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Types of Language in Writing: Developing Your Expressive Skills

Posted by Chloe G. on August 31, 2023.

Interested in learning how to express yourself in writing? There is much to know, particularly when it comes to the different types of language in writing. Language is the important way that human beings have developed. It allows people to express their emissions,make each other aware of very important information and make others act in a different way. It is important to use different types of language in writing your essays to bring you attention to others. A good and flowing writing conversation must have correct language choices in writing. By knowing the types of language in writing, your skills to express the audience will be of high standards and your conversation will always be peaceful.

Knowing different types of languages in writing helps to develop the skills in writing. Therefore, this article outlines some of the most important considerations when it comes to the use of language, setting you up for greater success when it comes to the writing domain.

Different Types of Language in Writing: Common Types of Language

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There are many different types of languages used in writing. Here is a list of the most common types to employ in your next writing project:

  • Expressive language

The most important thing that a person can do with language is to express their ideas,opinions and how they see things. This kind of language features in writing and talks are known as expressive use of language. Expressive language is used to show a person’s feelings,opinion,emotion and their experience on something. This language type is commonly used by many people in different situations. For example a person who has witnessed an accident can say, “oh my God!” This can show how painful the accident was to the witness. While someone taken by surprise can  say, “wow i really like it!, to show how happy they are about it. Someone experiencing a hard life may say, ”why always me!”. It doesn’t have to communicate to the audience the factual information but can be imperative in nature.

  • Informative language

In informative language the information given must be true or false in its sense. For example the novel summary must just have the truth ideas as stated on it. This is a type of language that is very different from the other types. This is because the writer sticks to its thought which must be either the truth or false. A summary of a novel sticks to the truth showing interested readers facts of exactly what happened in the story without adding or subtracting any information. This is the best of the language techniques in writing to communicate ideas and information to the readers. Something like the tortoise moves at first speed is informative,but in the real sense it is incorrect. Informative language can sometimes be phrases that are in the form of a question,it brings attention to some information which the reader may have already known to predict the information that can follow. Readers are not expected to answer the question but it helps in setting the intention of the article. It’s also allowed for the use of this language to show emphasis. Most lectures,textbooks and past papers use informative language to bring their ideas into attention.

  • Directive language

The directive language is considered to be harsh in terms of its tone. For this reason, it’s regarded as the language of command due to the widespread use in giving orders. This language type differs from the other language styles in writing in that it instructs the actions of the people. Directive language is commonly used to give orders, instructions or suggestions. For example; “clean this class well!”. The teacher gives an order to the student to clean the class. The language is very specific to what the instructor needs or thinks about the situation. It directly expresses the reader on what to do for them to be in the right understanding. At times directive language should be used to create some kind of respect in you.

Benefits of Using the Different Types of Language Used in Writing

The language styles in writing are very important to the writers in such a way that they attract the attention of the reader. The following are some of the benefits of types of language used in writing:

  • Express the view of a person. Expressive language types can physically show you a person’s point of view as they provide their ideas of a particular situation in a particular manner. Their expression can show the feelings towards an occurrence. It is of great concern to people to know your ideas for a better understanding of the concern.
  • Provide information. Informative language debunks the validity of claims. It’s an important consideration in academic writing and other aspects of language use. The information provided in this  type is taken the way it is.The reader must be satisfied with the information given because it’s the ideas of a person concerning their points of view. In this regard, communication and the use of language stands out as a crucial factor in the success of social engagements.
  • Giving instructions. By using directive language type,instructions may be carefully given to the reader in the correct order. It can’t be misunderstood in terms of order. Instructions are carefully followed due to where it comes from. For instance, it may be from a senior most person in an organization. This ensures an understanding of the the chain of command and sets the pace for more optimized organizational success. Therefore, if you intend to pass crucial information, it’s important that you use the right language.
  • Improve communication skills. Using different types of language in writing enhances our skills in writing and enriches our growth. As you use different types of languages in writing your essay,you gain more skills that may help you to talk to an audience. By using all these languages you develop some courage to express the audience carefully without being interacted as you express your points of view. However, there may be instances when you need expert assistance to ensure your writing is on point. You can consider working with professional authors from a paper writing service such as CustomWritings to ensure your custom essay has the right tone and exhibits great use of language.
  • Leads to final thoughts. The final decisions are made before using the language type. This is one of the considerations when checking the types of essay writing in the English language as it offers a chance to fully explore issues that are important to the reader. 

Embrace the Different Types of Language in Your Writing Ventures

Usage of a language depends on human beings’ choices.most writings uses different types of languages depending on what they want to convey in their sentences. By using different languages in your writing,the reader will understand you due to your expressions to them. It is of more importance to know the correct language you use to avoid more explanations of your information to the audience.

The need of using different language types in writing a student’s project is to have high quality papers and score high grades in college. With the information in this post, you have the chance to embrace the power of language and chart a new path of glory in the writing profession.