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The Importance Of Vietnamese Email Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on December 22, 2021.

Vietnamese email translation services are a crucial step if your business desires to grow fast, improve conversions rate, and achieve sales goals in Vietnam.

Being among the fastest Asian economic growth countries combined with a large population of 91 million people, Vietnam is a promising market to any business. 

To reach this massive market, email marketing is still the most cost-efficient way compared to lots of marketing tools available nowadays. Constant Contact reports that a company could expect to gain $38 back for every $1 they spend on an email campaign. In order to communicate effectively with your audience, you’d better speak the same language, understand their cultural beliefs, and put yourself in their shoes. That’s why you need more than Google Translate but reliable Vietnamese email translation services to have your message localized.

Let’s dive deeply to see how email marketing localized for Vietnamese could help your business grow faster. 

Captivate Your Target Audience with Vietnamese Email Translation Services

Vietnamese Email Translation Services

People receive tons of emails every day, promotional or not. Just a few are getting clicked on, many are even perceived as “junk”. Hence, both the visual and email copy are important in the success of a campaign.

By speaking in Vietnamese, you make your information on the email a higher chance to be opened as Vietnamese consumers prefer reading in their native language. The content, from the headline to the body copy and CTA, needs to be well-thought-out to be suitable to your target audience as well. Besides, no one likes a text monolith. A good design that is a balance between image and copy is preferable. Your email design should be responsive to different devices as well. This way makes your email memorable and incredible. 

Let’s take as an example. Established in 1996 in Amsterdam, it has grown incredibly from a small Dutch start-up to one of the world’s leading digital travel firms. Here’s a personalized email with a balance between text and image, introducing a discount to the customer. They always localize their brand when entering a new market. 

Generate More Leads

Translating your content into Vietnam is like an extra “layer” of personalization, and you could resonate with them more easily. The message becomes more targeted and contextual to Vietnamese culture, so you’ll be gaining more qualified leads.

The fact is most businesses generate new leads by offering value to their audience. If you could serve them value in Vietnamese, it’s like tapping into an underutilized resource that many businesses seem to ignore. Swiss Education First (EF) – an international language training company listed Vietnam in the “low proficiency” category in English. So having your email localized for Vietnamese is an inevitable trend down the road, you move first and you’ll get ahead of competitors.

Let’s see how Misumi – the world’s largest supplier of fixed and configurable components for the manufacturing industry uses email marketing in the Vietnam market. They have created their website, Facebook, youtube channels in Vietnamese to engage with customers, and use email as a way of confirming or reminding of an order that sometimes is still at the shopping cart. 

Vietnamese Email Translation Services

With the help of a professional Vietnamese email translation services provider, you can ensure that your email is localized as your purpose and without grammatical errors.

Drive Traffic To The Website

Vietnamese Email Translation Services

One of the biggest marketing challenges for businesses is to generate website traffic, HubSpot’s State of Inbound says. Email marketing, along with SEO and other social media channels, could drive traffic to your website. If your target audiences engage with your email marketing content and have a high click-through rate or click-to-open rate regularly, they have already shown an interest in your brand and might be likely to make a purchase. 

When it comes to driving customers to click on your link, the content of your email marketing is often the primary factor. By speaking as a Vietnamese and understanding the expectation of target audiences, you’ve got a stronger connection formed. This is a great beginning for a series of actions of customers that you are expecting.

Improve Conversion Rates with Vietnamese Email Translation Services

Email marketing is also an effective tactic for increasing sales and conversions for businesses. It is because email marketing helps nurture leads and encourage them to make a purchase through the marketing funnel.  

For instance, a customer visits your website several times but has not yet completed a purchase. The reasons behind this might be that she needs further information or needs some time to consider other options. Perhaps the visitor just needs a little push to finally make a purchase.
With email marketing, you keep in touch with these interested customers while providing them with more information. 

Speed Up The Sales Process

Another advantage of using Vietnamese email translation services is that it helps speed up the sales cycle.

Localizing your emails into Vietnamese makes it easier to build a relationship with target audiences. Misread words, communication blunders, concealed information, and extra expenditures will keep customers away from you. If they understand all of your terms and conditions, they will trust you. Customers go through the sales funnel more quickly. A CSA research reveals that companies that invest in their translation budget would be 1.5 times more likely to see an increase in total revenue compared to their competitors. 

It’s also a process of killing three birds with one stone: you have Vietnamese email translation services for brand localization – then improve your online and offline reputation, raise brand awareness, and boost sales.

Pick a Pro Company For your Vietnamese Email Translation Services

Vietnamese email translation services are essential in today’s world for any business aiming to reach the Vietnam market. Poor localization and possibly significant problems will arise from using machine translations or low-quality translation providers.

You need a high-quality service like GTE Localize that uses native translators to give expert localization guidance on language, style, tone to visuals, and many more.

Vietnamese Email Translation Services

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