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Top 9 Leading IT Translation Services for Business

Posted by Chloe G. on June 13, 2023.

IT localization services are an essential process for adapting software products to different languages, cultures, and regions. 

Accurate translation and localization are crucial in ensuring the effective adaptation of software, websites, and technical documentation for international markets. However, with numerous options available in the market, finding the right IT translation service provider can be a daunting task.

This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the process for businesses seeking high-quality IT/software internationalization and localization services. Here, you will discover the top 9 IT translation services, along with practical tips to help you choose the best provider that aligns with your specific requirements.

9 Leading IT Translation Companies in 2023 

Here are the 9 leading IT translation companies in 2023, known for their expertise, quality, and customer satisfaction. These companies have a proven track record of delivering accurate and culturally appropriate translations for various IT-related materials.

#1. GTE Localize

it translation services

GTE Localize is a prominent and rapidly expanding IT translation and localization company with a strong global presence. Since its establishment in 2017, GTE Localize has earned a solid reputation by assembling a network of over 1200 native experts and highly skilled translators. Their extensive resources allow for swift project turnaround times and competitive pricing for its valued clients.

One of GTE Localize’s notable strengths in the field of software internationalization and localization lies in its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge translation technology solutions. Through the utilization of Vendor Portals and Translation Management Systems, the agency enhances productivity, ensures quality control, and optimizes costs. As an active member of the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA), GTE Localize demonstrates its unwavering dedication to upholding industry standards and best practices.

Reach out to the GTE Localize team today for a free consultation and discover how their translation and localization services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and achieve your needed outcomes.

#2. Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a renowned translation service provider, holding ISO certification, and specializing in IT and software translation services. With a wide range of offerings, the company caters to various content requirements in over 100 languages, ensuring comprehensive global accessibility. Its global network comprises more than 5000 native and expert linguists who possess technical expertise, enabling it to deliver high-quality translations to its clients.

One of the notable strengths of Mars Translation lies in its robust quality assurance system, which ensures that only qualified translators are assigned to client projects. Moreover, Mars Translation prides itself on its swift turnaround time, capable of handling up to 2000 words per day, while maintaining a strong commitment to meeting deadlines.

#3. Ad Verbum

Ad Verbum is a leading provider of professional software internationalization and localization solutions, catering to a diverse range of languages. The firm upholds the highest standards of translation by meticulously selecting its team of translators.

Ad Verbum’s translators are exclusively native speakers with subject matter expertise, ensuring the utmost accuracy and proficiency in their translations. To guarantee the quality of its services, Ad Verbum holds international certifications for quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 27001.

#4. Ad Gloriam

Ad Gloriam is an esteemed translation agency with extensive expertise in information technology translations. Its team is well-versed in delivering top-notch translations for the IT industry, ensuring accurate and precise localization of technical content. The company adheres to ISO quality standards and requirements, guaranteeing the highest quality in its translations.

Ad Gloriam offers comprehensive IT and telecommunication translation services for a wide range of languages. Its meticulous translation process involves multiple stages, including translation, proofreading, editing, and quality control. This approach ensures that IT and telecommunication documents are translated with utmost accuracy and precision, meeting the highest quality standards.

#5. Renaissance Translations

Renaissance Translations is a distinguished software internationalization and localization company that caters to global companies and renowned brands. Over the years, the firm has established a strong reputation for delivering precise language solutions to numerous multinational organizations. 

What sets Renaissance Translations apart as an IT translation services company is the expertise of its translators. The agency boasts an extensive database of ex-industry professionals with comprehensive technical computer science terminology knowledge. With this specialized expertise, it ensures that the client’s message is accurately conveyed without any loss in translation.

Moreover, Renaissance Translations takes pride in its team of expert linguists who are all native speakers of the target language. This intuitive understanding of the language allows it to authentically translate computer science and technology documents, capturing the nuances and intricacies of the subject matter.

#6. Stepes

Stepes is a leading provider of IT and software internationalization and localization services, empowering IT companies to achieve rapid international business success. With their expertise in over 100 languages, Stepes facilitates seamless communication and localization for the IT industry.

What sets Stepes apart is its commitment to leveraging advanced technology to enhance the translation process. The company has integrated machine learning, translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic review into its workflow. This enables its team of professional IT translators to deliver high-quality language translations for software, technology hardware, and semiconductor equipment with remarkable efficiency and scalability.

#7. Tomedes

Tomedes is a prominent provider of professional IT and software internationalization and localization services, serving clients across Europe and the U.S. Their commitment to delivering high-quality translations has established them as a leading player in the industry.

One of the key factors contributing to Tomedes’ success is its extensive team of professional translators located worldwide. These translators are meticulously selected by their project managers through a unique system designed to ensure quick, efficient, and thorough reviews. Parameters such as quality and skill level, educational background, and familiarity with technical IT translation services are carefully considered during the selection process. This guarantees that only the most qualified translators work on your IT projects.

Furthermore, Tomedes offers competitive rates in the industry, providing cost-effective solutions for their clients without compromising on quality. The agency strives to deliver exceptional value for money, making its services accessible to businesses of all sizes.

#8. JR Language

JR Language was established by software engineers who are actively engaged with their IT translation teams. The company takes personal responsibility for overseeing all IT translations and shares its expertise with project managers and translators. This hands-on approach ensures that JR Language delivers the highest level of IT translation services.

In their pursuit of excellence, JR Language collaborates exclusively with knowledgeable language experts who possess the necessary training and expertise in information technologies. 

JR Language recognizes the importance of using the right vocabulary and terminology in IT translations to maintain the desired quality of each project. To achieve this, it work with meticulously developed glossaries that contain industry-specific terms and phrases. Additionally, every translation undergoes a thorough proofreading process to ensure the accuracy of terminology, clarity, and consistency.

#9. BeTranslated 

it translation services

BeTranslated is a reputable boutique translation agency that operates globally, with offices located in the USA, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. Its extensive network of experienced translators enables them to deliver professional software internationalization and localization services to clients worldwide.

What sets BeTranslated apart is its collaboration with a diverse group of translators who specialize in specific fields. This specialization allows them to meet the unique requirements of each project. Within its pool of specialized translators, you can find genuine computer enthusiasts, hardware and software specialists, and even programmers and experts in artificial intelligence.


Tips to Get Good IT Translation Providers

When seeking reliable IT and software translation services translation providers, consider the following tips to ensure you choose the right one for your needs:

#1. Experienced translators/language service providers

When searching for a good IT translation provider, it is crucial to ensure that they have a team of experienced translators or language service providers (LSPs). Experienced translators possess a deep understanding of both the source and target languages, along with the necessary subject matter expertise in the IT field. Look for providers who can demonstrate a track record of delivering high-quality translations for IT-related content.

Experienced translators understand the nuances of IT terminology, software applications, coding languages, and technical documentation. They are proficient in accurately conveying complex concepts while maintaining the intended meaning and context. Their expertise allows them to handle various types of IT content, including software user manuals, technical specifications, website localization, app localization, and more.

A reputable IT translation provider will have a rigorous selection process for their translators. They typically assess their language skills, subject matter expertise, and industry experience. They may also conduct translation tests or require specific qualifications, such as a degree in translation or IT-related certifications.

#2. Industry experience

When seeking a good IT and software internationalization and localization services provider, it is essential to consider their industry experience. Translating IT-related content requires not only language skills but also a deep understanding of the IT industry itself. An IT translation provider with industry experience will be familiar with the specific terminology, jargon, and technical concepts related to software development, hardware, networking, cybersecurity, and other IT domains.

Providers with industry experience are better equipped to accurately translate IT content while maintaining its technical integrity. They understand the context in which the translations will be used, ensuring that the translated materials align with the industry’s standards and requirements. This knowledge helps to convey the intended meaning accurately, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or confusion.

When evaluating an IT translation provider, you should inquire about their previous projects in the IT industry. Ask for examples of IT-related content they have translated, such as software documentation, IT manuals, technical specifications, or website localization for IT companies. A provider with a proven track record in the IT industry demonstrates their ability to handle IT-specific challenges and deliver high-quality translations tailored to the industry’s needs.

#3. Certifications

When selecting an IT translation provider, certifications can serve as an important indicator of their professionalism and expertise. Certifications in the translation industry demonstrate that the provider adheres to recognized standards and follows best practices in their translation processes.

One widely recognized certification for translation service providers is the ISO 17100:2015 certification. This standard outlines the requirements for translation services and covers aspects such as the qualifications and competence of translators, quality assurance procedures, project management, and customer satisfaction. Working with an IT translation provider that holds ISO 17100 certification ensures that they have established quality control processes and follow industry best practices.

Additionally, specific certifications related to the IT field can further enhance the provider’s credibility. For example, certifications like ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems or ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management demonstrate the provider’s commitment to quality and security in the IT translation process.

it translation services

GTE Localize’s certificate and membership

When evaluating IT and software internationalization and localization providers, it is necessary to inquire about their certifications and accreditations. A reputable provider will be transparent about their certifications and provide relevant documentation if requested. These certifications validate the provider’s commitment to maintaining high standards in their translation services, giving you confidence in the quality and reliability of their work.

#4. Reviews

Reviews from previous clients can provide valuable insights into the quality of service and customer satisfaction offered by an IT translation provider. Reading reviews allows you to gauge the experiences of other businesses or individuals who have worked with the provider and can help you make an informed decision.

You can start by exploring review platforms and websites that specialize in translation services. Platforms such as or often feature reviews and ratings for translation service providers. Look for feedback specifically related to IT translation services or providers with expertise in the IT industry. In particular, you should look for reviews that highlight the provider’s responsiveness, professionalism, accuracy, and timely delivery of translations. Positive reviews that mention successful IT translation projects and client satisfaction are indicators of a reliable and reputable provider. 

For instance, you can explore GTE Localize’s profile on reputable platforms like GoodFirms and These profiles highlight the positive feedback from satisfied clients, serving as a testament to GTE Localize’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Additionally, consider reaching out to the IT translation provider directly and asking for references or case studies. This allows you to connect with past clients directly to gather more in-depth feedback and insights about their experience working with the provider. This personalized approach can provide a deeper understanding of the provider’s strengths and areas of expertise.

#5. Membership

Membership in industry associations or organizations can be a positive indicator of an IT translation provider’s commitment to professionalism and adherence to industry standards. Being a member of reputable associations demonstrates that the provider is actively involved in the translation community and stays updated on the latest trends and best practices.

You should look for IT translation providers that are affiliated with well-known organizations such as the American Translators Association (ATA), the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), or the International Federation of Translators (FIT). These organizations often have rigorous membership criteria and require providers to meet specific standards of quality and professionalism.

Membership in such associations can indicate that the IT and software internationalization and localization provider is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development. It shows their commitment to staying updated on industry advancements and maintaining high standards of ethical and professional conduct.

When considering an IT translation provider, check their website or inquire directly about their membership status in relevant industry associations. Being a member of these organizations can give you confidence in the provider’s expertise and their commitment to delivering quality IT translation services.

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Get in touch with a precise IT translation provider

When embarking on the search for reliable IT and software internationalization and localization services, it may require some time and effort, but the rewards are undoubtedly worthwhile. Finding a trustworthy provider will ensure the successful adaptation of your software or IT solutions to global markets.

If you are in need of exceptional and cost-effective IT/software translation and localization services, GTE Localize is the perfect choice. As an ISO-certified agency, we have built a vast network of native technical translators who offer high-quality translations at competitive rates.

it translation services

Here are the reasons why you should choose GTE Localize:

  • Recommended by GoodFirms: We have received positive recommendations from GoodFirms, showcasing our reputation in the industry.
  • 5-star customer reviews: Our customers consistently rate us with 5 stars on reputable platforms such as GoodFirms, Proz,, and more.
  • Lifetime warranty: We provide a lifetime warranty for all our translation projects, ensuring your satisfaction and confidence in our services.
  • Professional and cost-effective translations: Our team delivers professional translations that meet your specific requirements, all at a competitive price.
  • Comprehensive language solutions: We offer a wide range of language services, making us your one-stop solution for all your localization needs.
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies: We have gained the trust of numerous companies on the Fortune 500 list, demonstrating our reliability and quality of service.
  • 100% native translators and subject-matter experts: Our translators are native speakers and possess the necessary expertise to deliver accurate and culturally appropriate translations.
  • Latest translation and localization technology: We utilize cutting-edge technology and platforms to streamline our workflow and reduce costs for our clients.
  • On-time delivery: We have an exceptional on-time delivery rate of 99%, ensuring that your project is completed promptly and efficiently.

Contact our localization experts today to get a free 300-word test translation or a personalized consultation to discuss your project requirements in detail. 

For further insights and guidance on localization strategies tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises, you can download our informative whitepaper here.