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Termbase For English to Japanese Forex Translation Services

Posted by Anne Q. on May 18, 2022.

The careful preparation of localization resources is one of the keys to a successful and cost-effective English to Japanese forex translation project. To be more specific, if you wish to reduce translation time and money, tools such as a translation termbase, glossary, and guidelines must be properly created.

Today’s post will explain the concept of a translation termbase and provide you with a list of 113 terms for English to Japanese forex translation. We hope you find this list useful in developing your own termbase for prospective English to Japanese forex translation projects.

Benefits of Having an English to Japanese Forex Translation Termbase

An English to Japanese forex translation termbase is a collection of major forex English terminologies utilized in your content and their translations in Japanese.

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A translation termbase is critical to the success of any English to Japanese forex translation project as it allows you to accomplish the following advantages:

    • Maintain Consistency – A single English phrase may have many Japanese equivalents. If you use the termbase’s approved Japanese translations or the English to Japanese forex termbase, you can be certain that your documents are translated appropriately and consistently. If your project employs more than one translator, the termbase guarantees that all translators are on the same page when it comes to term translations.
    • Cut Translation Time – Using a termbase assists your Japanese translators in avoiding ambiguity. Instead of exchanging emails with you for hours to clarify a specific English forex word, your Japanese translators may utilize the translation given and substantially speed up the translation process.
    • Reduce Translation Costs – Some terms may be used multiple times in your documents. Translating them every time you see them will increase the expense of your project because the fee is usually set by the number of words. You won’t have to pay full price for duplicate words if your termbase works effectively with CAT Tools’ translation memory. Your translation will, of course, be less expensive.
    • Harmonize Your Brand Voice – An English to Japanese forex translation termbase may be regarded as a customised dictionary for translators, ensuring that they follow your company’s norms and tone of voice. If you employ a consistent voice, your Japanese audiences will be able to recognize your messaging and brand imagery.


English To Japanese Forex Translation Termbase

Below is a collection of 113 English to Japanese forex translation termbase for your reference:


Account Monitoring 取引口座モニタリング
Analytics 分析
Attract Clients 集客



Bank Transfer 銀行振込
Base Currency 基準通貨
Basic Point ベーシスポイント
Broker ブローカー
Buy Limit 指値買い
Buy Stop 逆指値買い
Buy Stop Limit ストップリミット買い



Candle ローソク足
Cent セント
Client Agreement 取引条件等に関する同意書
Commission 手数料
Company Information 会社情報
Contract 契約
Contract Size 契約サイズ
Contract Specifications 契約仕様
Correspondent Bank コルレス銀行
Credit Calculation クレジット計算機
Credit Compensation クレジット補償
Credit Funds クレジットファンド
Credit Period クレジット期間
Credit Ratio クレジット率
Cross Rate クロスレート
Cryptocurrency 仮想通貨
Currency Converter 通貨換算ツール
Currency Quote 通貨クォート
Currency Rate 通貨レート
Customer Support



Deposit 入金
Deposit and Withdraw Funds 資金の入出金
Deposit and Withdrawal 入出金
デロイト・トウシュ・トーマツ リミテッド



Equity 有効証拠金
Execution 約定
Expert Advisor エキスパートアドバイザー



Financial Instrument 金融商品
Fixed Spread 固定スプレッド
Floating Loss 含み損
Floating Profit 含み益
Floating Spread 変動スプレッド
Forex Trader 外国為替トレーダー
Free Margin 余剰証拠金
Fundamental Analysis ファンダメンタル分析



Gap Level ギャップレベル
General Business Terms 一般取引約款
Growth 利益率



Hedged Margin ヘッジマージン
Hedged Order ヘッジ注文
Hedging ヘッジ
Help Center ヘルプセンター
High Leverage 高レバレッジ



Index インデックス(指数)
Indicator インディケーター
Informer 情報ツール
Instant Execution 即時約定
Instant Withdrawal 即時出金
Interbank Market インターバンク市場
Internal Transfer 内部振替
Introducing Broker 紹介ブローカー(IB)



Leverage レバレッジ
License ライセンス
Limit Order 指値注文
Liquidity Providers リクイディティプロバイダー
Low Spread



Margin Call マージンコール
Margin Level 証拠金維持率
Market Depth 板注文
Market Execution 成行約定
Market Intermediary 市場仲介者
Moving Average 移動平均線



Pending Order 指値注文
Privacy Agreement 個人情報等のお取扱いに関する同意書
Profitability 利益率



Quote Currency 建値通貨
Quote Informer 建値情報ツール
Quotes History 建値履歴



Risk Disclosure リスク開示
Risk Score リスクスコア
Rollover ロールオーバー



Sell Stop 逆指値売り
Sell Stop Limit ストップリミット売り
Slippage スリッページ
Social Trading ソーシャルトレーディング
Spread スプレッド
Stop Loss 決済逆指値
Stop Out ストップアウト
Support Level 支持線
Swap スワップ
Swap Long 買いスワップ
Swap Short 売りスワップ
Swap-Free スワップフリー



Take Profit 決済指値
Technical Analysis テクニカル分析
Tight Spread 狭いスプレッド
Time Frame 時間軸
To Replenish Account 口座入金
Trader’s Calculator トレーダー・カリキュレーター
Trading Account 取引口座
Trading Strategy 取引戦略
Trading Volume 取引量
Trailing Stop トレーリングストップ
Transaction 取引



Unlimited Leverage 無制限レバレッジ
Useable Margin 取引可能証拠金



Widened Spread 拡大したスプレッド
Withdraw 出金する


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