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7 Must-Know Criteria to Choose The Best English to Japanese Translation Company

Posted by Ariel D. on December 12, 2022.

There are now more translation agencies than ever before, making it challenging to pick the most suitable English to Japanese translation company for your typical project. Due to the increased understanding of the value of translation and localization, you should be concerned about maintaining brand consistency, successfully performing important or complicated projects, or needing specialized knowledge. With so many alternatives, selecting the ideal translation for you and your business might feel daunting. 

This article will explain 7 worth thinking criteria when partnering with any Japanese translation agency.

1. Price of English to Japanese Translation Services

The cost is always one of the most important considerations when working with any English to Japanese translation company. 

Most businesses frequently have a defined spending limit for services like translation. They seek out agencies that fit their budget. The price of Japanese translation services varies greatly across different translation agencies. When determining the price, you should frequently take into account a number of variables, such as the price of the translation itself, the cost of editing, the cost of employing software or licensing, etc.

When choosing a reputable Japanese translation agency, request a rate per word or a charge based on the difficulty of your text. For example, at GTE Localize, the Japanese translation cost might start at $0.11 per word. Also, always strike a balance between the expense and the agency’s skill. You are welcome to address any questions you may have about the Japanese translation rates with your translation provider. 

The keynote is, before starting to cooperate together, any reputable translation suppliers should be willing to go through their costs with you and address any concerns you may have.

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2. Reviews From Customers and Translators

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People who have worked for or with translation agencies can provide you with useful insight into their experiences. A terrible translation agency is the one you should avoid if it consistently receives complaints about the accuracy, timeliness, or communication of its translations. 

Furthermore, it is very advised to examine the testimonials left by translators who have worked with that English to Japanese translation company. To see the actual working experience of translators for a certain agency, visit sites designed just for translators like ProZ or GoodFirms. 

If a Japanese translation agency receives only positive feedback from clients but a variety of unfavorable ratings from translators, it might indicate that they are not paying translators adequately, promptly, or, in the worst scenario, at all. A competent translation agency must appreciate its clients and the translators who contribute greatly to their success.

Of course, it’s possible that some of the reviews about English to Japanese translation company aren’t entirely true or were written by rival agencies. It’s still a terrible indication, so you should proceed with caution.


3. Turn-around Time

Everyone desires translations that are completed quickly. However, you typically have to compromise quality for speed. There is a potential that the translation agency you are working with used a machine to translate your files rather than qualified translators if you receive your translated files back too quickly. 

Automated translation is quick. However, because it is unable to completely comprehend the context of a document, it can only produce subpar results. The information is typically translated and self-reviewed by at least one translator before being edited and proofread by two additional linguists since the translation from Japanese characters to English Latin word might take more time.


4. Confidentiality When Working With English to Japanese Translation Company

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Privacy is one of the serious factors that every translation provider should follow. 

A document’s secrecy is very important. A competent translation company will offer to sign the NDA (Non-disclosure Declaration) when you want it or will aggressively remind you about it. If you receive no mention of confidentiality from the English to Japanese translation company that you want to engage with, you should be cautious. It would be completely difficult to handle the leaked confidential financial reports or papers of new products.


5. The Review Process

Rarely is any translation process finished after it has been finalized because the content needs to be edited and reviewed. The reviewing part is typically carried out by “in-country reviewers”.

This stage of the localization procedure is referred to as client review. This review step is usually challenging for English to Japanese translation company since it is carried out by subject matter experts who are not professional linguists.

Without a clear and transparent client review process, you run the danger of having your reviewers translating the content improperly into the target language using Google Translate or any other Machine Translation.

The errors that reviewers will mark are likely to be preferred since they may offer reports based on their preferences. This would lead to endless email exchanges, justifications, and amendments, which would slow down your international expansion and lengthen the translation process.

Any English to Japanese translation company that has a transparent and open customer review process will allow you to save money. If a company doesn’t offer this service, you’ll end up paying too much.


6. Communication and Response

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One necessary suggestion before starting any Japanese translation project is always to go deep into your requests to comprehend your demands and objectives, then make sure your English to Japanese translation company might answer every question promptly. 

Your concerns should be: “How many years of experience do they have in English to Japanese translation? How quickly did the business respond to your inquiry? Was it an hour later or the next day? Did the business explain all of the benefits of its services? How well do they understand the Japanese market? ” 

Let’s say the business wants to know more about the terminology needed, the target market, or the objective of the translation. In that instance, it demonstrates their honest desire to give you a translation that you will find satisfactory.

Additionally, a reputable translation agency will assign you a Project Manager that can work effectively with you and has excellent communication skills. It may greatly improve accessibility and help establish a long-lasting professional connection.


7. CAT Tool Application

Most localization companies employ at least one basic Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool, and it’s rather usual to combine it with a range of complicated translation technologies.

CAT tools, which are solely utilized by humans, help the translation process for every language. Localization is made simpler and quicker with the use of translation software, which also helps to maintain translation quality. As a consequence, since the program handles a lot of human effort, the cost of a high-quality translation service is decreased. When the original content is consistent, translation costs are significantly reduced. 

If your English to Japanese translation company never lets you know about that, that might be a warning sign. They either aren’t playing fairly or don’t respect your work or the cost of the translation.

In order to compare your material to your translation memory, you should always request a CAT analysis. A helpful method for preventing overpaying for content translation is having and being aware of your Translation Memory (TM).


In short

To help you with your forthcoming project, contact GTE Localize if you’re seeking a top-notch and cost-effective English to Japanese translation company. We have a large network of native Japanese speakers that can provide you with top-notch localization services at the most affordable prices. Your Japanese translation projects will go smoothly and on schedule with the assistance of our staff of devoted and accommodating PMs. In order to give our clients the greatest solution, we are prepared to go above and beyond what is required.

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