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Top 9 Benefits Of Vietnamese Translation Services To Social Media

Posted by Chloe G. on November 19, 2021.

For people across Vietnam, social media is a vital part of their daily lives. Most companies take advantage of social media channels for reaching clients. Your marketing strategy will be inadequate if it doesn’t include social media in the Vietnamese language.

Here are 9 reasons why you may need Vietnamese translation services for social media.

Boost Your Online Visibility  

Let’s look at some statistics of social media platforms in Vietnam: 

Vietnamese Translation Services

  • According to Statista, 73,7% social media user penetration rate in Vietnam as of January 2021
  • Vietnam has 72 million active social media users
  • 72 million Facebook users in Vietnam as of April 2021

Social media is undoubtedly a must-have for any business in Vietnam. With the right creative social media strategy, your brand will be able to get more engagement from Vietnamese customers and direct them to your online and offline stores.  According to GWI (Q3 2021), top social media sites in Vietnam include Facebook, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Instagram, Tiktok. To achieve the best results with your social media strategy, make sure all your social media channels operate on all of these popular platforms, optimized for the Vietnamese language based on how your business wants to be found. 

Moreover, the Google search engine is a vital part and should be included in your social media strategy because it is a popular way for Vietnamese customers to find out about your business.  

When it comes to success in the Vietnamese marketplace, your business needs to adapt your social media channels to fit Vietnamese customers. Therefore, it is a must to use Vietnamese translation services.


Vietnamese Consumers Are More Likely To Interact In Their Language

Studies from CSA Research show that customers are five times more likely to purchase from a website that has content in their Vietnamese tongue. Therefore, it stands to reason that by offering multilingual social media, you will make Vietnamese customers feel more comfortable engaging with your brand

According to Facebook business, Huggies, the US brand of disposable diapers and baby wipes, has used Facebook Ads to increase eCommerce sales, achieving a 3.8X return on ad spend with the Vietnamese language.

You will miss out on Vietnamese customers and be left behind your competitors if your social media profiles are only in English. Vietnamese translation services for social media are important for your business.


Improves Your Search Rankings  

Your business website will definitely get a higher position in Google search rankings when your content on Facebook gets likes, comments, and shares, especially from some influencers with a lot of followers. 

Besides, the more Facebook likes you get, the higher your website ranking on Google will become.

Almost all worldwide firms are taking note and interacting with Vietnamese customers: Canon, P&G, Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, etc. all have Facebook pages in the Vietnamese language and have high rankings on Google. Don’t miss out on Vietnamese translation services for better search rankings.


Most Vietnamese Internet Users Aren’t Good At English 

English is the most popular language in the world, but the Vietnamese are not particularly good at speaking English or any foreign language in general. EPI reports that Vietnam is ranked 65th in the world for English-language proficiency. That’s almost all Vietnamese users who aren’t learning about your business if you don’t have social media in the Vietnamese language.  

Using Vietnamese translation services is the best way to connect with social media audiences in Vietnam and get your business brand noticed and liked.


Increase Your Vietnamese Following

Vietnamese Translation Services

MarketingSherpa reports that 95% of online users aged from 18 to 34 are inclined to follow their favorite brands on social media. And Vietnamese audience often follows their favorite brands on social media to update news and promotions. There is a great chance people in Vietnam will follow your business and end up becoming your potential consumers If your firm uses social media in the Vietnamese language.

Starting your social media project with Vietnamese translation services is always a must in your localization strategy. 


Provide Customer Service In Vietnam 

Vietnamese Translation Services

Clients may interact with your firm via social media channels. To solve any of their issues, Vietnamese clients usually chat on Facebook or Zalo before calling a customer service hotline.

Social media using Vietnamese translation services offers your Vietnamese clients the same fluid experience as clients in your home market. This will solidify your reputation as a responsive company that cares about its clients.

When it comes to customer service on social media in Vietnam, here are some vital things for you to consider:

  • Keep track of all inboxes, comments, questions, and concerns on all social media channels.
  • Reply quickly to your Vietnamese customers whenever they have any complaints or questions.
  • Make sure your clients feel heard with friendly, polite, and helpful customer service.
  • If necessary, you should move public conversations into private messages.

If you find this kind of community management hard to manage in-house, you can consider outsourcing to a Vietnamese translation agency with social media experts.


It Is Cost-Effective

Vietnamese Translation Services

Translating a Facebook post or YouTube video into the Vietnamese language is significantly cheaper than advertising using a Vietnamese’s local media outlets or offline Marketing activities. Besides, social ads are normally cheap and you can choose the demographic, location, language, and insightful behaviors of your target customers. You may create Ads that speak to potential clients and pay for the viewers you are targeting after determining your target customers.


Make Better Use Of Your Existing Content

To appeal to your potential customers, you may publish relevant, interesting content on social media channels. But many firms don’t realize how much content they already have that may be reused.  

All you need is to translate the original content from your social media profiles into Vietnamese languages and make sure it is culturally appropriate for Vietnamese audiences. High-quality Vietnamese translation services are often all that is needed for most updates.


Build Trust For Vietnamese Customers With Vietnamese Translation Services

Many clients research a business via social media channels. With your Vietnamese social media, Vietnamese customers will find your business trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Besides, with multilingual social media, you may show your brand personality to connect with Vietnamese customers, and your brand awareness will increase. By interacting with customers in the Vietnamese language, your firm may become a part of their community. This close communication fosters connections that turn social followers into consumers. 


Work With Professionals For Your Vietnamese Translation Services

Allow GTE Localize’s professional native Vietnamese translators to assist you in translating your social media materials into Vietnamese. We are based in Vietnam and have a network of native Vietnamese linguists with at least 5 years of experience. We provide you with high-quality and budget-saving Vietnamese translation services for any social media campaign.

Vietnamese translation services

Let’s work with social media experts at GTE Localize to boost your marketing performance in the Vietnamese market with high-quality Vietnamese translation services. Just contact us and receive free quotes now!