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Interview: Effective Translation Process with GTE Localize and Crowdin

By Ariel Duong on August 2022.
One of the valuable things a company can do is to expand its trade operations internationally. Retail traders are becoming...
Manufacturing Translation Services

Your Ultimate Guide To Manufacturing Translation Services in the Asian market

By Gummy Tran on February 2022.
Manufacturing companies that want to approach the Asian market will need the help of manufacturing translation services. Language barriers have...
mcdonalds localization strategy 1

Successful Localization Strategy Of The Biggest Fast-food Brand In The World

By Gummy Tran on December 2021.
McDonald's is the world's biggest fast-food restaurant chain. Assessing McDonald’s successful conquest of one of the world’s largest fast-food markets,...
Localization Strategy

How an Global Fashion Brand Became a Localization Leader

By Gummy Tran on December 2021.
By utilizing a one-of-a-kind company model together with a comprehensive localization plan, Zara is one of the most well-known global...
Thai Translation Services

How to Tailor Your Video Game Experience With Thai Translation Services

By Gummy Tran on December 2021.
As one of SEA’s highest growth gaming markets, Thailand has become juicy to every video game brand using Thai translation...
Vietnamese Technical Translation Services

The Importance of a Glossary for Vietnamese Technical Translation Services

By Gummy Tran on December 2021.
A glossary of terms is a database of keywords and phrases commonly used in a niche or industry. It helps...
Vietnamese Medical Translation Services

How To Prepare Documentation For Vietnamese Medical Translation Services (P2)

By Gummy Tran on December 2021.
After part 1, we will continue with part 2 on how to prepare documentation for Vietnamese medical translation services. 2.3...
Translation Trends in 2022

7 Translation Trends in 2022 and Beyond 

By Gummy Tran on December 2021.
Translation, like many sectors, has been through the pandemic's wringer and emerged looking very different from when it went in....
6 Most Difficult Languages in The World to Master

6 Most Difficult Languages In The World To Master

By Anne Quach on March 2020.
Have you wondered what makes a language so difficult to learn? There are 4 main factors that make a language...