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Top Translation Agencies for Businesses 2024

Posted by Chloe G. on September 20, 2023.

Effective communication is critical for businesses when it comes to reaching and engaging audiences from different parts of the world. An important factor that contributes to this is the conversion of content from one language to another, making it easier for businesses to reach audiences around the world.

If you are looking for high-quality translation agencies to support your global expansion strategy, check out our list of the top 10 best translation agencies for business in 2023. You will also find some helpful tips that will help you find the most suitable and top translation agency for your company in our blog’s post today.

Good Translation Agency for Businesses

Our team at GTE Localize has compiled a list of top translation agencies for business in 2023 based on clients’ reviews from a wide range of reliable review platforms including G2, Clutch, and GoodFirms. The translation agencies making this list have constantly received positive feedback from their clients, showing their dedication to high-quality translation services and customer satisfaction.

1. is a leading US-based translation agency. Established in 2011, has over a decade of experience in providing top-notch human translation services, software localization, and other language services. has established itself as a top choice for organizations seeking professional translation solutions due to its strong commitment to quality, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Its large network of expert linguists, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to addressing customer demands position it as a top translation firm in 2023.

  • Languages Supported: 90+
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Expertise: Marketing and advertising

2. GTE Localize

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GTE Localize, which was established in 2017, has quickly expanded into a global localization powerhouse, providing a wide range of language services. Translation, localization, multimedia solutions, and transcription services are all part of their extensive offering. GTE Localize has a varied customer base that includes industry titans and international game developers, as well as banking, finance, and digital marketing firms.

  • Language Support: 100+
  • Headquarters: Based in Singapore, with additional branches in the United States and Vietnam.
  • Expertise: Medical and healthcare, banking and finance, gaming, digital marketing, travel and hospitality, and more.

3. Acclaro

Acclaro is well-known for assisting big companies in their cross-cultural endeavors and takes a strategy-focused approach to localization. Their strategy is to develop a tailored approach to each project while optimizing the process through the use of Lokalise. Their translation services cover 125+ languages, building long-term relationships in the technology, media and entertainment, and consumer goods sectors.

  • Languages Supported: 125+
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Expertise: Media and entertainment, IT, luxury goods, apparel, and consumer goods

4. Tomedes

Tomedes has made a name for itself in the language services market since its inception. Tomedes was founded with the goal of breaking down linguistic boundaries and has developed into a dynamic force offering a wide range of translation and localization solutions. Their clientele is diversified, making Tomedes a reliable alternative for organizations looking for precision and quality in their language-related demands.

  • Languages Supported: 120+
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Expertise: Legal, medical, technical, and marketing

5. Alconost

Alconost is an ISO-certified leader in translation and localization services, for software, apps, games, websites, marketing materials, multimedia, and e-learning resources. The translation agency specializes in creating continuous localization operations, ensuring seamless adaption for constantly updated projects for their customers. Furthermore, with their cutting-edge platform, Nitro, they can easily manage smaller, intermittent, or last-minute translation assignments.

  • Languages Supported: 100+
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Expertise: Computer games and computer software

6. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a reliable translation partner to numerous global brands, dedicated to breaking down linguistic barriers and building international connections. With over 25 years of experience, Lionbridge has enabled businesses to communicate with a global audience by offering a comprehensive range of services comprising marketing, testing, and globalization in an astonishing array of over 300 languages. The agency organizes a broad network of over one million enthusiastic experts across 5,000+ cities using their cutting-edge technology.

  • Languages Supported: 300+
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Expertise: Marketing, media, advertising, legal, and technical

7. Translated

Translated effortlessly integrates the artistry of human linguists with the precision of machine intelligence to offer top-tier translations, thanks to its wide network of 260,000 native translators and writers with excellent technical training. Founded by a linguist and a computer scientist, the company has carved out a place for itself, garnering a reputation for unrivaled productivity and translator satisfaction, cementing its position as an industry leader.

  • Languages Supported: 194
  • Headquarters: Italy
  • Expertise: e-Commerce, travel, apps, and software

8. Ulatus

Ulatus provides a wide range of language translation services and localization solutions to help multinational organizations develop strong local footholds. The translation agency is ISO 9001:2015 certified, demonstrating its dedication to maintaining a strict Translation Quality Management System (TQMS) that consistently produces great quality results for each project we do. Their extensive array of products includes, among other things, Japanese translation, Chinese translation, translation services for all Indian languages, software and app localization, and book translations.

  • Languages Supported: 50+
  • Headquarters: Italy
  • Expertise: e-Learning, marketing, medical, website, and books

9. Venga

Venga is a recognized specialist in developing adaptable localization methods, with expertise in translation, localization, and creative services in over 150 languages. Their capacity to develop personalized solutions, engage dedicated teams, and keep unshakable quality standards is the hallmark of their success, all of which contribute to the realization of triumphant global initiatives for their clients.

  • Languages Supported: 150+
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Expertise: e-Learning, HR, marketing, technology and IT

10. Supertext

Supertext is a creative copywriting and translation service that excels in the art of content creation, translation, and localization in over 100 languages. What distinguishes them is their concentration on translators with a natural aptitude for writing, complemented by strong commercial acumen. Because of this distinct combination, they have emerged as the ideal alternative for transcreation and localization of branding campaigns, advertising initiatives, and digital marketing material.

  • Languages Supported: 100+
  • Headquarters: Switzerland
  • Expertise: Marketing


How to Choose the Right Translation Agency for Your Business

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To make sure you choose the most suitable translation agency for your business and project, you should consider the following factors:

  • Quality Control: Go with agencies that have strict quality control procedures. To ensure excellent standards, GTE Localise, for example, employs a careful triple-check process for each translation project.
  • Native Translators: Seek out firms who are well-versed in linguistic intricacies and industry-specific technicalities, as well as a track record of fulfilling deadlines.
  • Customer Services: Effective communication and responsiveness are essential when it comes to a good translation agency. Choose translation providers that keep you informed and respond to your inquiries quickly.
  • Reviews: You should work with agencies that have high client satisfaction. This can be obtained by looking at testimonials, case studies, and third-party review websites like,, or Proz.
  • Certificates: Let’s look for companies with ISO certificates, which indicate adherence to industry standards and a dedication to quality.
  • Memberships: Memberships in professional translation organizations such as GALA, Elia, and ProZ demonstrate a commitment to continual learning and industry trends.


Benefits of Working With a Top Translation Agency

Working with a top translation agency has various advantages:

  • You will have access to a large pool of competent linguists and subject-matter experts, enabling accurate and contextually relevant translations.
  • They have quality control procedures that provide error-free and culturally sensitive translations.
  • These top firms specialize in understanding cultural differences and adapting your content to resonate with your target audience.
  • They provide a wide range of services, including document translation, localization, and interpretation, all under one roof.
  • Your private information is treated safely.
  • Choosing a top-tier business, in essence, improves cross-cultural communication and facilitates worldwide expansion chances through professional language translation.


Get a 1:1 Consultation

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GTE Localize is a renowned translation service that specializes in the accurate translation and localization of a wide range of material and file formats for your target markets. Our team consists of seasoned native translators with over 5 years of experience, ready to handle your translation needs.

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