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The Importance Of Japanese To Vietnamese Translation Services For Business Growth 

Posted by Chloe G. on November 02, 2021.

To reach your Vietnamese audience efficiently, it is clear that you must use good Japanese to Vietnamese translation services. Translation services undoubtedly increase the chance of a rise in your profits. Purchases made by clients lead to business growth and expansion.

The translation process involves more than just translating words, it also takes into account cultural and contextual factors. As a result, qualified translation services are critical for your company’s global expansion.

Let’s discuss the reasons why Japanese to Vietnamese translation services are essential for your business globally with us:

Improves How You Communicate with Vietnamese Customers

Any global firm must communicate with both existing and potential Vietnamese consumers. How clear the message is relayed determines if these customers make a purchase or not. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that the firm will have to communicate with people who do not speak the original language.

According to EF EPI, the English proficiency of Vietnamese people is classified as low proficiency. Therefore, you will be missing out on many Vietnamese audiences if your marketing materials are only available in English.

The Importance Of Japanese To Vietnamese Translation Services For Business Growth 1

Qualified Vietnamese translation services, such as Japanese to Vietnamese Translation Services, know how to translate information into the Vietnamese language that all Vietnamese clients can understand while also guaranteeing that the message reaches the intended recipients.

Furthermore, the expert translation firm takes care of cultural differences in Vietnam. When the information is properly translated, clients may get a true sense of what you offer and what the firm stands for. As a result, they will be able to make purchases knowing what to expect. As a result, you can increase revenue and make global business more prosperous in the Vietnamese market.

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Improves the Visibility of Your Brand

Japanese To Vietnamese Translation Services 2

Any Japanese firm aspires to be the market leader in Vietnam. In addition to other aspects, the number of Vietnamese clients you reach determines your industry influence.

Vietnamese customers do not like international companies that deliver content in a language they don’t understand. When the audience can’t understand what’s on your website, they go to your competitors’ websites that contain Vietnamese content. As a result, multinational corporations must generate language-friendly business materials.

They achieve that by acquiring quality Japanese to Vietnamese translation services. These experts are aware of the requirements of international customers in terms of content type and terminology. If the content is translated in a way that the customers feel suits them, they will feel comfortable with the business that offers the commodities. Sales revenue may rise as a result of the process.

Vietnamese clients can then spread the word about the company. As a result, the Vietnamese customer base expands. With enough time, your company will be recognized as one of the industry’s leaders. Increased worldwide brand visibility is great for your business.

Honda is a Japanese multinational corporation that entered the Vietnamese market in 1996. In 2004, The Marketing localization campaign “Tôi yêu Việt Nam” (I love Vietnam) was started in Vietnam which taught both adults and children transport law with Japanese to Vietnamese translation services.

Japanese To Vietnamese Translation Services 1

  • Their localization insights: The ‘Tôi yêu Việt Nam”(I love Vietnam) campaign used the Vietnamese language for their TVC, website, etc, and booked advertising during the golden hours from 7 p.m to 10 p.m on Vietnamese TV channels.
  • Impact on new competitors:  Following this event, brand awareness of Honda grew fast as a result of its daily appearances on television during the golden hours in Vietnam, boosting its brand image. This makes it more difficult for their competitors to create their brand image, resulting in tougher competition.
  • Impact on  new customers: This event left a positive impression on the Vietnamese people, making them have a stronger belief in Honda; also, Honda is one of their first choices when they want to buy a motorcycle due to the influence of the Honda brand image
  • Impact on new suppliers:  This event has little impact on suppliers, but in some situations, it raises awareness of Honda motorcycles, allowing more products to be sold

Vietnam has a rich culture and Vietnamese translation and localization play an important part when you are tapping the Vietnamese market. To get a quality translation service and reach local customers effectively, you cannot translate and localize content with your own team, but you can reach out to a professional translation company in Vietnam like GTE Localize. As a local translation company that has years in the industry, we offer high-quality Vietnamese translation services at a fast turnaround time and a cost-saving rate for all sizes of businesses.


Improves the Reputation of Your Company

Japanese to Vietnamese Translation is not a matter of finding Vietnamese synonyms for Japanese words. There have been cases where poor translations have harmed the reputation of multinational businesses due to inappropriate word usage.

Only experienced translators may take care of the cultural identity of the Vietnamese language, the words they relate to, and the ability to frame words the way they like. Thus, to succeed in the Vietnamese market, high-quality Vietnamese translators can not be overlooked.

Improper translation might lead to complex legal fights and a complete loss of brand reputation for your firm. As a result, you lose local customers, waste money trying to correct things, and embarrass your company. If you’re dealing with sensitive products like food or medicine, you could end up endangering your Vietnamese customers. How can native Vietnamese translators help? They are familiar with the specific words that are translated from Japanese to Vietnamese. Furthermore, they are aware of Vietnamese culture. As a result, there are fewer embarrassing Vietnamese translations. You should never offend Vietnamese customers as a multinational company. You could be doomed as a result of such an act.

As a Vietnamese-based translation company, GTE Localize can help you overcome all challenges you may have. We not only translate your content but also localize every aspect of your projects such as images, layouts, Vietnamese legal requirements, Vietnamese culture, etc. Your translation project will be in good hands and of high quality for the Vietnamese market.


Enables Smooth Running of the Vietnamese Business Operations

The Importance Of Japanese To Vietnamese Translation Services For Business Growth  3

A large number of Vietnamese people must be involved in the business’s operation. They are as follows:

  • Vietnamese customers
  • Vietnamese government
  • Vietnamese shareholders

One of the Vietnamese government’s requirements is that you follow their legal requirements, which include writing service terms and conditions in a form that Vietnamese customers can understand. Legal documents must be handled by Vietnamese professionals due to their sensitivity. On the other hand, it’s critical to effectively communicate with Vietnamese shareholders so that they understand what they’re getting into.

Negotiations between the global business and the local stakeholders are also important at times. The numerous individuals participating in the business should have a common understanding to run the business well. In Vietnam, smooth operations are critical for business growth.


Pick Your Right Japanese To Vietnamese Translation Services

As previously said, Japanese businesses that have extended their operations to the Vietnamese market should know how to engage with their Vietnamese clients through Japanese to Vietnamese translation services. Things that need translations include product descriptions, website content, agreement documents, marketing materials, etc. When Vietnamese customers understand communication from global businesses, they feel more comfortable purchasing products. That way, the global business can prosper in Vietnam with Japanese to Vietnamese translation services. 

GTE Localize is a high-quality Vietnamese translation company that specializes in Japanese to Vietnamese translation services. We have an in-house staff of Vietnamese translators located in our offices in Vietnam, as well as a global network of freelance Vietnamese translators to assist you to reach out to Vietnamese audiences.

The Importance Of Japanese To Vietnamese Translation Services For Business Growth 2

What is the advantage of our Japanese to Vietnamese translation services?

  • CAT Tools, QA Tools, and other management tools are used for all Japanese to Vietnamese translation services.
  • Fast delivery time for your Japanese to Vietnamese translation services
  • High-quality translations: We are one of the top translation companies on GoodFirms
  • Committed to quality, We are an ISO-certified translation company
  • Budget-saving translations: We provide the highest quality at the most competitive prices.
  • All work is handled by native Vietnamese linguists with more than 5 years of experience in Japanese to Vietnamese translation.
  • GTE Localize has completed hundreds of Japanese to Vietnamese translation services and has earned the trust of numerous B2B businesses around the world.

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