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The Importance of Chinese Social Media in Business

Posted by Chloe G. on December 15, 2021.

When it comes to entering the Chinese market, your business should make sure to build a strong social media presence.

It is critical that you know this social media landscape if you want to communicate with Chinese people. Although there is no Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube in China, social media there is booming. The Chinese digital space is diverse, with nearly 800 million internet users ready to share their ideas, opinions, connect with others and buy products/ services.

In this post, we will discuss more the importance of Chinese social media in business.

Why Is Chinese Social Media Vital For Worldwide Brands?

Chinese Social Media

All businesses want to engage with Chinese consumers. Nearly 60% of China’s population are active internet users, according to a study done by the Chinese government, and that number is around 79% for the US. While China doesn’t have the same market penetration, there is massive potential for growth. Therefore, China has a huge potential for any business.

China’s remarkable mobile adoption rate is also noteworthy. In China, nearly everyone (98 percent) uses mobile devices to access the internet. Chinese social media is far more dynamic than American social media (73 percent), with mobile users resorting to services like WeChat for reviews, tips, and recommendations.

Businesses that operate on a worldwide scale must devote time and resources to analyzing social media trends. Unfortunately, many brands do not have a thorough understanding of the Chinese market and are unable to track local trends in real-time. 

The 2018 advertising film by Dolce & Gabbana, which provoked uproar and necessitated a public apology, is a perfect example of firms underestimating the Chinese market.

This type of incident emphasizes the need to translate and localize your marketing content to ensure that it is viewed correctly on a local level. This is also where social listening comes in, which involves watching Chinese social media platform conversations to understand local attitudes better and avoid marketing blunders.

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How Can Businesses Benefit from Chinese Social Media Platforms?

Chinese Social Media

With China’s diverse social media channels and large user base, international brands have a substantial advertising opportunity. Some companies have spotted the possibility and have begun developing content for the Chinese market.

Businesses are getting into the Eastern social media market in many ways, including flash sales on WeChat, KOLs on Xiaohongshu, and specialty product offers on Zhihu.

Although the Chinese market has distinct qualities that may cause a few challenges for marketers, businesses must follow a few basic guidelines to profit from this metaphorical goldmine. The following are the fundamentals of using Chinese social media:


  • Make sure your material is both user-friendly and genuine

Sufei’s Diary was utilized by Estée Lauder’s Clinique brand in China. It was a 40-episode drama series with a skincare plot that featured their goods heavily.

Despite this, viewers saw the clip as entertainment rather than a Clinique pitch because it was authentic and user-oriented. Clinique’s brand awareness is nearly 30% more than its competitors’ after being seen over 21 million times.


  • Overarching brand goals should be supported

Starbucks’ message of community building and quality is consistent across all its social media channels and outlets in China. Durex’s marketing staff analyzes online comments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and collaborates with agency partners to create fresh, engaging content. 

Using this method, the company may interact meaningfully with its fans while still deepening customer engagement with the brand.


  • Make Use of Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Celebrities have millions of followers on Weibo, and getting a recommendation from the appropriate person might help you reap significant benefits. Analyzing your target audience’s social media behavior can help you uncover influencers that are seen as personable and authentic, such as “wang hong” cyber celebrities. 

Your brand will build popularity on Chinese social media far more quickly if you have the proper champions on board.


Final Thoughts

Global brands who wish to take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by Chinese social media must translate and localize their content to guarantee that authentic and user-oriented messaging reaches their target audience. 

Although the East differs greatly from the West, it is a market worth investing in since the potential opportunities are limitless.

It may seem foolish to spend time and money having your social media marketing efforts translated and localized, but it will allow you to reach a bigger audience and enhance your conversion rate. Your efforts will also make it easier for Chinese clients to comprehend and assimilate your material, potentially resulting in more long-term customers.


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Chinese Social Media

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