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Indonesian Translation Services - 5 Things to Consider

Localization into Indonesian – 5 Important Things to Consider

By Anne Q. on November 2021.
Indonesia is well-known for its diverse languages, cultures, religions, and politics. On the one hand, this diversity attracts millions of...
6 best translation plugins for WordPress

6 Best Translation Plugins for WordPress [Updated 2024]

By Anne Q. on January 2023.
One of the best solutions is to translate your websites with support from translation plugins. More than half of all...
Useful Tips for Localization into the Japanese Market

Useful Tips for Localization into the Japanese Market

By Anne Q. on May 2021.
As one of the world's largest developed economies, the Japanese market is considered the potential for foreign companies investing in...
How to ensure a good blog translation?

How To Ensure A Good Blog Translation?

By Anne Q. on October 2020.
Although blog translation is an important part of a website localization project, it is sometimes overlooked and left out due...

Which Languages Should You Localize Your Website Into?

By Anne Q. on September 2022.
Some people believe that having a website in English is enough when going global. The truth is more than half...
Challenges in Desktop Publishing

4 Common Challenges in Desktop Publishing & How to Overcome Them

By Anne Q. on November 2023.
Working with translators alone may not be sufficient if you have a website or high-visual documents such as brochures, leaflets,...
Should SME choose global or regional translation agency?

Should SMEs Choose Global or Regional Translation Agency?

By Anne Q. on October 2020.
What are the differences between a regional translation agency and a global translation agency? Finding the answer to this question...
5 Tips for Effective e-Learning Localization

5 Tips for Effective e-Learning Localization

By Anne Q. on September 2020.
e-Learning localization has become an indispensable part of distance learning as this industry continues to grow quickly, predicted to generate...
How to write a good guideline for linguistics?

How to Write a Good Translation Guideline for Linguists?

By Anne Q. on September 2022.
The success of a translation project depends on not only translators (or translation agencies) but also clients. There are many...
Proofreading tools or professional proofreaders

Should You Use Online Proofreading Tools or Hire Human Proofreaders?

By Anne Q. on August 2020.
No matter how careful and well-written a piece of content is, there is still a chance that it carries some...
Reduce delivery time for your translation projects

How To Reduce Delivery Time For Your Translation Projects?

By Anne Q. on September 2023.
Every company expects a quick delivery time for translation projects to meet the schedule for their businesses. Sometimes, the turnaround...
When should you change your translation agency?

When Should You Change Your Translation Agency?

By Anne Q. on June 2020.
The process of selecting a suitable translation agency for your business is so long and challenging that once you find...
How to make the most out of financial translations?

How to Make the Most Out of Financial Translations?

By Anne Q. on June 2020.
Financial translations are one of the most challenging types of translation due to their high requirements: Complex content, Tight deadlines,...
Tips for minimizing translation costs

5 Tips for Minimizing Translation Costs

By Anne Q. on May 2020.
Translation and Localization might not be included or accounted for a large proportion of the budget of many companies. However,...
Working from home during COVID-19 pandemic

6 Helpful Tips for Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Anne Q. on March 2020.
As the COVID-19 is spreading quickly globally, more and more companies allow their employees to work from home to practice...
Literacy translation

The Challenges of Literary Translation Services and How to Overcome Them

By Anne Q. on November 2019.
Book localization, especially literary translation plays an integral role in helping authors reach their audiences from different parts of the...
Social media translation

Social Media Translation – Why Is It Important For Your Marketing Strategy?

By Anne Q. on November 2019.
Social media plays a crucial role in improving your brand awareness and giving you insights into your customer purchasing behaviour....
Chinese translation services-2

Why Translate and Localize Your Content Into Chinese?

By Anne Q. on November 2019.
China is no doubt one of the world’s most attractive markets. Entering this market is one of the indispensable steps...