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Top 6 Professional Website Translation Trends in 2024

Posted by Ariel D. on December 27, 2022.

The world is actually moving to online work after the 2020 pandemic. Pandemics force individuals to create new working practices, including professional website translation, with adaptable processes and innovative technology that significantly drive the changes. 

In this article, GTE Localize will keep you up with the top 6 potential trends of the 2024 website translation services.

1. The Rising Use of Post-editing and Machine Translation

The process of revising texts that a machine engine has translated is known as machine translation post-editing or MTPE. This method seeks to enhance translations to a level of output quality comparable to that provided by human translation.

The professional website translation business is increasingly using machine translation, and in 2024, this industrial tendency will still be present. Companies are naturally lured to the potential for faster response times and the opportunity to save money as machine translation post-editing prices and time frames can be much less expensive than engaging a language specialist from the beginning.

However, while the combination of machine translation and post-editing provides additional benefits, human translation always produces a natural, fluent localization that faithfully reflects the original language. So simply and carefully select the one that best aligns with your business strategy.


2. An Increase in E-Learning Platforms

Certainly, e-learning platforms and professional website translation for them existed prior to COVID-19. The acceptance of online learning, however, was pushed to an entirely new level by the epidemic. 

01 professional website translation

One of the best things about e-learning technologies is that anyone, wherever they are, can access your information. These platforms must ensure they offer their audience the best chance to connect with and learn from their material, as learning online is becoming popular. And in this way, e-learning has emerged as a key trend in the translation business.

Forbes estimates that by 2025, the industry for online education services might be worth $325 billion. As a result, businesses have a fantastic chance to customize their content to appeal to various demographics. Professional website translation and video subtitling will undoubtedly be essential in achieving this.

Nowadays, it’s normal to locate exclusively English-language online courses. This instantly reduces the audience they can reach. However, it also implies that there is a good chance for businesses that are eager to use video translation services. In other words, the need for video translators and subtitlers, especially for learning purposes, has increased in 2021, and this trend in the translation sector will undoubtedly continue in 2024.


3. Advancement of Multilingual SEO Techniques

Businesses that want to increase their website presence internationally are always seeking multilingual SEO specialists. Multilingual SEO is the process of making material, whether a website, e-Commerce, or video content, search engine-friendly in a variety of languages. Increasing the organic search results for the material in a certain language is the goal of multilingual SEO.

Several techniques for multilingual SEO optimization include:

  • Localizing content, optimizing keywords, translating alternative text and metadata, etc. are all examples of on-page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO techniques include translating reviews, local SEO, social media localization, and multilingual link development.
  • Technical SEO: Website analysis, targeting based on region and language, etc.

There is already a lot of material available in English but not nearly enough in other languages, despite the fact that the vast majority of people on Earth do not speak English. A multilingual SEO strategy from professional website translation providers can therefore produce such fruitful outcomes over time.


4. Transcreation Gains More Attention in Professional Website Translation 

One of the major trends that have been gaining traction across sectors for a while now is providing personalized user experiences. The term “transcreation”, which is formed by fusing the words “translation” and “creation”, is only one of the numerous forms this concept might take in the professional website translation business. 

The term “transcreation”, which occurs at the intersection of translation and copywriting, mostly refers to marketing translation. The translator’s main responsibility is to translate a company’s marketing materials so that they are understandable to a new audience. Names, symbols, pictures, product names, and even whole blocks of content might change as a result. Except for the text’s original purpose, nothing else is holy.

Using transcreation and translation, businesses may adapt their content for diverse audiences. They also assist businesses in changing the concept to reflect the perspective of this new culture in order to better connect with their target audience.

The need for transcreation and translation services will increase as consumers want for distinctive, personalized experiences. Companies may now reach a worldwide audience because of technological and logistical advancements. The people who are willing to interact with them in a way that respects their diversity will stand to gain the most.

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5. Growing Demand for Professional Website Translation in Medical Field

02 professional website translation

The distribution of medical devices internationally is on the rise. So professional website translation for the medical field is more common than ever, and communities throughout the world are becoming more diverse. The capacity of an organization to offer vital information to patients, researchers, and customers may be hampered by a failure to translate crucial medical material.

Some specific situations that might require professional medical website translation services are:

  • The content of clinical trials: Worldwide, clinical research institutions conduct clinical trials to examine the effects of novel drugs or therapies on the human body. Medical interpreters are helpful before a study begins by translating participant instructions into different languages. They are also helpful when interpreting trial data are needed after the experiment has ended.
  • Marketing materials for manufacturers of medical equipment: The proportion of medical gadgets made abroad is increasing. There is an increasing demand for qualified translators who can make sure that device functions are effectively advertised and properly introduced online in English and other languages, with new device firms constantly springing up in China, India, and Brazil.
  • Medical study: The ideal translators for translating medical research studies are those that are fluent in the target language and have previous expertise in the medical industry. Scientific journal articles, patient interviews, study notes, and grant submissions are a few examples of research-related information that needs expert translation.

Make sure to find a website translation services supplier with native translators who are knowledgeable in medical terminology as you compare medical translation services. Negative outcomes, such as prescription mistakes or abuse of medical equipment, may result from failing to select an accurate translation service with a strong medical vocabulary. 

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6. Local Press Coverage Translation on Google Search

Google declared that it will soon make it possible to translate news reports right from Search. In addition to connections to stories published in their chosen language, English users will be able to search and view translated links to news results from publishers in nations like Mexico who publish in Spanish starting in 2024.

Three years ago, Google added the option to display articles in two languages simultaneously within the Google News app stream, continuing an earlier experiment with news translation and professional website translation. However, Google Translate and the translate button in Chrome have been left largely up to users to translate information. If the Google Search news translation service is well welcomed, this may alter in the future for other languages.


To Sum Up

Although creating a translated website for your target audience is difficult, it is possible with the aid of specialized platforms, tools, and professional website translation specialists. GTE Localize, having all the tools required to close the linguistic gap between your company and the target market, is always ready to help.

We promise to provide top-notch website localization services as a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). For our website localization services, we employ more than 1,200 linguists from across the globe who also have in-depth understanding of SEO and certain business sectors. With the most recent technology, we can reduce costs for our corporate clients while streamlining the localization and translation workflow for websites.

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