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How Thai Game Translation Can Boost the Rapid Growth of Localization?

Posted by Ariel D. on May 17, 2022.

The gaming business in Thailand is expanding, leading this country to become a major player in the gaming sector. As a result, Thai game translation and localization may be the key to your investment success. Let’s take a deeper look at the gaming scene in Thailand and how Thai game translation can help market localization.

What You Should Know About Thailand Game Market?

Thailand has positioned itself as a rising power in the gaming business, with an estimated 27 million video gamers and a predicted income of $54 million from online games in 2021. Here are some key features of Thailand’s gaming industry.

Mobile Stands as The Top Platform For Thai Games

Mobile is without a doubt the most popular gaming platform in Thailand. In fact, mobile gaming applications are used by 95% of Thai gamers in metropolitan areas.

01 Thai game translation

However, data indicates that these gamers also play on PC and conventional consoles. Following the Consumer Insights of Newzoo, 95% of online gamers in Thailand’s cities use mobile devices, 84% choose PC games, and 69% prefer console gaming.

Moreover, during the first six months of 2021, the great majority of paying gamers (95%) spent money on in-game products or virtual goods, which makes sense given the market’s love of free-to-play games on all platforms.

Top 5 Mobile Games in Thailand

There are no games published by Thai companies that stand in the top 5 games using mobile phones in Thailand.

  1. Color Time – Paint by Number, by Nox Future Corp. (1,000,000+ downloads)
  2. Ys 6 Mobile VNG, by VNG Corporation (100,000+ downloads)
  3. Roblox, by Roblox Corporation (500,000,000+ downloads)
  4. Dislyte, by LilithGames (500,000+ downloads)
  5. Garena ROV: 5V5 FEST, by Good Mobile Games Private (10,000,000+ downloads)

Foreign companies have successfully applied Thai game translation and achieved the highest position on the above Google Play rank.


What You Should Know About Thai Gamers?

In Thailand, more than 35% of each generation, from baby boomers to Gen Z, is engaged in online gaming, and the majority of gamers aged 16 to 44 live in cities and suburbs.

The habit of playing video games seems to take up a lot of time for Thai people. The regular gamers account for 77% of the population, with 50% playing every day, 22% spending 3-6 days a week, 16% taking 1-2 days a week, 2% playing 1-2 times a month, and 11% playing less than once a month.

Continue to read the two notable features below and figure out the best way to plan for your game localization in Thailand.

The Differences Between Male and Female Thai Gamers

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When it comes to mobile gaming, women are somewhat more likely than males to do so. Male gamers, on the other hand, are more likely to play games on other platforms. Given Thailand’s thriving gaming scene, the majority of gamers (95%) say they’ve spent money on virtual goods or in-game stuff in the previous six months. Gender may also be used to classify how these players spend their time and money:

  • Playable characters are the most popular purchase for male gamers (42%). While in-game money is the most popular purchase among women (46%). In-game currency, on the other hand, is the most often purchased item by all gamers.
  • In Thailand, 45% of gamers have played the iconic Candy Crush game. Candy Crush is a popular game among both men and women, although it is far more popular among women.
  • On the other side, FIFA was played by roughly 44% of Thai gamers, and it is more popular among males than women.

What Are The 5 Types of Thai Game Players?

Understanding the types of gaming customers and how to engage with them favorably are key next steps to creating the best Thai game translation.

  • The low-key gamers (42%) only play when they have free time and can only afford to buy the games that they enjoy.
  • The competitive gamers (25%) will not leave any game without taking it to the next level.
  • The learner gamers (21%) are not very good at games, so they watch gaming broadcasts for pleasure, experience, and to learn how to level up the game.
  • The socialized gamers (10%) don’t want to be left out among their peers.
  • The broadcaster gamers (only 2%) prefer to show off their gaming power to the world.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand gamers’ lifestyles in order to engage with them and give value to your marketing pitch through Thai game translation.


How Can Thai Game Translation Make Huge Changes?

If you want to break into the booming Thailand gaming industry and develop in the long term, Thai game translation is the key.

Despite the fact that game localization might be a time-consuming process, the advantages nearly always outweigh the expenses. The following are some of the most significant beneficial aspects that a successful Thai game translation adaptation can bring to the investors.

Thai Game Translation Create a Competitive Edge

The more you dive into the language of your game and gaming experience, the more competitive you will become. Right from the fact that you choose an experienced translator, you have gone one step further than other companies that do not apply Thai game translation.

Not to mention that you should expect a surge in downloads after your game is translated into Thai and customized for Thai gamers. This can assist increase the popularity of your game among players across the region.

Thai Game Translation Supports Sales Increase

Your sales and revenue will skyrocket once you enter a new worldwide market. As previously said, video games on all platforms are essential to Thai entertainment. Translating and localizing your game will also draw new consumers from all across the area.

When Defender’s Quest was entirely translated into six other languages, for example, sales in non-English speaking nations skyrocketed. In reality, sales of the translated version of the game on Steam more than quadrupled from 5% to 11%.


Let’s Enter Thailand Game Industry with GTE Localize!

There must be multiple ways to localize your game for the Thai market. Each technique, from fan translation to crowdsourcing to freelancing services, has advantages and disadvantages. However, working with GTE Localize is the most ideal option since we provide professional game localization services.

Our expert team with extensive experience in games, Thai language, and culture, can handle every aspect that including plot localization, technical components, marketing localization, and more. Get in touch with us right now to start your game project successfully in Thailand!

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