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Top 5 Benefits Of Vietnamese App Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on November 02, 2021.

Vietnam has one of the highest numbers of mobile subscribers in Asia, so more and more businesses are using Vietnamese app translation services nowadays.

Besides, It is reported that Vietnamese players play more than 40% of all mobile games and spend 4X more than players in any other Asian country on gaming apps. You will lose out on millions of potential revenue if your mobile app is available in just one app store market. If you want your company to keep expanding, it is time for you to expand to the Vietnam market. Check out 5 main benefits of Vietnamese mobile app translation services here:

Access To the Vietnamese Market

Vietnamese App Translation Services

Here are some statistics in the Vietnamese market:

  • With more than 93 million people, Vietnam has the second-fastest mobile growth in Southeast Asia
  • Compared to the first quarter of 2013, Mobilephone sales volume has increased by 59%
  • The Vietnamese spend a lot of time using their mobile phones, more than 5 hours per day on average
  • Vietnam is ranked third in the number of first-time mobile-phone users in the world
  • 17 million mobile phones were sold in Vietnam in 2014, 82% of them were bought by first-time smartphone users.
  •  Vietnamese gamers prefer Android, which holds 68% of the gaming market.

With growing connectivity to the Internet and a great number of potential avid gamers, Vietnam is a mobile-first market. In conclusion, the Vietnamese market is big and mobile-oriented, so it is vital to use Vietnamese app translation services for your business.

Huge Sales Potential

At least 20 million gamers in Vietnam

As mobile phones sweep across Vietnam, mobile games are on the rise as well. There are at least 20 million gamers in Vietnam and more than 10,000 mobile games available in local app stores. For app users, games are the most-consumed content. Around half of Vietnam’s 350 million app downloads have been for mobile games, which account for 60% of the country’s smartphone revenue.

It is a must for your business to use Vietnamese app translation services. 

More gamers and more revenue

As a result of all of these new smartphone users and dedicated players, game profits in Vietnam are increasing. Following Indonesia and Thailand, Vietnam has marked the fastest growth in in-game income in the region. The gaming market in Vietnam is growing at a higher rate than any other country in Southeast Asia, with an annual growth rate of 87.7%. The market will be worth $161.6 million in 2017.

Flappy Bird is the most popular iOS game in over 100 countries. Dong Nguyen, a young Vietnamese developer located in the country’s capital Hanoi, is the creator of this addictive animated game. Nguyen took the game off the market, yet it continues to make $50,000 a day in profits.

Vietnamese App Translation Services

Flappy Bird isn’t the only local success story. Ninja Revenge from Divmob, Jump Jump from M.D, The Studiom and School Cheater from Buoi Studio are just a few of the casual Vietnamese games that have gone global.

Summary, It is time for you to take things a step further and introduce your Vietnamese customers to your games with Vietnamese app translation services. 

Competitive Advantage

The app market is undoubtedly a competitive place. The first step is to attract people to download your app, but it won’t last very long If your app does not meet the user’s expectations. It is reported that almost 90% of users delete mobile apps immediately after downloading them. Only 15% of them are willing to give an app another opportunity. What exactly does this imply? It means that investing in proper Vietnamese app translation services that provide the best user experience for your target market will provide you with an incomparable competitive advantage.

You will also need to understand how to make your app suitable for local app marketplaces. This involves making sure your keywords appear in the app’s title and name on iOS. Your app description will be scanned by Google Play, so make sure you understand the important search terms used by users in the Vietnamese market. Even if you’re not translating your app into the Vietnamese language, you will need to think about measurement systems, currencies, and Vietnamese slang. If you get your mobile app translation correctly with Vietnamese app translation services, you will be miles ahead of your competitors who don’t fully localize, not to mention those who do not provide their app in the Vietnamese language.

Increased Visibility

Even if you have a popular app in the West, it will still need to be adapted to the Vietnamese market. Your plan should be developed from the beginning. The App Store and Google Play will give you more visibility if you localize your app’s content, graphics, and descriptions. You also need to make sure that your app contains the right amount of keywords without stuffing.

Because your app will be seen by more people, a good translation plan will drive more downloads. Even if you’re on a limited budget, some level of Vietnamese app translation is required if you want to reach the correct audience. And, if you want to encourage positive reviews and improve your rating, you’ll need to verify that your app is effectively localized.

To publish mobile games in Vietnam with Vietnamese app translation services, foreign developers should form cooperation with local companies.

  • Mobile Games Community in Vietnam: Tinhte, Genk, GSM,…
  • Third-party App Store in Vietnam: Apkviet, Appvn, SohaGame,…

Guaranteed ROI

Vietnamese App Translation Services

Investing in Vietnamese app translation services will result in a positive return on investment. The cost of localization can appear high at first, especially when working with experienced translators who are native to the Vietnamese market. However, if you properly localize your app, you will see a guaranteed return on investment. Once you start the translation process, each time you expand into a new country, things will also become easier and easier. You will still have to deal with different laws, languages, and buyer behavior, but you’ll develop a knowledge base and effective methods to help you get things done.

ROI is not a perfect science, and no statistic will apply to all businesses. However, according to a Distomo study, localized apps received more downloads with a 128 percent increase!


Pick Your Right Vietnamese App Translation Services! 

So, if you have been thinking about localizing your mobile app, now is the time to get started! GTE Localize can assist you with successful Vietnamese app translation services for Android or iOS. 

Vietnamese App Translation Services

GTE Localize is a translation organization founded in Vietnam that focuses on Vietnam app translation services. Hundreds of Vietnamese app translation services have been delivered to B2B clients all over the world by our experts.

For further information or a free quote, please contact us immediately. You will not regret this decision because there are so many benefits to Vietnamese app translation services.