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9 Common Types Of Technical Document Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on January 17, 2023.

Technical document translation services provided by professional Language Service Providers help ensure the quality of your technical documentation translation as effectively as the original version.

A technical document is typically a “how to” guide that describes how to use, maintain, or create a product. Technical documents are designed for a particular audience, and depending on your target audience, you may need to give the content in some different languages.

There are many types of technical documents. In this post, we will discuss 9 categories of the most translated technical documents.

Reasons to Use Technical Document Translation Services 


It is vital to use technical document translation services for your translation project, as they will ensure your translated documents are of accuracy and reasonable turnaround times. 

Due to the peculiarity of technical information that can affect a business’s operation or even human health and lives, technical document translation requires a deep understanding of the particular field, linguistic skills, cultural knowledge, and consistency in using terminologies. It is hard for you to find someone fully equipped with those skills. Meanwhile, with a wide pool of native translators, Language Service Providers can assign the right translators with years of experience to work on your project. 

More importantly, when translating technical documents, you have to ensure the translated versions are compliant with local and international standards. Failing to meet those requirements can result in losing business opportunities or, even worse, getting fined or shut down by authorities. With skilled and experienced translators who are aware of those barriers when translating, technical translation services providers can help you out with this. 

Moreover, with the high-quality translated documents completed by reliable Language Service Providers, you show your clients, employees, and business partners your care towards them and your professionalism in working.  

Different Types of Technical Documents

#1. Technical document translation services: User Guides

User guides cover instructions for installing, using, and troubleshooting products/services. User guides often go with the hardware, software, electronics, appliances, instruments, and equipment. 

These documents should be translated into multiple languages spoken by the intended users or customers. When correctly translated, user guides assist in providing clear messaging, reducing user problems, and decreasing irritation. Your user guides may also need to be translated into multiple languages in order to comply with a country’s legal requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the laws of the countries where you plan to sell your goods or services.

#2. Maintenance Manuals


A maintenance manual offers the information needed to maintain machinery or systems. For instance, a maintenance manual may contain a definition of the support environment, the roles and duties of maintenance staff, and the regular tasks essential to ensuring the system’s successful operation. 

When translating a maintenance manual, it is especially vital to use crucial terminologies consistently. Therefore, before your project starts, you should collaborate with your translation provider to create a glossary with the particular technical terminology used in your business and choose the best suitable translation for each of these terms. This will guarantee that your maintenance manual’s terminology is consistently translated.

#3. Instruction Manuals

An instruction manual is a traditional way of helping your users with your products/services, which can be distributed digitally or in print (as a booklet or book). Normally, an instruction manual contains the following:

  • Installation process
  • A guide on how to use your product or service
  • Licensing and contact details for technical support

To ensure the translation of your technical documentation is accurate, high-quality, and culturally appropriate for the users and markets you are targeting, you should partner with technical document translation services that are delivered by native translators with proven subject-matter experience in your field and industry. 

#4. Handbooks as a Form of Technical Document Translation

Handbooks are a frequently-translated technical documents and are incredibly helpful in today’s competitive business environment. By having operational and employee handbooks translated into the languages that your employees speak and tailored to their particular locations in the world, you can boost productivity and harmonize company culture among a varied group of employees, both locally and globally. 

#5. eLearning Courses and Training


An eLearning course is training or education given online through a computer or a digital device. Training modules for eLearning are made up of tutorial videos, slideshow presentations, and technical documentation. E-learning can be used to train partners on a product’s features to increase both adoption and retention. 

With eLearning translation, you should work with a Language Service Provider that handles written text, audio and video content, voiceover, and subtitling services. It is best to find one that can offer complete technical document translation services. This way, you can ensure seamless translation across all types of media and content.

#6. Technical document translation services: API Documentation

Application program interfaces (API) documentation is technical support content that includes guidelines, examples, and tutorials for successfully utilizing and integrating with an API. By translating your API documentation, you make it possible for users from all over the world to interact with your systems and adapt your API technology more readily. 

To ensure high-quality translation of your API documentation, you need to work with a Language Service Provider that employs linguists who are also subject matter experts in your industry and software systems.

#7. Webpages and Websites

Companies, businesses, and people that want to promote and sell their products globally and enhance their domestic audiences need to translate and localize the web pages of a website. Translating your website can also increase customer trust in your product. According to a research by Harvard Business Review, in order to make a purchase, more than 70% of consumers require information in their language.

There are a lot of benefits in translating your website into other languages, whether it’s for product descriptions, frequently asked questions, product specifications, pricing details, customer reviews, or business history. It is vital to work with a Language Service Provider that is experienced in website technical translation services. In addition, to produce helpful web pages for your users, you should define the portrait of your target audience, so your LSP can localize your content accurately and appropriately. 

#8. Press Releases


Press releases are crucial for publicizing new products or developments within your company. Press releases from your business might be translated to promote new products, highlight organizational milestones, or share achievements. Additionally, when you convert a press release into several languages, you may reach new audiences. 

When translating this type of technical material, you should engage with a Language Service Provider that has experience translating press releases and hires competent linguists knowledgeable with your industry. Their expertise will aid in engaging your readers while correctly upholding the original content.

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#9. Technical translation services: Patents

Translating a patent application into multiple languages allows the information to be accessed by international audiences. As translating complex industrial jargon and legal patent language requires a great deal of technical competence, you need to work with Language Service Providers with experience in patent translation and with linguists who have experience in your specific sector. This will guarantee that your patent is timely and clear in global markets.

How Can GTE Localize Help You?

Whether you are a global enterprise seeking integration across business units or a smaller company just starting on the global journey, you need to make sure that your technical translations are accurate. With a team of experienced translators and technical experts, GTE Localize offers comprehensive technical document translation services to help you make a splash in global markets.


Below are some factors that help us to be highly rated in the translation industry:

  • 100% Native Translators: To produce high-quality technical translation services, we have more than 1200 talented native translators with qualified certifications and experience in particular industries.
  • Lifetime Warranty Policy: With the assistance of qualified translators and the latest technology in the translation and localization industry, GTE Localize gives clients a lifetime warranty for our technical document translation services. This guarantee applies to every content translated and localized by us, regardless of service, deadline, or price. 
  • Cost-effective Technical Translation Services: Applying technology in our procedure (Translation Memory, CAT tools, etc.) not only smooths out our working procedures but also cuts down costs for our clients. Every dollar you spend with us is put to good use. 

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