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Top Translation Company In The World in 2024

Posted by Chloe G. on August 11, 2023.

Successful localization relies on effective collaboration with your language partner to achieve optimal outcomes. However, finding exceptional and top translation agencies can be a challenge. 

Amidst the multitude of vendors, the process of selecting, assessing, engaging in discussions, and bringing a language partner on board is time-intensive. If you’re seeking guidance on how to choose, appraise, and integrate the top translation company, follow this guide. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to vendor selection and a compilation of the top translation companies currently in the market.

10 Top Translation Companies In The World

1. RWS 

RWS stands out as a premier provider of technology-driven language, content management, and intellectual property services, encompassing functional and linguistic testing for global expansion. Particularly esteemed for its contributions to the life sciences sector, RWS holds the distinction of being the most seasoned translation company on this list, boasting an impressive six-decade track record.  

Languages Supported: 260+

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Core Expertise: Translation, patents, life sciences, IT

Key Clients: Leading pharmaceutical companies, and top patent filers globally

2. GTE Localize

top translation company gte localize

Established in 2017 as a translation startup, GTE Localize has blossomed into a global localization powerhouse, serving an extensive array of languages. Their comprehensive offerings encompass translation, localization, multimedia solutions, and transcription. GTE Localize’s clientele encompasses business giants, international game developers, as well as finance, banking, and digital marketing entities.

Languages Supported: 100+

Headquarters: Singapore, with branches in the United States, Vietnam

Main Specializations: Medical & healthcare, banking & finance, game, digital marketing, travel & hospitality, and more

Notable Partners: Various big brands such as Meta, TikTok, Google, Bio-Rad, Abbott, etc. 

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3. TranslateMedia 

TranslateMedia, a global language service provider (LSP), specializes in furnishing strategic, translation, and marketing solutions tailored to assist retailers and e-commerce enterprises in venturing into fresh markets. Their prowess lies in maintaining a consistently compelling tone across diverse cultural contexts, a feat underscored by their extensive language coverage—surpassing 250 languages.

Languages Supported: 250+

Base of Operations: United Kingdom, with offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, and Munich

Primary Sectors: Retail/e-commerce, technology, media, legal & finance

Prominent Clients: Speedo, Fred Perry, Charles Tyrwhitt, Versace, Lacoste

4. Acclaro 

Renowned for aiding prominent brands in their cross-cultural endeavors, Acclaro adopts a strategy-focused approach to localization. Their modus operandi involves creating tailored, scalable programs while optimizing the process through Lokalise. Their footprint extends across 125+ languages, fostering enduring relationships in tech, media/entertainment, and apparel/luxury/consumer goods domains. Partnerships include industry giants like Roku, Facebook, Electronic Arts, Coach, and Visa.

Languages Supported: 125+

Headquarters: United States, boasting employee and production hubs spanning North and South America, Europe, and Asia

Core Competencies: Technology & IT, media & entertainment, apparel, luxury goods, consumer goods

Noteworthy Clients: Roku, Facebook, VISA, Intel, Uber, Ralph Lauren

5. Milengo 

Milengo seamlessly melds advanced domain-specific linguistic proficiency with expert translation, workflow, and process automation capabilities. With substantial experience in their arsenal, they deliver top-tier translation and localization services spanning startups to multinational corporations. Their dedication to strategic guidance has earned them a spot among the world’s largest LSPs.

Languages Supported: 100+

Base of Operations: Germany, supplemented by offices in China, the USA, and Poland

Key Areas: IT, hardware, industrial engineering, e-commerce, marketing

Prominent Clients: Magna, Snowflake, Infor, Celonis

6. Translated 

With an extensive network of 260,000 native translators and writers equipped with advanced technical training, Translated, founded by a linguist and computer scientist, deftly blends human ingenuity and machine intelligence for premium translation outcomes. Their productivity and reputation for translator satisfaction position them among the top in the industry.

Languages Supported: 194

The base of Operations: Italy, fortified by three global offices

Core Focus: Diverse sectors including apps, e-commerce, travel, and software

Notable Collaborators: Airbnb, Google, Uber

7. Language Scientific 

Specializing in technical, medical, and scientific translation, Language Scientific operates at the nexus of science and language. Leveraging a team of scientist-doctor-translators and Project Managers, they excel in both technical and linguistic intricacies. Their forte spans medical documentation, clinical research, technical fields like aerospace, energy, and architecture.

Languages Supported: 215+

Headquarters: United States

Key Expertise: Life sciences and technical domains

Distinguished Partners: Top pharmaceutical companies, CROs, medical device firms, biotech companies

8. Supertext 

Positioned as a creative copywriting and translation agency, Supertext excels in crafting, translating, and localizing content in over 100 languages. Their unique focus on translators with a flair for writing, coupled with their marketing insights, makes them a go-to choice for transcreation and localization of branding campaigns, advertising endeavors, and digital marketing content.

Languages Supported: 100+

Base of Operations: Switzerland, supplemented by offices in Berlin and Los Angeles

Core Arena: Marketing

Notable Partners: LinkedIn, Headspace, Smallpdf

9. Apostroph Group 

An internationally recognized full-service translation company, Apostroph Group delivers comprehensive language services across Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Catering to SMEs, international corporations, NGOs, and governing bodies, they blend language expertise with cutting-edge technology for holistic language management.

Languages Supported: 70+ (with specialization in German, French, Italian, and English)

Headquarters: Switzerland and Germany

Key Fields: Life sciences, ICT, technology & engineering, financial services

Notable Collaborators: Swisscom, Geberit, Helvetia, MSD, HotellerieSuisse

10. Venga Global 

Boasting expertise in translation, localization, and creative services spanning 150+ languages, Venga is revered for sculpting agile localization strategies. Their custom-tailored solutions, dedicated teams, and commitment to quality foster successful global strategies for clients.

Languages Supported: 150+

Base of Operations: United States, supplemented by nine global offices

Core Areas: Tech startups, SaaS, eLearning, HR, marketing

Noteworthy Partners: Slack, Looker, Indeed, Pinterest, Workday


How to Choose the Right Translation Company for You

With a myriad of top translation companies vying for your attention, it can be challenging to identify the one that fits your needs. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Quality works

top-translation-company 1

The translation quality an agency provides can differ depending on their perception of “quality work.” What steps do they take to ensure quality control? Do they employ editors to review the translations produced by their translators? Do they convey the original text’s tone in a manner that resonates with future readers? 

At a professional translation agency such as GTE Localize, they may go the extra mile by implementing a thorough triple-check process for every translation they deliver, and their dedicated team of editors works tirelessly to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained around the clock.

2. Native Linguist Team

A native speaker may not guarantee expertise in the professional realm. Fluency in a language does not necessarily encompass all linguistic techniques and subtleties. In such instances, it is advisable to opt for an agency that not only addresses linguistic and cultural aspects in translation but also possesses proficiency in the technicalities specific to your business sector. Furthermore, it is crucial that the chosen translator has a track record of consistently meeting deadlines.

3. Customer Services

top-translation-company 3

Effective communication and customer service are essential throughout the translation process. A reliable company should be responsive to your inquiries and provide regular updates on the progress of your project.

4. Reviews

Naturally, if you’ve explored the factors mentioned and continue to struggle with the decision among numerous translation companies, you have the option to gauge others’ opinions about a company to ascertain its suitability. Examine the company’s website for customer testimonials and case studies that showcase their previous work. For a comprehensive view, consider visiting review websites such as,, or Proz to see the satisfaction levels of their past clients.

5. Certification

top-translation-company 2

Certifications such as ISO indicate that a translation company adheres to industry standards and best practices. Certification can provide assurance of the company’s commitment to translation quality.

6. Membership

Membership in professional translation associations demonstrates a company’s dedication to ongoing learning and staying updated with industry trends. Let’s look for affiliations with organizations such as GALA, Elia, ProZ, etc. 

7. Other Factors

You need to consider the company’s experience, range of services, technology used (such as translation memory tools, CAT tools, etc.), confidentiality measures, and track record in handling projects similar to yours.


Benefits of Working with a Top Translation Company

Collaborating with a top-tier translation company offers several advantages:

  • Access to Expertise: Top companies have a pool of skilled linguists and subject-matter experts, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translations.
  • Quality Assurance: Stringent quality control processes guarantee that your translated content is error-free and culturally sensitive.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Top translation companies understand the importance of cultural nuances and adapt your content to resonate with your target audience.
  • Diverse Services: Whether you need document translation, localization, interpretation, or specialized services, top companies offer comprehensive solutions under one roof.
  • Confidentiality: Your sensitive information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security. The benefits of partnering with a top-tier company extend beyond accurate translations – they contribute to successful cross-cultural communication and global expansion. So, take the time to research and choose wisely, and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking a world of opportunities through effective language translation.


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