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3 Tips to Reach The Right Customers with Vietnamese Business Translation Services

By Ariel D. on December 2022.
Entering a new market like Vietnam can be challenging since you have to adjust your Vietnamese business translation services to...
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The Importance of Vietnamese Localization Testing In a Successful Localization

By Gummy T. on May 2022.
It is the function of Vietnamese localization testing and quality assurance (QA) to ensure the suitability and high quality of...
10 Most Common Mistakes in Vietnamese Localization_Cover

10 Most Common Mistakes in Vietnamese Localization

By Anne Q. on May 2022.
Whether you are struggling to achieve a cost-effective Vietnamese localization project or you are just about to kick off a...

The Importance of a Glossary for Vietnamese Technical Translation Services

By Gummy T. on December 2021.
A glossary of terms is a database of keywords and phrases commonly used in a niche or industry. It helps...

Insightful Tips for Vietnamese Localization Projects

By Anne Q. on May 2021.
The demands for Vietnamese localization have grown enormously in recent years as more and more companies choose to expand their...