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How to Use CAT Tools in Indonesian Translation Services 

By Gummy Tran on January 2022.
The demand for Indonesian translation services is gradually increasing as more and more foreign companies enter this country.  Due to...
Thai Translation Services
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5 Ways CAT Tools Add Value To Your Thai Translation Services

By Gummy Tran on November 2021.
For Thai translation services, linguists can work better, faster, and more economically by using computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.   CAT tools...
Top Paid and Free CAT Tools
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Top 10 Paid and Free CAT Tools

By Anne Quach on July 2021.
Many people think that the only tool translators need for translations is Microsoft Word. The truth is numerous translation software...
Compare Three Types of Translation: Machine Translation, MTPE, or Human translation with CAT Tools
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Compare Three Types of Translation: Machine Translation, MTPE, Human Translation with CAT Tools

By Anne Quach on March 2021.
There are three main types of translation that produce different outcomes for your documents – machine translation, machine translation post-editing,...
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13 Popular Translation Tools for Translators

By Anne Quach on June 2020.
Translation tasks have never been easy for translators, experienced or inexperienced. Before working on a translation project, translators spend a...
Best CAT Tools For Vietnamese Translation Projects
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Best CAT Tools for Vietnamese Translation Projects

By Anne Quach on March 2020.
A CAT Tool, without any doubts, is an indispensable assistant to translators, helping them boost the working efficiency and quality of a...
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CAT Tools: Overview and Benefits

By Anne Quach on November 2019.
Many people tend to relate translation to a “human-only” industry without using any cutting-edge technologies. What they don’t know is...
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Machine Translation vs. Computer-Assisted Translation

By Anne Quach on November 2019.
For many people, the terms “Machine Translation” and “Computer-Assisted Translation” sound the same. And they have the words “machine” and...