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How to say Father in Asian languages

How to Say “Father” in Different Asian Languages – Father’s Day

By Anne Q. on November 2019.
June 19, 1910, marked the first Father’s Day celebration in the U.S. with the purpose of honoring fathers living throughout...
Why should you translate and localize your content into Hindi?

Why Should You Translate And Localize Content In The Indian Market?

By Anne Q. on November 2019.
As the second-most populous country in the world, the Indian market provides a large pool of young and dynamic workforce....
What are TO, TE, and TEP?

What are TO, TE, and TEP in Translation?

By Anne Q. on February 2023.
Although clients are unfamiliar with these three acronyms, TO, TE, and TEP play a vital role in the outcome of...
What factors affect translation costs-Banner

What Factors Affect The Translation Costs?

By Anne Q. on November 2019.
Besides the quality of translations, the translation costs are the factor that all customers take into consideration. How to get...
Basic linguist terms

Basic Linguistic Terms: Translation, Localization, Transcreation, and More

By Anne Q. on November 2019.
The complicated world of language services terminologies can be a real headache for many clients. What are the differences between...