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How To Become A Vietnamese Translator
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How To Become A Vietnamese Translator?

By Anne Quach on February 2022.
Currently, translators are one of the professions that are attracting a lot of attention from young people, especially in the...
Insightful tips for Vietnamese localization projects
Localization Insights

Insightful Tips for Vietnamese Localization Projects

By Anne Quach on May 2021.
The demands for Vietnamese localization has grown enormously in recent years as more and more companies choose to expand their...
Subtitle Tools
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Best Subtitle Maker Tools for Vietnamese Subtitle Translation

By Anne Quach on March 2020.
Creating subtitles is a time-consuming and detail-oriented job that requires special tools for transcription and translation. Among a series of...
Best CAT Tools For Vietnamese Translation Projects
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Best CAT Tools for Vietnamese Translation Projects

By Anne Quach on March 2020.
A CAT Tool, without any doubts, is an indispensable assistant to translators, helping them boost the working efficiency and quality of a...
Why Localize your content into Vietnamese
Localization Insights

Why Should You Localize Content into Vietnamese?

By Anne Quach on November 2019.
Being among the fastest Asian economic growth countries combined with a large population of 97 million people – over half...
Translation Company
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How To Select An Ideal Translation Company For Your Vietnamese Translation Projects?

By Anne Quach on November 2019.
For many companies and organizations, utilizing translation and localization is the very first step in increasing global market share and...