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Termbase for English to Vietnamese Blockchain Translation Services

Posted by Anne Q. on October 27, 2021.

The demands for English to Vietnamese blockchain translation services have increased considerably following the explosive growth of the blockchain industry which enables safe and direct transactions between providers and customers while assuring the protection of privacy and intellectual property. It compels foreign companies to translate their technical documents to accelerate the time-to-market to Vietnamese audiences.

When translating blockchain content from English to Vietnamese, a termbase that contains a list of blockchain terminologies and their translations is of necessity to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of complex blockchain-related content.

We have listed 53 common terms for English to Vietnamese blockchain translation services and put them in alphabetical order. We hope this list will be a helpful reference for you to create your own termbase for your upcoming blockchain translation projects.

English to Vietnamese Blockchain Translation Termbase or Glossary?

Termbase and glossary are two terms that are usually used interchangeably by mistake. An English to Vietnamese blockchain translation termbase contains blockchain terminologies used in the source content and their translations. Meanwhile, in a glossary, the definitions of these terms will be included to provide translators with the context and the translations of terms are only optional.

A termbase includes

    • Terms in English
    • Approved translations in Vietnamese
Term Translation (Required)
Blockchain Agnostic Blockchain bất khả tri

A glossary contains

    • Terms in English (Required)
    • Definitions of the terms in English (Required)
    • Approved translations in Vietnamese (Optional)
Term  Definition (Required) Translation (Optional)
Blockchain Agnostic Cryptocurrency agnostic means that projects are built to work with a multitude of tokens, cryptos, and altcoins, which allow users from different ecosystems to participate, further expanding building capacity across existing and new cryptocurrency projects. Blockchain bất khả tri

In this post, we will focus on the termbase for English to Vietnamese blockchain translation services. If you want to create a standard glossary for English to Vietnamese blockchain translation services, you can check out our instructions here and download a free translation glossary.


When to Use This Termbase?

You can make use of this termbase for a wide range of English to Vietnamese blockchain documents and applications, including:

    • Cryptocurrency-related Content
    • Blockchain banking and fintech
    • Blockchain-based accounting and auditing
    • Inventory and supply chain management
    • Decentralized finance (DeFi)
    • Websites of Blockchain-based Startups
    • ICO and Pre-ICO documentation
    • Blockchain based medical research
    • Blockchain-powered eCommerce
    • Virtual asset transactions for video games
    • Intelligent antivirus software
    • Blockchain-based Decentralized Apps
    • Enhanced machine learning
    • Marketing Materials for Blockchain Conferences


Termbase for English to Vietnamese Blockchain Translation Services

Below is the list of some popularly used terminologies and their translations for English to Vietnamese blockchain translation services in alphabetical order:


Abstraction layer – Lớp trừu tượng

Asset pair – Cặp tài sản


Blockchain – Blockchain

Blockchain Agnostic – Blockchain bất khả tri

Vietnamese blockchain translation services_3


Clearinghouse – Cơ quan thanh toán bù trừ

Coin – Tiền mã hóa

Collateral – Tài sản thế chấp

Counterparty Risk – Rủi ro từ bên đối tác

Crypto-economic incentive – Ưu đãi kinh tế tiền điện tử

Cryptographic proof – Bằng chứng mật mã


Data privacy – Bảo mật dữ liệu

Data signing – Ký nhận dữ liệu

Decentralize – Phi tập trung

Decentralized identity – Danh tính phi tập trung

Decentralized insurance – Bảo hiểm phi tập trung

DECO – Máy dự ngôn phi tập trung

DevOps – Phát triển vận hành

Distributed system – Hệ thống phân tán

Double spending problem – Vấn đề lặp chi

Vietnamese blockchain translation services_4


End-to-end transparency – Tính minh bạch từ điểm đầu đến điểm cuối


Fair Sequencing Services (FSS) – Dịch vụ xử lý tuần tự công bằng (FSS)


Loan issuance – Phát hành khoản vay

Loan liquidation – Thanh lý khoản vay


Mainnet – Mạng chính thức

Market price – Giá thị trường

Mempool – Nhóm bộ nhớ

Miner-extractable value – Giá trị có thể khai thác từ thợ đào

Money market – Thị trường tiền tệ

Multi-sided market – Thị trường hỗn hợp


Native cryptocurrency – Tiền điện tử gốc

Node operator – Nhà khai thác điểm nút

No-loss lottery – Xổ số không thua lỗ

Vietnamese blockchain translation services_5


Off-chain computation – Tính toán ngoại chuỗi

Off-chain reporting (OCR) – Báo cáo ngoại chuỗi (OCR)

Oracle – Máy dự ngôn

Overcollateralized loan – Khoản vay được thế chấp vượt mức


Parametric crop insurance market – Thị trường bảo hiểm cây trồng theo tham số

Payment processor – Đơn vị xử lý thanh toán

Prediction market – Thị trường dự đoán

Price feed – Nguồn cấp dữ liệu giá

Privacy-preserving oracle protocols – Giao thức máy dự ngôn đảm bảo quyền riêng tư

Proof of Reserve – Bằng chứng dự trữ

Public blockchain – Blockchain công khai


Reputation system – Hệ thống danh tiếng


Security deposit – Tiền ký quỹ

Service-level agreement – Cam kết chất lượng dịch vụ

Shared ledger – Sổ cái dùng chung

Smart contract – Hợp đồng thông minh

Stablecoin – Tiền mã hóa ổn định

Vietnamese blockchain translation services_1


Total value locked – Tổng giá trị bị khóa (TVL)


Underlying value proposition – Giải pháp giá trị cơ sở


Verifiable random function (VRF) – Chức năng ngẫu nhiên có thể xác minh

Wrapped token – Token được bao bọc


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