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How to Choose the Right Dialect For Chinese Translation?

By Ariel Duong on June 2022.
The need for Chinese translation and localization has surged, as a result of the exponential growth of the Chinese economy...
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Professional Chinese to English Translation Service for Your Business

By Gummy Tran on April 2022.
Since China plays a critical role in the global market, demand for Chinese to English translations has grown. Professional Chinese...
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What Makes Chinese Translations Difficult?

By Gummy Tran on March 2022.
Chinese is long considered the most spoken language in the world with more than 1.4 billion native speakers. Surprisingly, it...
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The Importance of Chinese Medical Translation Services

By Gummy Tran on March 2022.
With more than 1.4 billion people, China is an ideal market that many foreign companies are interested in. Chinese medical...
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3 Essential Things about Chinese Software Translation Services

By Gummy Tran on March 2022.
For companies in the software business, Chinese software translation services have become an essential part of reaching Chinese customers, thereby...
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Boost Your Business Fast With Chinese Website Translation Services

By Gummy Tran on February 2022.
Chinese website translation services are no doubt one of the most effective ways to use if you want to do...
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Essential Things You Should Know About Chinese Game Localization

By Gummy Tran on January 2022.
China has the world's largest gaming market in terms of online population and game revenue. The Chinese game market is...
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The Importance of Chinese Social Media in Business

By Gummy Tran on December 2021.
When it comes to entering the Chinese market, your business should make sure to build a strong social media presence....