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5 Challenges in Desktop Publishing for Thai Translation Services

By Anne Quach on December 2021.
Thailand has never been invaded by a foreign country, so no other foreign language has developed significant popularity in this...
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5 Ways CAT Tools Add Value To Your Thai Translation Services

By Gummy Tran on November 2021.
For Thai translation services, linguists can work better, faster, and more economically by using computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.   CAT tools...

5 Can’t-Miss Aspects For Your Thai Software Translation Services In 2021

By Gummy Tran on November 2021.
If you want to target the Thai audience and offer them software solutions that they may easily access, comprehend, and...

How to Find Thai Translation Jobs?

By Anne Quach on November 2021.
Do you know? In the United States alone, 59 million people work as freelancers in 2020, compared to 53 million...

4 Big Challenges of Thai Translation Projects

By Anne Quach on November 2021.
Thai is regarded as a challenging language to translate due to its distinct script and language pattern, along with numerous...