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Get Success with Top 7 Trusted B2B Translation Services in Miami, Florida

Posted by Chloe G. on April 24, 2023.

Miami is a major American city that dominates the world in business, economics, culture, and international trade. It is the 12th-largest city in the country and is home to many startup businesses. Miami’s diversified economic environment has been cultivated by foreign investment, so there are a lot of needs for trustworthy translation services. To effectively connect with your business stakeholders, and clients, and advance your business, you need to choose the top translation services in Miami.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 trusted B2B translation services in Miami, Florida in 2023 based on GoodFirms in this post.

The 7 leading translation services in Miami, Florida  

1. GTE Localizetranslation services in Miami 1

GTE Localize is one of the most professional translation agencies in Miami. The agency offers services in over 100 languages for a wide range of language services including translation, localization, interpretation, transcription, and subtitling for businesses and individuals across various industries.

With a team of experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language and are subject-matter experts in various fields, GTE Localize takes pride in providing personalized and cost-effective language solutions to meet their client’s needs and has worked with various big clients across different industries such as software translation, medical translation, etc. Some of its notable clients include Google, TikTok, Facebook, Abbott, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and many others.


  • Languages supported: 100+ languages
  • Services offered: translation, localization, interpretation, DTP, LSO, etc.
  • Value for money: Competitive prices and high-quality translations
  • Industries supported: legal, business, medical & healthcare, IT, Finance & FX, Marketing, etc.

Contact GTE Localize today to learn more about its services and how it can help you achieve your language goals.

2. ITU Translation Services

ITU was founded in 2017 to offer organizations and people swift business solutions in language services, as well as document translation services with quick replies, accuracy, and affordability. Although strategically based in Miami, Florida, the company serves the entire world and offers speedy responses on translations in a variety of languages. 

Each translator on its big team is an expert in their original tongue, an ATA member with qualifications in the field. It is essential to produce high-quality translation & localization services in today’s worldwide markets and variety of cultural target audiences, and ITU can be your trusted partner.


  • Languages supported: 100+ languages
  • Services offered: translation, localization, voice over, subtitling, captioning, 
  • Industries supported: legal, medical & healthcare, IT, Finance & FX, Marketing, etc.

3. LingPerfect Translations

translation services in Miami 3

Located in Miami, Florida, LingPerfect is a full-service translation firm that is ISO Certified and can support more than 200 languages for a variety of businesses. Legal documents, technical manuals, marketing campaigns, pharmaceutical studies, and financial reports are a few examples of its work. They manage complex technical projects like websites, eLearning courses, graphic design files, and subtitling using several software applications and tools. LingPerfect can translate any project accurately, quickly, and affordably, whether you need software documentation translated into Spanish and Japanese or a courtroom transcript translated into French and German.  


  • Languages supported: 200+ languages
  • Services offered: translation, localization, interpretation, etc.
  • Industries supported: legal, medical & healthcare, IT, Finance & FX, Marketing, etc.

4. Bostico International

Bostico International is one of the best translation providers that offer comprehensive translation services in Miami to all clients. No matter how urgent your translation is, the agency deals with all types of translations every day, from straightforward certificates to intricate technical translations, and it always produces on time. Whether you need a document translated for personal or professional purposes, RDP Agency can provide you with a customized solution that meets your specific needs.


  • Languages supported: 100+ languages
  • Services offered: translation, localization, interpretation, etc.
  • Industries supported: education, entertainment, energy, financial, etc.

5. Transcription Etc

Transcription Etc is a comprehensive transcribing company in Miami that serves clients both domestically and internationally. The firm serves the government, corporate, higher education, private, and not-for-profit sectors with general, medical, court reporting, and legal/law enforcement transcription services. It provides media/audio recording for meetings, press conferences, interviews, statements, depositions, arbitrations, etc., in addition to transcribing audio and video content into text documents.   


  • Services offered: Transcription 
  • Industries supported: medical, business, legal, etc.

6. American Evaluation and Translation Services

American Evaluation and Translation Services is considered one of the top credential evaluation and document translation agencies in Miami. The agency is also an expert in evaluating credentials from abroad. It employs a team of skilled and experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language and have expertise in various subject areas, such as legal, medical, technical, financial, and more.


  • Languages supported: 150+ languages
  • Services offered: translation, localization, interpretation, etc.
  • Industries supported: advertising, aerospace technologies, architecture, automotive, business, etc.

7. RDP Agency

RDP Agency is a professional translation agency based in Miami that offers a wide range of language services to businesses, individuals, and organizations around the world. The agency specializes in providing high-quality translation services in multiple languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many more. The firm prides itself on providing accurate and culturally sensitive translations that meet the specific needs of each client. 


  • Languages supported: 100+ languages
  • Services offered: translation, localization, interpretation, etc.
  • Industries supported: advertising, scientific, medical, business, etc.


Essential factors to review translation services

When evaluating translation services in Miami, it is crucial to take into account various vital factors to help you make the right decision and ensure that the translation service you choose is the right fit for your needs and requirements.

  • Quality assurance process: Good translation services in Miami should have a multi-step quality assurance process in place to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the translation. This may include proofreading and editing by a second linguist, as well as a final review by a project manager or quality control specialist. The service should also have a system in place for tracking changes and ensuring that feedback is incorporated into future translations.
  • Specialization: Specialization is important because different industries have their own unique terminology and language conventions. Translation services in Miami that specialize in your industry will have experience working with the specific terminology and jargon used in your field. This can ensure that your translation projects are accurate and effective.
  • Turnaround time: How quickly can the translation agency complete your project? Let’s look for translation services in Miami that can meet your deadlines without sacrificing quality. Turnaround time is an important factor if you have a deadline for your project. Some translation services may be able to provide expedited services for an additional fee, while others may have longer turnaround times. Be sure to discuss your timeline with the translation service before hiring them.
  • Technology: Translation technology such as CAT Tools can help improve the speed and accuracy of translation projects, particularly for large or ongoing projects. For example, translation memory software can help ensure consistency across multiple documents, while machine translation can be used to provide a rough draft that can be edited and refined by a human translator.
  • Customer service: Good customer service is vital for any translation service provider. Outstanding translation services should be easy to contact and responsive to your needs. They should also be willing to answer any questions you have about the translation process or their services.
  • Pricing: Translation services in Miami may charge per word, per page, or per project. Some may also charge additional fees for rush services or for formatting documents. Be sure to discuss translation pricing and any potential additional fees with the translation service before working with them.
  • Testimonials and reviews: Reviews and testimonials from previous clients can provide valuable insight into a translation service’s quality and reliability. You need to look for reviews on the company’s website, as well as on third-party trusted review sites such as Proz,, GoodFirms.  


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Kickoff your translation project with our team

Miami has a vibrant culture. What makes Miami gorgeous is the diversity of nationalities, languages, and traditions. We understand the importance of communication, especially in Miami. It is impossible to avoid misunderstanding in a city where there are several dialects and cultural traditions.

Choose GTE Localize if you’re looking for a trusted translation service provider in Miami for your document translation services, software translation services, website translation services, etc. We’re the finest choice because of our many years of expertise, highly skilled international linguists, and lots of positive ratings.  

You may depend on us whether you’re in Korea, France, Japan, or the United States. We are the Miami translation agency that will produce the greatest translation outcomes for your brand. Our team of expert linguists and project managers will ensure that your project is handled with precision, professionalism, and dedication to quality. Contact us today to get your translation projects started!

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