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The Dangers of Inaccurate Vietnamese Technical Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on October 26, 2021.

Vietnamese technical translation services make a significant difference in enterprises of all sizes and across industries. Technology in Vietnam is no different. Linguists who specialize in the technology sector enable cutting-edge products and services to be accessible to millions of people all over the world, not just those in the culture where they were developed.

In this post, we will show 4 simple guidance for you in Vietnamese technical translation services.  

What are Technical Translation Services? 

To begin, we’re talking about a certain form of technical translation. The technological translation is a subset of translation that focuses on rendering writings that deal with scientific or technical subjects.

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User guides, manuals, health and safety recommendations, technical reports, textbooks, product specifications, regulatory documents, and other formats involving very domain-specific and precise terminology are all worked on by technical translators. Technical translations account for 90% of all translation output worldwide.

Technical translation services have been critical to the globalization of manufacturing, assisting organizations throughout the world in training international teams and maintaining consistent and rigorous production procedures across borders. However, They can be a valuable ally for firms looking to expand internationally.


Technical Translation Services in Vietnam

It’s all too simple to get our ideas muddled up. Let’s imagine we’ve seen that our product is attracting an increasing number of Vietnamese users. Our product is written in English, but it satisfies the needs of Vietnamese users, so we’d want to take advantage of the opportunity to create a Vietnamese version. Is it necessary to hire a technical translator to translate the user interface of our software for a foreign audience? No, not at all. However, if we have a strong basis for developer documentation, our technical translators should work there.

If we want to translate a website or app that uses specialized terminology, we’ll need to get our content in front of a technical translator. In any case, this would be just one stage in a larger process of localization. Apps and websites should not just be translated; there is more to a website or app than just text, necessitating a more holistic approach to ensure a positive user experience. A technical translator isn’t ideal to manage our goods if it’s for the general audience.


The Dangers of Inaccurate Technical Translations  

Poor translations always come at a price in the Vietnamese market. And by that, we don’t mean their cost, but rather the harm they create. For example, in the case of literary translation in Vietnam, the harm may be minor to the reader, who will only have a negative impression of a particular book, but severe to the author, who will lose a whole market or be misunderstood by an entire culture.

When it comes to technical translation, the cost of a poor translation could include things like delaying or obstructing the development of a product. Let’s pretend the paper we translated was the documentation required to produce a new version of our product or a completely new product, and we needed to translate it for a Vietnamese team to whom we were outsourcing some of the work. A translator who isn’t familiar with the IT industry or software development may be unable to distinguish between technical terminology and everyday language.

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This is a formula for catastrophe, especially when some of the tools, languages, and products that make up a software development stack have names that are easily confused with common nouns. There are two programming languages called “Go” and “Sass,” for example.

Because grammatical inconsistencies between the source and target languages might lead to misunderstandings of the relationship between words, a Vietnamese business places a high value on the translators’ knowledge. When the project’s lead translator doesn’t comprehend the concepts, it might lead to inaccurate claims and, as a result, a low-quality material that isn’t a good investment for customers and harms the brand in Vietnam.


What are the Characteristics of a Good Technical Translation?

A superb technical translator will be a completely native Vietnamese expert who is up to date on the newest advancements in your field, uses correct terminology, and pays close attention to detail. The translator you need is not just bilingual, but also trained as a translator and has the domain-specific knowledge needed for this project.

Your source information is written in a way that emphasizes clarity and specificity. If this is the case, the translator should generate a text that is as exact and easy to read as the original.

Small businesses that require internal document translations may believe that they should go to great lengths to obtain a low-cost translation. Perhaps using freelancing platforms or posting a job ad and choosing a candidate based on price rather than expertise. Users aren’t going to view these files in the end, right?

Users may not be able to access the documents, but they will be able to see the outcomes of excellent or terrible internal communication within your company’s departments. A linguistic barrier in your product can lead to inconsistencies or technical flaws. It could potentially cause a halt in the development of your product.

As a result, when it comes to linguistic services, we shouldn’t be price buyers. It is usually advisable to rely on high-quality Vietnamese technical translation services.


Choose the right Vietnamese Technical Translation Services

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Vietnamese Technical Translation Services  

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