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Exness Case study
Exness Case study

As a long-term localization partner, GTE Localize has helped the Exness Group localize its content into 12 languages effectively.

Founded in 2008, the Exness Group is a top global retail Forex broker with over 345,000 customers in over 150 countries and an annual trading volume of $2,275 trillion in July 2022.

Exness Case study
Exness' Needs & Requirements
Exness' Needs & Requirements

Exness’ needs

  • Exness needed its content available in multiple languages almost instantaneously and continuously.
  • Exness wanted to translate its content into various types such as legal, marketing, help center, user support, market news, etc. to make sure the English source is well localized and adapted perfectly in different locales.

Exness’ requirements

  • Exness required the translation company to excel in the linguistic aspect and own proficient knowledge in the Forex industry at the same time.
  • Exness expected to get highly responsive in terms of communication and process since the source content is produced daily and weekly.
  • Exness searched for the localization agency to conduct translation in a short turnaround time as new market news is released every second.
Exness’ Project Highlights
Forex, Finance, Trading
Language pairs
Language pairs
EN into ZH, CN, VI, TH, KO, JA,
TEP, LQA, QA check, SEO, and Subtitling
~ 1.000.000 words/year
On-going May 2019 - Present
Content types
Content types
Marketing, Website, App, Legal, etc.
Project Challenges & Solutions
  • 12 Language pairs: English to Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Burmese, Lao, Thai. etc.
  • Various types of content: Marketing, Website and App, Legal Documents, Users, Market news, and many more.
  • Short turn-around time: The turnaround was short (<24 hours), requiring our teams to race against the time.
  • High-quality expectation: Exness required its Financial and Forex content of utmost accuracy.
  • The best team of native linguists: We selected and formed a team of an average of 5 experienced translators and editors for each language pair.
  • A dedicated & responsive team in charge: For better-allocating tasks, we involved 4 responsive project managers for this project.
  • Quick delivery: This asked us to ensure simultaneous management within our system to deliver the translations to our client fast.
  • Strict quality control: Our team constantly optimized our working process with the aim to perfect the translation quality after each task.
Translation Tools


  • Help provide a smooth transition between the steps.
  • Keep consistency for all the translations by using TM/TB and shorten the time spent.


  • Can import/integrate translation into client’s website/landing pages directly.


  • Leverage repetitions.
  • Convenient for TM creation.
  • Ensure consistency across files and the projects.
Exness’ Project Results
Exness’ Project Results

words translated (as of August 2022).
Job orders done.
The LQA score is a good Pass for all languages.

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