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Terminologies for English to Vietnamese Forex Translation Services

Posted by Anne Quach on December 29, 2021.

The preparation of localization resources is one of the keys to a successful and cost-effective English to Vietnamese forex translation project. To be more specific, if you want to save translation time and money, resources such as an English to Vietnamese translation termbase, glossary, and guidelines must be carefully prepared before you start your English to Vietnamese forex translation project.

In this post, we will go over the concept of an English to Thai forex translation termbase and provide you with a termbase of 100 English forex terms and their Thai translations for reference.

Why Do You Need an English to Vietnamese Forex Termbase?

A forex translation termbase is critical to the success of your English to Vietnamese forex translation project. The termbase, in particular, allows you to achieve the following advantages:

    • Keep translations consistent.
    • Reduce translation costs
    • Shortening the translation process.
    • Make your brand’s identity consistent.

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When to Use This Termbase?

The English to Vietnamese forex translation termbase we mention below can be applied for a wide range of forex and financial documents, such as:

    • Forex Website
    • Forex App
    • Manual of Regulations on Forex Transactions
    • Financial Statements
    • Annual Report
    • Trading Website
    • Investment Reports
    • Stock Exchange Releases
    • Marketing Materials for Forex Conferences
    • Cryptocurrency-Related Content


Termbase for English to Vietnamese Forex Translation Services

You will find 77 key English forex terminologies and their translations in Vietnamese in alphabetical order below:


Account monitoring – Giám sát tài khoản

Analytics – Phân tích

Ask price – Giá bán


Balance – Số dư

Bank card – Thẻ Visa/Master

Bank transfer – Chuyển khoản ngân hàng

Base currency – Đồng tiền cơ sở

Basic point – Điểm cơ bản (bp)

Bonds – Trái phiếu

Breakout – Điểm phá vỡ

Buy limit – Chờ mua giá thấp

Buy stop limit – Chờ mua kết hợp


Commission – Hoa hồng

Common partner – Đối tác thông thường

Contract size – Khối lượng hợp đồng

Correspondent bank – Ngân hàng đại lý

Credit calculation – Tính toán tiền thưởng

Credit compensation – Bồi thường tiền thưởng

Credit ratio – Tỷ lệ tiền thưởng

Cryptocurrency – Tiền kỹ thuật số

Currency converter – Bộ chuyển đổi tiền tệ


Dealing center – Trung tâm giao dịch

Deposit and withdraw funds – Nạp tiền và rút tiền


Economic profile – Hồ sơ kinh tế

Expert advisor – Hệ thống cố vấn


Financial instrument – Sản phẩm giao dịch tài chính

Fixed spread – Chênh lệch cố định

Floating loss – Lỗ thả nổi

Floating profit – Lợi nhuận thả nổi

Floating spread – Chênh lệch thả nổi

Forex trader – Nhà giao dịch ngoại hối

Free margin – Tiền ký quỹ khả dụng

Fundamental analysis – Phân tích cơ bản

Futures transaction – Hợp đồng giao dịch tương lai


Hedged margin – Ký quỹ bảo toàn rủi ro

Hedged order – Lệnh bảo toàn rủi ro

High leverage – Mức đòn bẩy cao


Instant execution – Khớp lệnh tức thời

Instant withdrawal – Rút tiền tức thời

Interbank market – Thị trường liên ngân hàng

Internal transfer – Chuyển tiền nội bộ

Introducing broker – Nhà môi giới giới thiệu


Limit order – Lệnh giới hạn

Liquidity providers – Nhà cung cấp thanh khoản

Lot back – Hoàn lô

Low spread – Chênh lệch thấp


Margin call – Cảnh báo mức tiền ký quỹ

Margin level – Mức ký quỹ

Mmarket execution – Khớp lệnh thị trường

Market intermediary – Trung gian thị trường

Market maker – Nhà tạo lập thị trường

Market order – Lệnh thị trường

Metal currency accounts – Tài khoản kim loại – tiền tệ

Money manager – Người quản lý vốn

Moving average – Đường trung bình di động


Net Deposit – Tiền nạp Ròng


Offsetting positions – Lệnh đối ứng

Order – Lệnh


Pending order – Lệnh chờ

Pip cost – Giá của một điểm cơ bản

Pip profit – Lợi nhuận điểm cơ bản

Pip value – Giá trị điểm cơ bản


Quote currency – Đồng tiền định giá


Resistance level – Mức kháng cự

Risk score – Điểm rủi ro


Scalping – Giao dịch lướt sóng

Sell limit – Chờ bán giá cao

Sell stop limit – Chờ bán kết hợp

Slippage – Trượt giá

Stop level – Mức dừng

Stop loss – Cắt lỗ

Support level – Mức hỗ trợ


Trading conditions – Điều khoản giao dịch

Trading terminal – Thiết bị giao dịch đầu cuối


Unlimited leverage – Đòn bẩy không giới hạn

Useable margin – Ký quỹ khả dụng


Widened spread – Chênh lệch nới rộng


How to Get Quality English to Vietnamese Forex Translation Services?

Content in the forex field is highly specialized and complex, thus, it should only be handled by professional native translators with extensive industry knowledge. GTE Localize collaborates with a network of native Vietnamese translators who are familiar with a wide range of forex and financial content. As a Vietnamese-based translation agency, we know how to find the best English-to-Vietnamese translators at the most cost-saving rates.

Why should you use GTE Localize’s English to Vietnamese forex translation services?

    • Forex Translation Agency based in Vietnam – We have in-depth knowledge of the Vietnamese market and offer the most reasonable rates for your English to Vietnamese forex translation projects.
    • High-Quality and Experienced Forex Translators – All of our translators are required to have 5+ years of experience translating forex and other financial documents to be qualified for any Vietnamese forex translation project.
    • Strict Quality Assurance – We use XBench – a QA tool – to conduct a QA round on all projects.
    • Fast Delivery – We always deliver on time or ahead of the promised deadline.
    • Translation technology Used – We utilize Translation and Localization Management Platforms, CAT Tools, DTP Tools and many more to support the translation process, giving you more accurate and consistent Vietnamese forex translated content.

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Schedule a 1:1 consultation with one of our localization experts today and let us help you succeed in the Vietnamese forex market.