast turnaround time. With a team of over 1.200 translators globally, we can assist you with transcription services or subtitling services in Asian countries.

    Netflix video translation services

    Netflix video translation services

    As a trustworthy video translation agency, GTE Localize can provide your company with professional Netflix video translation services of high quality.

    Commercial video translation services

    Commercial video translation services

    High-quality and cost-saving commercial video translation services to make your services or products accessible to millions of global target audiences around the world.

    Vimeo video translation services

    Vimeo video translation services

    GTE Localize brings you Vimeo video translation services from a team of experienced, native linguists who are experts in your industry.

    Training video translation services

    Training video translation services

    With 5 years of professional experience, GTELocalize’s native linguists can handle various training video translation services. We make sure every dollar you spend with us is worthwhile.

    Hulu video translation services

    Hulu video translation services

    With an extensive network of native translators around the world, GTE Localize is confident in our ability to provide you with the most professional Hulu video translation services

    E-learning video translation services

    E-learning video translation services

    We use the latest language translation tools and platforms to provide our clients with comprehensive e-Learning video translation services for all major Asian languages.

    GTE Localize - Professional Video Translation Company

    With years of experience in the video localization industry, we have helped hundreds of clients communicate effectively with their partners and target audiences in global markets.

    Audience-Centered Approach Audience-Centered Approach

    We understand that conveying accurate information and emotions to viewers is your top priority. When it comes to video translation services, we will research and study your target audience deeply to understand the project better.

    Cost-saving Video Translations Cost-saving Video Translations

    Our goal is to deliver the most budget-saving and efficient video translation services possible. We achieve that by offering one of the most affordable video localizations. With GTE Localize, you can receive the same qualified video translation services at a special price!

    Fast Delivery for video translation services Fast Delivery for video translation services

    As a professional video translation company, we always deliver timely or ahead of deadlines regardless of small or large video translation and video localization projects at a high quality and cost-saving rate. We have the best resources to give you the fastest video translations.

    Qualified video translation company Qualified video translation company

    Video translation and localization necessitate experience, and you can trust GTE Localize to provide flawless and accurate video translation services. We support all major Asian languages through a network of 1200+ native linguists.

    Major Languages We Support

    GTE Localize has the advantage of working with a team of experienced native Asian linguists who bring you the highest quality video translations at a budget-saving rate. Below are the list of common languages our linguists work with on a regular basis:

    Reasons to Use Professional Video Translation Services

    Using professional video translation services is highly recommended if companies want to make a splash in global markets. The reasons are:
    Reach more global clients
    Reach more global clients
    According to CSA Research, 72% of global clients will buy products or services if the content is in their language. It is a must to localize your video with a cost-effective translation agency.
    Boost your brand visibility
    Boost your brand visibility
    Search engines can not read a video. Thus, having a video with translations for title, description, and transcript gives you a higher chance of being clicked, boosting your company’s overall visibility in foreign markets.
    Improve user experience
    Improve user experience
    Professional video translation and localization serivces help improve your customer experience. Your target clients can easily understand your products and services on the video.

    Video Translation Services Q&A

    To have the exact price of a video translation project, we take many factors that affect the video translation service costs, such as:

    • Project volume: In most cases, we give the quotation per word or characters. The number of words/characters is the most precise indication of the effort our linguists put into the project.
    • Language pair: The metric for each language varies due to the nature of the source and target languages.
    • Industry expertise: The complexity of the required domain also affects the price of the project. Videos with general content are charged less than high-expertise content.
    • Service required: We apply different rates for each of our video translation services.
    • Technical Complexity: Some projects are more complex to handle. With such projects, our team needs to spend more hours handling them, which affects the overall costs.

    Please contact our team for a quotation for your video localization project.

    It depends on the volume, language pair, content types, required services, and other project-specific factors. To get the exact delivery time for your video translation projects, please contact our support team.

    Input format: .MOV, .AVI, .MP4, .VOB, .Ogg, .3GP/3GP2, .PCM, .WAV, .WEBM, .DIVX, .AXF, .OGV, Flash videos, Online hosted videos.

    Output format: SubRip (.srt), Facebook ready SubRip (.srt), Transcript (.txt), Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt), Scenarist (.scc), MacCaption (.mcc), Timed Text (.ttml), Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt), WebVTT (.vtt), DFXP (.dfxp), Cheetah .CAP (.cap), Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)

    To assess the quality of our video translation services and experience in the industry, you can access the following resources:

    • Order a free test. At GTE Localize, we offer you a free test (around 300 words) with our translators so you can evaluate their ability to handle your project.
    • Ask to see our previous Video translation projects. 
    • Lists of clients who have worked with us. You can use the filter to find those who are in the same industry as you.
    • See the QA and QC process we apply for all translation projects to guarantee the best quality in the process above.
    • Request to see our translators’ CVs. We are willing to send you the blind CVs of our translators with related experience.  


    Yes, all information is safely kept and only used by relevant staff. GTE Localize is open to signing NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) to guarantee the confidentiality of all content from our clients. On our end, all relevant staff and linguists must sign an NDA with GTE Localize before working on the video translation projects.


    We accept payment through Bank Transfer, Cash, Paypal, Visa, and Payoneer. Accepted currencies include the US Dollar, Euro, and SGD.

    If you want to make payments in another currency, please contact our team for a discussion.

    GTE Localize guarantees the quality of our video translation services. This guarantee applies to every content translated by us, regardless of service, deadline, or price. Our video translation services come with a lifetime warranty. Any problems with your video translation can be emailed to our team, and we will re-edit it for free.

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