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About Transcription

Transcription refers to the process of rendering a spoken dialogue into written format. This makes transcription somehow similar to subtitling, however, the difference is that transcriptions are read separately from the original source. Besides, transcriptions allow people to render the speech in full, without having to condense it down or potentially lose information.

at GTE Localize

GTE Localize offers a flexible array of transcription services to meet a wide range of our clients’ demand:


 Rendering the source language audio into the source language text


Rendering the source language audio into the target language text


Rendering the source language audio into the source language text, then translating the output into the target language text.

For the time being, we focus on providing transcription services in Southeast Asian languages and C.C.J.K (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese & Korean). Your orders of transcription services are guaranteed to be taken the best care by our staff and a team of certified linguists.

GTE’s linguist qualification

Transcribers at GTE Localize have at least 5 years of experience in this industry, are all experts at listening and memorizing skills.

Bachelor Degree or higher level of education in the target language.


Source format

We offer transcription services in all digital formats. The output will be delivered back to you in the format you require.


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