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The Complete Guide for Thai Game Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on February 23, 2022.

When the gaming market is growing, localization plays a role in helping game companies attract customers worldwide. Therefore, companies will have more opportunities to optimize and perfect new games based on diverse feedback from users in different countries. 

Because of the importance of localization, game localization services are the interest of many game publishers. In particular, Thailand is a market that is an exciting market for many game publishers in the world. The demand for Thai game translation services is also increasing.

How Does Thai Game Localization Work?


The first thing of the Thai game localization process is to choose a language service provider who will assemble a team of experts to work on the project. After that, the localization process can begin. Some of the steps required for localization include:

  • Translate written content into Thai, including user interface text, tutorials, game scripts, skins, character dialogue, etc. When the script is translated, it is important to be localized to accommodate aspects of the accent, such as intonation, to ensure that Thai users feel familiar.
  • Localization of all aspects of the game is vital, such as the graphical elements, the interface, the names of the characters and locations, the units of measure, the date format, and the address format to suit the tastes and culture of the Thai market.
  • Some Thai game translation services providers also have high-quality dubbing teams to translate intro video subtitles into Thai.
  • Translate game advertising content such as website and blog content, fan-page, email marketing, etc., into Thai so that more Thai people can understand and access game products.
  • Once the game has been localized and released across platforms, translating user feedback into Thai is essential. It helps Thais understand reliable feedback and decide to experience the game.


Why is Thai Game Localization Needed?

Game industry revenue is expected to surpass $200 billion by 2023, showing that gaming is a popular entertainment trend worldwide. Thus, game companies can achieve tremendous growth through localization. In particular, performing Thai game localization is very important for the Thai market if your company wants to achieve a high user rate in Thailand. Here are the reasons:

  • Thai Game Localization helps gain a competitive edge in the Thai market. In Thailand today, foreign languages ​​are still not popular, so Thai people still feel more connected to content or information in their mother tongue.
  • The number of people playing games in Thailand is huge. Thus, Thai Game Localization will help increase the game’s popularity through more downloads.
  • Thai Game Localization ensures user satisfaction and interaction because Thai gamers will fully understand the game’s plot and controls. From there, the game will also get better feedbacks and rankings in the app stores, which ultimately leads to higher sales.


How Game Companies Use Thai Localization?


Many game companies have realized that localization is the key to the success of their games. However, the implementation of localization must be done carefully to suit the target market’s culture, history, and tastes; otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

For example, in World of Warcraft, the player model looks like skeletons, representing lousy luck in Chinese culture. So that, when localizing for the Chinese market, the developers had to design new models to replace the structures. Likewise, Thailand is rich in culture with many distinctive aspects of norms, beliefs, and histories that need to be studied carefully to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.

By partnering with experienced Thai game translation services, game companies can ensure that their localization projects will be successful.



Localization is the best way for game companies to attract new customers and expand internationally. During the localization process, the project must be carefully planned and executed to ensure that the game is localized in language and culturally appropriate. Although the localization process is complicated, the result is worth it.

Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, a potential market for many companies seeking global success. Using Thai game translation services is necessary to seize the opportunity to succeed in the Thai market.


Due to the complexity involved, partnering with a Thai game localization services company will help ensure a successful localization. Among the companies providing Thai game translation services today, GTE Localize is a good choice for you with competitive advantages below: 

  • GTE Localize has native Thai translators with at least five years of experience. With extensive gaming experience, GTE linguists provide you with comprehensive translation, localization, and multimedia services for the games industry.
  • We provide a wide range of game localization solutions such as Game Translation and localization, game content, description, reviews and marketing materials, Subtitles, and dubbing.
  • We ensure accurate and consistent translations at competitive prices and quick turnaround times using localization and translation management platforms, quality control tools, and CAT tools.

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