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The Importance Of Website Localization Services For Business

Posted by Chloe G. on November 16, 2022.

Website localization services help bridge the gap between businesses and their target markets. 

The digital revolution has made new markets accessible overnight, but it is the translation and localization that enable businesses to speak to customers in new geographies and new languages. To better appeal to customers and boost sales, performing website localization is a crucial step for companies.  

Website localization is the strategy and procedure of adjusting and curating your website’s content to appeal to other global markets. It is a comprehensive approach to ensure your website competes with local websites of your target market, from translating your content under consideration of the differences in cultures and environments to adjusting your multimedia and offers to better suit the target market.

In this post, we will dig deeper into the importance of website localization services for businesses in today’s global economy.

#1. Better SEO ranking with website localization services


A properly localized website can lead to better Search Engine Optimization results, which is critical to its online success. With well-written content and an appropriate approach to building keywords, your site will rank higher on online searches. The higher your website pages rank on search engine results pages, the more likely customers will see you. In other words, your brand gets higher visibility, increased website traffic, and ultimately, greater sales and profits. 


#2. Improve brand image with website localization services

Localized websites better convey your brand’s message by tailoring it to the preferences of the target audience. Localization allows you to set up a trustworthy brand image locally and improve seamless communication with local customers and website visitors. 

In addition, users currently have access to an abundance of websites, but not many of these websites provide content in their native languages. By having your website available in your target audience’s language and preparing all information needed in detail, you show the professionalism of your brand and your caring to different segments of customers. That way, you create a reliable brand image in your customers’ minds.


#3. Reach a wider audience with website localization services

Having a localized website enables you to reach out to a much larger audience. Having a website available in English is not enough, as just 25% of internet users speak English as their first language, and up to 65% prefer content in their language, even if it is poor quality. Therefore, it is high time for you to get access to the other 75% and be attentive to their needs.

By offering localized websites for your target audiences, you will be able to approach previously untapped client segments and make your products and services more appealing, which ultimately results in increased sales and profits.


#4. Increase credibility with website localization services


A localized website is tangible proof that you value your audience. It indicates that you go the extra mile to ensure that your target audience can completely understand your information. Also, instead of doing it superficially, you show your care about their needs and that you regard them as a special group and culture. This will definitely boost the credibility of your website and the trust your audience has in your brand. Relative surveys support the validity of this claim; for instance, a survey by CSA Research suggests that 76% of consumers prefer products with information in their own language and spend more time on them.  

In addition, with a clearly localized website, your audience will not be concerned about misread words, communication blunders, hidden information, or extra costs. If they are aware of all of your terms and conditions, they are more likely to trust you. 


#5. Get higher customer engagement with website localization services

By improving customer experience and increasing trust, a well-localized website may enhance user engagement and satisfaction levels.  

Customers are more likely to return and even recommend your business to others when they can easily locate everything they are seeking in the first place. Since localization lowers cultural barriers and improves comprehension, users are more likely to spread the word and draw a wider audience to your website.


#6. Boost more global sales and revenues

Increasing sales and revenues is the highest target of any eCommerce website. According to the Harvard business review, 72% of clients will like to buy products/ services from a translated website that offers their native language.  Your target clients will not be interested in a non-translated website. Therefore, website localization is a must for any global business. 


#7. Enhance ROI for business

ROI is one of the most important factors for any business. With the help of website localization services, you can increase your ROI effectively. Because clients often focus on consuming information about the brand than the price of products/services, it is essential to invest in website localization. 


#8. An example of great website localization

Website localization services are far more different from website translation services. Having a translated website is great, but it is not enough to stimulate customers’ purchase decisions. You need high-quality translated content that resonates with the buyers, which requires careful research on their behavior, languages, cultures, hobbies, interests, demands, etc. 

Let’s look at a great example of website localization from Nescafé. There are few brands that have created as many individual layouts and designs for specific markets as Nescafé. Not only providing audiences with information in their native languages, but the brand has also put extra effort to understand the complex differences between each market, then tailoring its content to maximize the impact on each target audience.  


Nescafé website for the U.S. market

Targeted toward the U.S. market, Nescafé’s home page welcomes visitors with a static logo and short paragraph tailored towards Western concepts. In the same frame, a video is displayed in the background following the increasing trend of video marketing across the country.


Nescafé website in Japan

The Nescafé website in Japan is entirely different from the one in the US. The website, which has a more modular layout, targets consumers that are more interested in descriptions and images than simplicity. Nescafé’s parent company Nesle’s logo is also included in the header, which Japanese audiences are more familiar with.

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#9. GTE Localize can assist you with trusted website localization services

Website localization is a worth-trying process that may provide your website with a competitive edge. In a globalized economy that demands greater differentiation and uniqueness, it may help you stand out.

Building a localized website for your target audience is challenging but it can be done seamlessly with the help of specialized platforms, tools, and website localization experts.

AT GTE Localize, we have all the resources needed to bridge the language gap between your business and the target market by offering the best website localization services.

professional website localization services

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