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Guide To Find The Best Business Website Translation Services

Posted by Ethan N. on October 25, 2023.

In our ever-expanding globalized world, the need for businesses to communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries has never been greater. This rings especially true for businesses operating online. If you want your website to cater to a global audience, then opting for a business website translation services are a must. Let’s delve into the details of how these services can benefit you and the types available.

1. The Advantages Of Working With Business Website Translation Services

  • Expanding Your Audience: With business website translation services, you can reach millions of potential customers who speak languages other than English. This not only widens your potential customer base but also boosts your brand’s international reputation.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Users are more likely to stay on your website and engage with your content if it’s presented in their native language. This increases the chances of conversions and reduces the bounce rate.
  • SEO Benefits: Translated content can help in ranking on search engines in non-English speaking countries. This drives organic traffic from regions you might have overlooked.
  • Building Trust: Presenting your content in the native language of your audience establishes trust. It shows you value and respect their culture, which can lead to stronger brand loyalty.

2. Types Of Business Website Translation Services

WordPress Website Translation

  • Perfect for businesses using WordPress as their CMS.
  • Many plugins are available that assist in translation, like WPML and Polylang.
  • Allows for human translation or machine translation with human review, depending on your budget and quality requirements.

Automated Website Translation

  • Quick and cost-effective.
  • Uses AI and machine learning to translate content.
  • Best suited for larger websites with vast amounts of content but might lack the nuance a human translator would provide.

SEO Translation

  • Not just translating content but optimizing it for search engines in the target language.
  • Takes into account cultural nuances, keyword research in the target language, and meta descriptions to improve rankings.
  • Essential for businesses looking to rank high in foreign search engines.


  • Goes beyond literal translation. Instead, it adapts the message for the target audience while keeping the intent, tone, and context.
  • Essential for marketing content, slogans, and brand messages where direct translation might not convey the same emotion or meaning.

3. Successful Case Studies: Business Website Translation Services 


  • Scenario: As a global hospitality service, Airbnb wanted to cater to a worldwide audience.
  • Action: Airbnb invested heavily in business website translation services, customizing content for over 62 languages.
  • Result: This played a pivotal role in the company’s rapid global expansion. By presenting listings and content in the native language of users, Airbnb saw an increase in global bookings and became the go-to platform for international travelers.



  • Scenario: With its tagline “Share a Coke,” Coca-Cola embarked on a global marketing campaign.
  • Action: Coca-Cola didn’t just translate its website and marketing content; they localized their campaign, even printing local names on their bottles.
  • Result: The campaign was a massive success, with increased sales and brand engagement across different countries. The localized touch made consumers feel personally connected to the brand.


  • Scenario: Netflix, initially a U.S.-based streaming service, aimed to capture global audiences.
  • Action: They not only translated their website but also started providing subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages for their vast content library.
  • Result: Today, Netflix operates in over 190 countries and attributes much of its global success to its multilingual and localized content approach.



  • Scenario: LEGO, the world-renowned toy manufacturer, wanted to strengthen its global presence.
  • Action: Alongside translating its website, LEGO also localized its content, taking into account regional holidays, events, and cultural nuances.
  • Result: Their translated and localized website saw higher user engagement, and the brand experienced a notable increase in sales in regions they had previously underperformed.


  • Scenario: As a music streaming platform, Spotify sought to cater to global music enthusiasts.
  • Action: Spotify ensured its website and app were available in multiple languages. They also created localized playlists based on regional music preferences and trends.
  • Result: Spotify’s user base skyrocketed globally, and the platform became a leader in many international markets, thanks in part to its localized approach.

4. How To Choose The Best Business Website Translation Services:

Selecting the right business website translation services are crucial. Here are some factors you should consider to make an informed decision:

  • Quality Assurance Processes
    • Ensure that the business website translation services have stringent quality checks in place.
    • This should include multiple rounds of proofreading, editing, and quality assessment to guarantee accuracy and consistency.
  • Industry and Subject Matter Experts
    • Every industry has its unique terminologies. Having translators with expertise in your specific business sector can lead to more accurate and relevant translations.
    • For instance, a legal website will need different expertise than a medical or tech website.
  • Look into Reputation, Reviews, and References
    • Research the company online and read reviews from previous clients on the Goodfirms platform.
    • Reach out to references or past clients to get firsthand feedback on their experience with the service.
    • Look for testimonials or case studies that can give insights into the company’s reliability and proficiency
  • Possibility to do Website Localization:
    • Translation isn’t just about converting words. It’s about adapting content to fit cultural, societal, and regional nuances.
    • Ensure the service offers website localization services, which ensures your content resonates with the local audience, from images to colloquialisms.

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4. Conclusion

In the age of globalization, having a multilingual website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As businesses aim to capture international markets, the importance of accurate, culturally-relevant translation cannot be overstated. By considering the quality assurance processes, industry expertise, company reputation, and the depth of services offered, you can find a business website translation services that will not only convey your brand’s message accurately but will also resonate with global audiences. Remember, in the vast world of online business, speaking the language of your audience can make all the difference.

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